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Married To The Devil’s Son


Chapter 10: Chapter 10


Watch you back. Death is coming.


Is this note written with blood? Oh, God.


“What are you doing here?” suddenly Lucian was in the study.


“What is this note?” I asked.


“It’s nothing,” he said taking it from me and putting it back.



“Is someone threatening you or is it a joke?” I asked worriedly.


“It’s nothing you need to worry about,” he said grabbing my wrist and dragging me out of the study. He had a worried look on his face which told me that there was definitely something going on.


“Did you like my present?” he asked before I could ask any further questions.


“Yes, but why? I thought you were angry with me”


“I was and I still am,” he said leading the way to the dining room “sit down and let’s eat.”


I did as he said. He had that aura that signaled danger again. He sat opposite me and when our eyes met I could see flames in them, they weren’t calm. Something was definitely different about him, maybe there is something to the rumors.


“How did you bring Lydia and Ylva?” I really wanted to know. Palace maids were never supposed to leave the palace since they can spill secrets of the palace. Once you enter the palace there is no way out, so he couldn’t have bought them. He looked up from his plate and stared at me for a while.


“I told the king…. that I would kill you otherwise,” he said calmly. I choked on my


food. Coughing and breathing for air my hand grabbed the glass of water. Drinking the water slowly I could finally breathe.




Lucian studied Hazel and waited to see the fear in her eyes even though he hoped she wouldn’t fear him but to his disappointment she did. She looked scared and confused. He was already pissed that she just two days ago thought that he would kill her or beat her just because she didn’t listen to him and now she looked at him as if he really would kill her. Maybe he was wrong when he thought she would be different. He didn’t even know why he went through all trouble to bring her maids.



I said that because it was the only way to bring them. You don’t really think I would kill you, do you?” he said trying hard to control his anger and frustration.


“Then why did you say that you would burn me?” she asked.


“Because…that’s what you think about me. You think I am a beast who beats and kills people then you would think that I can burn them as well right?” he said standing up from his seat and hitting the table with his fist which made her jump from her seat and stare at him in shock and fear. He hated that look in her eyes so he strode out of the room not wanting to see her anymore.


Inside his study, he stared at the note.


Watch you back death is coming.


No one would dare play such jokes with him except his brothers. Taking the note he went straight to his brother’s quarter. Walking through the halls his brother’s guards looked at him with fear and hatred, but that didn’t affect him as much as Hazel’s fear of him did. Strange he was used to being feared but his wife’s fear made him angry.


The young maids stared at him with excitement. He could hear their giggles and whispers.


“He is so tall, so handsome.”


“His hair is so beautiful, so are his eyes.”


“But he is mine.”


“You wish.”


“Yes, I wish I worked for him. I would work all day in the kitchen and all night in his bedroom.”


And then they giggled. What they didn’t know was that he could hear everything they were saying. Reaching the main hall two guards blocked his way.


“Your highness, how can we help you?” they asked politely.


“How about moving out of my way?”


“We can’t your highness. We are not allowed to let anyone in”


“Then tell the crown prince to come out and talk to me or I will get in no matter what.”


They looked at each other ” I am sorry, Your Highness.”


“So am I,” he said, and before they could think he elbowed one in the stomach and kneed him in the face. The other one tried to swing at him but dodging the swing he went behind him grabbing his neck he hit the guards head on the wall. Leaving the guards on the ground he went on to find his brother. He was not in his study. He grabbed a maid walking through the hall by the arm.


“Where is Pierre?” he hissed.


“His highness is sleeping in his chamber,” she replied scared. Letting go of her he made his way to the chamber and swung the door open just to find his brother having fun with a woman.


“What the….” his brother began to yell but stopped when he saw it was Lucian. The


half-naked woman brought the sheets up to cover herself.


“Oh brother what a pleasant surprise,” Pierre said with a fake tone “You just came on time, how about we share this beautiful lady?” he said caressing the woman’s cheek. Her eyes traveled up his body to his face and she gave him an approving smile.


“That’s kind of you but this is not so kind,” Lucian said holding up the note. Pierre got up from the bed to take a closer look at the note. “What makes you think I wrote this?” Pierre asked.


“If it’s not you then you should know which one of your brothers wrote this”


“And your brothers too” he corrected ” I know that no one of them would play such a joke, we are not kids anymore Lucian”


“You better be sure” Lucian threatened.


“It seems you have yet another foe” his brother smirked.




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