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Episode 11


Aakash’s Pov:


Everyone quickly turned Simitra…


“What do you want to say Simitra?” We asked anxiously in unison.


“I want her out of the mansion… I want her to go to the cottage while I go back to my husband” Simitra said pointing at Krishna as goosebumps ran down my spine.


Everyone gasped in surprise.


“What?” I yelled in shock



“Are you sure you still want to be in this cheap mansion my princess?” Mr Raghuvendra


“Yes father…” Simitra said.


“Hell no… Krishna is not going back to that freaking cottage” I said as my father tapped me but I pushed his hand aside.


“And you think my daughter needs to be in the cottage?” Mr Raghuvendra asked angrily.


“Raghuvendra my friend… Your daughter can’t give my family an heir” Father said boldly.


“That’s false… Your son is simply not man enough” Mr Raghuvendra said as I got furious.


I tried to speak up but mother held me back.


“If you don’t want me to ruin in you Mr Singh, you better grant my daughter her heart desire” Mr Raghuvendra said in anger.


I scratched my head in so much annoyance.


I felt like slapping him and pushing him out of the mansion.


But that’s very impossible…


Mr Raghuvendra Bharati is not just rich, he’s very powerful and influential.


And to top it all, he is wealthier than my family.


That was even one of the reasons why father wanted me to marry his only heiress.


His drama queen of a daughter Simitra.



I fumed in anger as I watched father agreed to his condition or should I say Simitra’s condition.


I could see the tears circulated in Krishna’s eyes.


I felt really sorry for her.



Am I really feeling sorry for her or am I missing her?


She’s the most quiet person I know.


But she’s quite talkative when it comes to telling stories.


“Am so happy for you Simitra! You will be back to your glamorous room” Vishnu said as I eyed him angrily.


He’s just making matters worse.




I walked into the damn room staring around in loneliness.


I rested my head on the couch.


At first I never wanted her anywhere close to me.


All of a sudden, I can’t live without her.


She’s really caring unlike my makeup artist of a wife Simitra.


I was still lost in thought when the door was banged open noisily.


“Oh please be careful… My box of jewellery is in that bag” Simitra’s loud voice yelled at the maid.



My headache is back


The maid placed the bag beside the wardrobe.


“Now get lost!” She said as the maid ran out.


Simitra quickly walked to the dressing mirror.


“Oh my gosh Aakash….” She screamed aloud and I got very scared as I jumped up


from the couch.


“What happened?” I asked anxiously.


“My face Aakash…!” She cried out in pain. “What’s wrong with your face?” I asked again


“Sweats are all over my face and goodness me! It’s wiping my makeups off” She said as I stared at her in disgust.


I sighed loudly as I sat on the bed.


“Why are you sighing Aakash?” She said with a teary voice.



Is she also going to cry because of this?


I shook my head in disappointment.


“Why shouldn’t I sigh Simitra? When you keep making something out of nothing” I said as I got up and walked away.


“Whatever! I can’t believe my makeups are wiping” She shrieked in annoyance.


can’t believe her….


Krishna’s Pov:


I lay on the wooden bed softly.


It was damn dark.


The light in the room was taken away by ma’am Simitra.


I yawned tiredly as tears rolled down my cheeks.


I really miss the mansion.


I was about to sleep off when I heard a knock on my door.


I held my breath in nervousness.


“Who is it?” I asked as I got up from the bed.


I quickly threw the door open and to my greatest surprise, it was Aakash Sir.


“Aakash Sir?” I called in shock.


Lakshmi’s Pov:



Now that the silly girl Simitra have done what I told her…. I think it’s high time


I execute my plans I grinned wickedly.


I quickly tapped Saloni who was fast asleep right beside me.


“Oh mother! Am really sleepy!” She groaned angrily.


“Get your dumb self up silly girl” I said


“Can’t the discussion wait till morning?” She said sleepily.


“It’s important!” I said as she sat up still scratching her head and nodding.


“Am listening Mamaa….” She said with her eyes still closed.


“Listen silly girl” I said hitting her as she quickly opened her eyes.


“What is it Mamaa?” She asked


“I want you to do every single thing I say, the way I said it” I said lowering my voice.


“And?” she asked


“Saloni I want you to seduce and go to bed with Sir Vishnu” I said as her eyes widened in shock.


“MAMAA!!…” she screamed






Aakash’s Pov:


She gulped nervously…


“What are you doing here sir?” She asked in surprise.


“Come on Krishna, won’t you let me in?” I asked with a smile.


She forced a smile too.


“It’s already late sir! You need to rest” she said


“That’s why am here” I said as she scratched her hair in confusion.


“I don’t get you sir!” She said


“AM SPENDING THE NIGHT HERE WITH YOU” I said as she quickly covered


her mouth with her palms in shock…..














This is serious



Am shocked oo










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma





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