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I went back home and saw Ryan with his luggage as Michael passed me touching my shoulders “stay strong girl”.


I smiled and walked towards Ryan ” you’ve broken up with Tasha I guess” “Yes” he replied.


“I missed the drama then” I played with my hair and Ryan chuckled dropping his head down.


“Yes, I guess you did”


“So this is goodbye?” I tried to stay strong.


“No, it’s just beginning, trust me” he brushed his lips against mine and yes! We kissed passionately as the wind brushed through my hair. “You are going back to Paris?” He asked as we broke the kiss.


“No, I think I’d hang around a little” I smiled and blushed as his eyes peered into mine.


“See you around then Mrs Pierce” he dramatically walked away and I giggled waving him as he entered the car and zoomed off with Michael.


“Nice” I touched my lips with my hands, it felt warm and I felt fulfilled and happy.


The kiss was nice; I must confess.


After Ryan had left, I walked inside laying on the bed tiredly, I was still scared about the sudden disappearance of Gregg, does that mean Mr Baldwin, Mrs Baldwin and Maggie are all fake? That means I shared a house with a ghost? I thought of the dream I had and the story Gregg told me and it hit me, am I the ten years old boy who left his father? Does that mean that Jesus is the only one with my healing? This is strange, really strange. I lay on my bed trying to find Gregg on social media, I found many Gregg Baldwin but not the one I was looking for, I just gave up and starred at the celling and before I knew it I fell asleep. .




I touched my lips as we got in the car and Michael gave me a knowing look.


“Finally you kissed her” he smiled.


“It’s not my first time though but yea I did” I smiled too as we pulled over to pick up Harvey.


“Hey man, where is Aaliyah?” He entered the car with a puzzled look on.


“She is at her house; obviously” I tell him and he rolled his mouth which I kind of find weird.


“Thought she would love to see your new apartment in Brooks”


“Well no, she is very busy” I tell him and he nods.


“I’d go over to her house later then” Harvey grinned.


“To do what?” I asked being really protective because I wanted no one close to my Aaliyah.


“To hang obviously” he said.


“Oh I see, Aaliyah and I got plans later in the day so postpone your hanging out” I brought out and texted Aaliyah telling her I’d come pick her up later so we could hang out. Michael glanced at me and a smile curved on his face and mine too “Thought you had a girlfriend?” Harvey curved his brow. “I don’t, I have a wife” I defended.


“Wife? Who?”


“Don’t be dumb Harvey, he is talking about Aaliyah” Michael chuckled. “Aaliyah, I thought you said after this entire take down, I’m going to get the girl” Harvey flared up.


“Relax man, she isn’t some object that you just hand over, she has a mind of her own and she can choose who she wants to be with so relax” I glanced at Michael. I didn’t let Aaliyah know that I knew she had cancer, I want her to tell me when she wants to or when she trust me enough to tell me.


We pulled over at the apartment and we packed our things out, Harvey would be living here also and I hated the idea because I now have to be watchful when Aaliyah comes over but wait is Aaliyah my girl now? I don’t think so right? Or maybe I should officially ask her to be mine for real. I smiled thinking about her and her wonderful smile.


“Ryan, Ryan” I heard my name and I turned to see Michael snapping his fingers at me, I guess I was lost in space or something. “What?”


“You thinking about her right?” He smiled and I nod.


“Well you gotta be careful because the way Tasha left without a fight is suspicious”



“Guess she realised we ain’t meant to be” I scooped some ice cream into my mouth as Michael shook his head.


“So what do we have?” I referred to the map Michael was holding.


“I guess I know where we can find this tower” he pointed to a spot on the map. “Where?”


“Look out your window” he gestured and I did and I saw the tower and I smiled knowing I’m a step closer to unraveling this mystery. .




“Why are you looking for me? I told you how to find Him so find Him” I heard a voice as I jerked up from my sleep.


