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Married To The Devil’s Son.


Chapter 12: Chapter 12


What just happened? Only a taste of her lips and he could feel his demon wanting to come out. He only felt like that when he was really angry, then his demon would come out to punish whoever enraged him. As time went he had learned to control his anger and keep the demon in check. It has been a long time since his demon wanted to come out so why now?


Take her! She is yours. She belongs to you. The voice inside his head commanded.


“Is something wrong?” Hazel asked confused as she walked closer to him.


“Don’t come close!” he almost yelled wrapping his arms around his body. He could see hurt in her eyes but he didn’t want to hurt her like the time he set his brother on fire. Every time his demon wanted out he did bad things.


Hazel turned around and started to walk away. She was probably angry which he could understand but how could he explain when he himself could not understand. He couldn’t even go after her, he needed to calm down his demon first.




Tears filled my eyes as I walked away. It was my first kiss and he was acting as if it was disgusting. If he didn’t like it he could at least hide it. He didn’t have to be so rude. I didn’t know where I was going but I didn’t care. As I walked further into the woods it became darker and darker, feeling scared I turned around to walk back but couldn’t find the way. God, I was lost and it was dark. I yelled Lucian’s name several times but got no answer.



Always being a sheltered child and never being alone I was petrified and started to panic. Running around in the woods I tried to find my way back without any success. Tired I sat next to a tree. Where was Lucian now when I needed him?


“Hazel!” I turned my head to the side. Lucian was walking toward me “I was looking for you.”


“Really? I thought you would be happy if I got lost and you wouldn’t have to see me again” I snapped resentfully.


As if he didn’t hear me “let’s go home” he said.


Standing up “What if I don’t want to?” I know I was being childish but I was angry and just wanted an apology or an explanation.


He shot me a hard glare “You better listen to me or you won’t like what I will do to you,” he muttered under his breath. He was trembling as he spoke. Was he that angry?


“Fine, you better explain to me once we are home.”


When we arrived at our chamber I crossed my arms over my chest. “So explain!” I




“Explain what?”


“Why you are behaving rudely and threatening me by saying that I won’t like what you will do to me. What will you do?” I asked in a challenging tone.


Surely he wouldn’t beat me, kill me or burn. So what would he do? starve me?


Lock me in somewhere?


He looked at me and I saw a glint in his eyes.


“Maybe you will like what I will do to you,” he said crossing the distance between us and backing me against the wall.


A devilish smile appeared on his face as he placed his hands above my head on the wall and caged me against it with his much larger body. His spicy scent was like a drug coming off him stronger than before, intoxicating me.



“I want to kiss you, to part your lips with my tongue and slide inside your mouth. I want to pin your naked body underneath mine and feel you tremble while I do all kinds of wicked things a man can possibly do to a woman. I want to hear soft moans of pleasure escape your beautiful lips” he said tracing his thumb over my lips. My breath caught in my throat as he leaned down and brushed his lips against my ear “I want to feel heat radiate from your body.”


Lord, I was already aroused by his words and I couldn’t breathe. I needed to get away but I felt weak in the knees so I put my hands on his chest to push him away which made him chuckle.


“Why are you doing the opposite of what your body wants?” he asked. I don’t know myself I just want to breathe. Maybe I am scared even though I am excited, Maybe I am not ready even though my legs are trembling.


“Fine,” he exhales as he lets me push him away “soon you will let me do all these things to you and more.” He was behaving differently. Never has he approached me like this before,so straightforward. He was always slow and careful giving me time to think and breathe.


“I’ll sleep in my room tonight otherwise I can’t promise to behave myself,” he said as he walked to his room. “Goodnight wife” and with that, he closed the door leaving me alone.


I lay down on the bed trying to sleep but couldn’t. He said he was burning with need so why did he push me away? Then he acted cold, then he told me he wanted to kiss me and do wicked things to me. I was really confused. After a while, I fell asleep.


“My lady, my lady wake up” I heard Ylvas voice.


“Let me sleep,” I muttered in a sleepy voice.


“My lady please I need to prepare you and you have slept too long. You are not a child anymore you are a married woman.”


“Did she wake up?” what seemed like Lydia’s voice asked.


“No. I have been trying to wake her for a while.”


I heard the door open and then it became quiet.




“Leave us. I will wake her up” a deep voice spoke. After a few seconds, a spicy scent invaded my senses and I felt fingers remove the hair from my face placing it behind my ear.




“I want to sleep some more” I cut him off.


“You couldn’t sleep last night,” he seemed to be speaking to himself. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” 1


You didn’t scare me. You made me want you then you hurt me then you made me angry and then aroused. God! I never felt so many emotions in one night before. “But I meant everything I said” he continued “I do want you and you will eventually admit you want me too”



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