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I got home hours later, I knew my parents won’t be home early today, they are never home early, I got into the shower, had my bath and took a seat because I suddenly started feeling dizzy. “Go easy girl” I told myself as I breath in and breath out.


Don’t blame me, I can’t wait to leave Hales town, I know I’d miss my parents, at least I’m suppose to spend my last three months with them but Paris is a whole new other life, I mean it’s going to be very exciting, who knows maybe I might meet THE ONE!! I know I’m silly but it’s okay to dream, what do I have to lose anyways, this last three months would be reckless for me, I’m going to do all I couldn’t do for twenty three years.



“Aaliyah! We are home” I heard my mom’s voice. I hurried downstairs to meet them.


“Dad, Mom welcome” I greeted.


“How was your day sweetie?” My mom asked dropping her bag on the chair not too far from where she stood.


“It was awesome! Did Dr Humphrey send it to you?” I questioned as my eyes sparkled.


“Yes he did, and I just forwarded to your school, everything is ready!!” My mom beamed with smile.


“Great!! Paris I’m coming” I screamed and my mom laughed.


“It’s amazing to see you happy baby, I’m glad we made you happy” she touched my hair and I sighed.


“We are going for Paris shopping tomorrow” my dad announced.


“No Pete, you are going to work tomorrow while Aaliyah and I would go for the shopping” my mom corrected.


“Fine Katherine, have it your way” he pecked her and headed upstairs while I winked at my mom. She told me to go have a nap before dinner so I could relax. I couldn’t just sleep, I had butterflies in my tummy, that’s cliche but that’s how I feel. We gathered to have dinner and my mom said the prayer while my dad already had a taste of the soup before she said the grace.


“Darling you promised not to eat before I pray” my mom scolded.


“I’m sorry honey, your food just smells and taste too good, I couldn’t resist” my dad complimented and my mom blushed. God they are so cute.


“Enough mom and dad, I need my peace when I’m eating” I huffed and my mom smirked.


After dinner, I went to bed really excited wondering how tomorrow shopping is going to be.


“I need to make a list!” I said and jumped out of my bed. I sat on my bed and googled things I need for a trip to Paris. I peered into my iPad paying attention to every little detail.


“Baby..” My mom knocked on my door.


“Come in” I said still on my iPad.


My mom walked in and closed the door behind her.


“You need to sleep baby, you know about your health, losing sleep may be dangerous for you” she scolded sweetly. “Mom…”



“Please go to bed” she cut me short and tucked me playfully in my bed covering me up and took my iPad.


“Mom, at least don’t take that” I pointed at the iPad and she raised it up.


“You will get it tomorrow, good night baby, sleep tight” she kissed my forehead


and made away with my iPad. I had no other choice than to fall asleep thinking


about Paris.



The morning was peaceful, the sun ray woke me up, what a beautiful morning to be Aaliyah, I got up and looked through the window, I saw people hurrying to go to work, school, their business places. I was jealous of them, I’ve never had to worry about this kind of things. At least today I’d go shopping for the first time in ages because my mom usually does the shopping. I got into the shower and let the water soak and wash away my worries, the bath was soothing, I stepped out and wore a blue jean trouser, maroon T-shirt and a black sweater to warm me up because Hales town is kind of cold. I wore my boot and ran downstairs to join my mom and dad for breakfast.


“You are amazing Katherine…” I heard my dad chuckled kissing my mom, they can be cheesy at times.


“Good morning love birds” I chipped in their conversation.


“Oh baby, how was your night?” Mom asked hugging me lightly.


“It was amazing, can I have my iPad back now?” I rolled my eyes stretching my hands.


“I’ll give it you if you change into something else, it’s cold outside” she commented and I shrugged.


“Mom! I’m feeling so hot in this and you telling me to change?” I asked not


expecting an answer.


“You know your…”


“I know mom, I’ve got cancer not leukaemia!” I cut her short. The atmosphere was getting kind of tensed and my dad noticed.


“Girls, how about I drop you off at the mall before I go to work” he offered and my mom nodded.


“Let me grab my jacket” my mom said going upstairs.


“And my iPad too!” I yelled after her.


“You wish” I heard her say and I chuckled.


The ride to the mall was a peaceful one, we pulled over at Teez mall.


“Later babies” my dad teased as we stepped down.


“You are not serious Pete” my mom rolled her eyes at him and he laughed.


“See you later” my dad beckoned closing the car door.


“Bye dad” I waved at him while my mom walked ahead of me.


We got into the mall and started shopping.


“Jacket, check!” I ticked my list.


“Umbrella…oh my God mom! We forgot umbrella” I pulled her arms because we passed where the umbrellas were.


“Aaliyah! I told you to make sure you got what you need” she sighed and reversed her trolley.


“I’m sorry mom” I apologised.


“No…baby no need for apologies” she said and I smiled.


We got to where the umbrellas were and I picked a pink one with flower designs on it.


“That’s lovely” my mom complimented.


“I know mom” I tugged my hands in her arm and she smiled.


We went round the mall and I took everything I needed.


“Friz chips…check!!” I ticked the last thing on my list. My mom and I got to the counter to pay for the items and I accidentally bumped into someone. “I’m sorry” I apologised.


“Watch where you going to” he fussed and stormed out. I took a good look at his face and sighed.


“What’s that guy’s problem? are you okay baby” my mom said touching all over my body making sure I’m alright.


“I guess he had a bad day” I said lowly.


“That doesn’t give him the…”


“Mom, no biggie, I’m okay” I cut her short and we placed everything on the counter so they can be cross checked before payment.


“Thanks for coming to Teez mall, we hope to see more of you” the attendant said and my mom smiled.


“Mom, why don’t you go to work while I head home” I tell her and she shrugged. “No baby, I can’t leave you like this, I know you are stressed so let’s go home so I could make you lunch” she said and I rolled my eyes.


We boarded a taxi home and had lunch after a long chat about being positive.


That’s my mom, she’s a real motivational speaker.


I’m to travel to Paris the next day, I lay on my bed watching a movie on my phone, it was a love story between two people who had an entire different life but had to cope with each other, the movie made me cry because it was so emotional. I drifted to sleep, I felt weak and tired.



I woke up, all my things were ready, thanks to my mom, all I had to do was just get ready and show up at the airport, I dragged my things downstairs lazily.


“Baby, I told you to wait so I’d help you” my mom ran towards me taking the bag away from me.


“Mom, I’ve cancer not paralysis” I rolled my eyes and gave her the bag.


My parents helped me put my things in the booth and they drove me to the airport.


The place was busy, this is like my fourth time of being in the airport and it seems


like it gets busier anytime I come here.


“Baby, I love you so much” my mom sobbed.


“Don’t worry mom, I’ll come back my last week on earth” I said and this made my mom burst out in tears.


My dad hugged me and after a lot of painful farewells and goodbyes. I got in the


plane and took off. I can’t wait to spend this last three months just the way it was


suppose to be.












[Broken vows]


by berlie







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