“Gregg” I jumped up and breathed really fast because I was scared, i checked the time and it was noon , I wondered for a while and tried reaching Lala hoping she’d help me check on Mr and Mrs Baldwin and hopefully Maggie. “Hey, who’s this?” I heard Lala’s voice.


“Errm- hi it’s me Aaliyah” I stuttered.


“Oh, bye” she hanged up before I could say another word. I hoped she would be of help but she just hanged up so I got the message, she is still mad. I texted Louise but she didn’t reply me, guess she is busy with school stuff. That reminds me; school! Guess I’m not going to bother about that now because I’d be dead in a month time.


I quickly got up and ran to the living room and found my gramps and grandma praying.


“Can I join you guys?” I asked leaning on the kitchen door.


“Sure baby” grandma beamed with smile as she looked fulfilled and gramps had mixed feelings, it was written all over his face. Truth be told I didn’t know why I asked to join them.


We prayed for a while and my grandma went to make lunch.


“Can I borrow your book?” I referred to The Bible.


“You mean this?” He raised The Bible and I nod.


“Sure, I have a spare so you can have this one” he handed it over.


“No gramps I’d return it” I tell him and he smiled. .


“It’s my gift to you” he placed his hands upon mine and I smiled.


“Thanks gramps”





After reading The Bible I didn’t understand why people was so hooked up on it because it wasn’t interesting and Lord have mercy on me but it wasn’t my thing. “Lost?” My grandma walked in.


“Totally, how do you guys read this?” I inquired and my grandma laughed. “You need The Holy Spirit to be able to understand the words of God” grandma explained and I nod.


“So where do I find this Holy Spirit?” I asked and my grandma laughed.


“It’s everywhere, you just need to open up and let Him in so he’d become a part of you”


That explains a lot, so was Gregg a spirit too because I keep hearing his voice and keep seeing him in my dreams.


“I see so how do I accept this Spirit?” I asked and grandma couldn’t hide her joy because I guess she has been waiting patiently for this day.


“Say this salvation prayer after me and that’s all, you are now part of Jesus and Him part of you” my grandma held my hands and I shrugged. Really just like that? That’s simple.


“Would I get my healing after that?”


“It going to take faith and work but it’s very possible, just take a step with Jesus


and He would take you higher and heal you but salvation is the first step, are you


ready” she touched my cheeks in tears like it really meant a lot to her that I gave


my life to God.


“I guess”


“Say this after me…”


After the short prayer, she gave me scriptures to read, I didn’t feel different but somehow I felt peace in my heart, I don’t know if it’s me but I felt peace. That night I read the entire book of Matthew and I was exhausted and finally fell asleep. Can you believe this? Aaliyah just gave her life to Christ, I’m shocked, really shocked but hey anyone can change right? Yes.


woke up the next day really tired, it was a Sunday so i decided to follow my grandma to church, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the service but I managed, don’t blame me, I’m still new here so pardon me. I had lunch with my family and that was when I turned on my phone and saw a text from Ryan that he sent yesterday. Soon a call came into my phone and I picked it up.


“Hello” I said into the phone. “Hey” I heard his voice.


“Ryan, sorry I missed your text, I was caught in a situation” I tell him. “No worries but we can schedule it for today”



I can’t believe I’m talking to Ryan, Ryan Pierce and he is so nice. I blushed thinking about our kiss. Lord you really exist. “Sure” I said lowly.


“See you at five then, I’ll pick you up” he said.


“Fine, later then”


“Later” he hanged up and I sighed throwing my phone into the bed. Soon I started to hear screams from the living room, I wondered what was happening as I ran outside only to see our living room on fire.


“Jesus!” I shouted. I tried helping my grandma who was caught in between the dinning room and the living room.


“Grandma” I yelled but the fire was burning furiously. I peeped outside and saw someone smirk at me.


“Tasha” I called out as she smiled and ran away. God please save my family and














[Broken vows]


by berlie








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