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I said bye to the women who we usually chatted with as they genuinely showed how happy they

were for me. My trial just came to an abrupt end and I was set free again.

How funny it is that after staying in Prison for almost 5 weeks, the only thing I got back was my

freedom. No compensation for my lost time, the humiliation I had to go through.

I recall after walking out of the court room, some journalist approached me wanting me to give

them the satisfaction of continuing my life story. I wondered how people can be so cruel as to just

want to make a job out of someone even after the misery of that person.

I was now free and every one came to somehow hear the truth about my life but unlike Clara, I

was not a fan of social media. So my brother and Ben engulfed me as they led me to the car

avoiding the cameras and some noisy journalists wanting me to say something.

” Oh God that was so much noise” l sighed as we sat in the car.

” Am happy you are out my sister” my brother smile hugging me as he sat next to me. Leaving the

front seat without a person I felt bad Ben was looking back at me.

” Thanks brother but we will talk later at home. You mind if I sit with my man?” I smiled at him and I

saw him look at Ben then back at me.

” No problem sister, I don’t mind” he shrugged and I was glad he was beginning to understand Ben

meant so much to me. I love him as my brother, but Ben was the man after my heart and I couldn’t

see him look out of place.

” Shall we?” I smiled at him and he held my hand.

” Sure babe” he responded with a wide smile, I felt proud of him.

Back at home, the priest, Ben’s sisters who moved home from the court with the priest and my aunty who came from Matero welcomed us immediately we walked to the door.

I was amazed at how the house was decorated with big letters wrotten ” WELL COME BACK

HOME, LOVE OF MY LIFE” printed in red on a white material and hanging across the room.

” Thank you Love” I kissed Ben’s forehead and I heard the priest clear his throat.

He asked us all to hold hands and pray thanking God for seeing us through..

” The Lord almighty has fought your battle and I pray he does it for you all your lives” he shouted

and we all agreed with an ‘Amen’.

Some lunch which Ben’s sisters prepared was saved and after which we all sat round the living

room. Present among the people mentioned earlier were Ben’s best friend, Mulenga the acountant

and Clara’s nephew who joined us too.

Everyone looked happy and relieved, I felt at home. My home had never had so many people like

that before. I was lost in thoughts thinking about how glad I was to come back home to all the

people that seemingly loved me and were happy to see me, that’s when my brother stood up

asking for everyone’s attention, I was startled a bit.

Bed held my hand as we both looked up at my brother who was now looking at us with a smile.

” I want to take this opportunity to ask my sister and Ben for the way I responded to your

relationship. You have to believe how hard this was for me as well. We lost our kid sister and I was

so scared of losing another sister” he paused and we all nodded our heads in agreement.

” Now that I have seen how much you are in love with each other, how much each of you is willing

to go an extra mile for each other, I am at peace to say in case you two are going to make plans of

settling together I have no objectionn at all. Thank you Ben for what you did for my little sister, l

thought I could easily find a way out for her but I know your ways were more effective and am glad

you succeeded. Let’s all continue thanking God for this day and always remember that the Lord

will always guide our steps no matter what plans we have. I love you both and thank you all

present for making my sister feel at home.

Am proud of you little sister!” He ended with a smile and I wiped the tears from my eyes standing

and hugging him.

” I love you so much my brother and thank you for your kind words” I whispered as he held me.

Later in the evening when everyone left except Ben’s sisters who I insisted came back to stay with

us instead of staying at the church. I went to take a warm long bath taking my time soaking myself

as my mind relieved everything I went through in Prison.

Some nights on some hard and itchy beds, some early hour’s we were forced to wake up and

work. I recalled a lot of other struggles and my cheeks felt the warm tears as they fall down.

” Babe are you okey?” Came the voice of Ben as he stood watching me by the entrance to the


” You have been in there for more than 30 minutes. Come out now” he whispered walking inside

and squatting next to the tab his hands holding my shoulder.

” Please stop crying now it’s all over” he whispered washing away the tears in my face with the


” You are safe now and all that hell is behind us. Clara is going to be put away for a long time and I

swear I will protect you and never let you go through all this again” he smiled making me look at him.

” Am glad to hear that Love, I don’t think I could have survived another day in that horrible place.

People are suffering inside that Prison it breaks my heart to just think of what they are feeling right

now Ben.”

” Come on now, lets go to bed. Do you want me to bath You?” He smiled.

” No, am done was just sitting in here anyway,” I shook my head . “wiping me dry can do” I teased

him as he pulled me out of the water.

He slowly wiped my body without taking his eyes from my face. ” I missed you so much” l held his

hand as he finished wiping my feet and stood up. ” I missed you more my love. You have no idea

how relieved I feel about all this and you being so close to me again” he sincerely responded I

knew he meant every word.

I pulled him to a kiss, he stepped back a bit and smiled. ” I waited for that from the day they locked

you” he laughed pulling me back in his arms.

” Are you sure, you are okey with this?” He asked after another mind blowing kiss as we still stood

in the bathroom.

” I feel tired Love, but I want you so bad too” I giggled pulling him out and leading him to bed. After

l wrapped my towel around myself.

” Well, I need you too but I don’t want to put more pressure on you. Maybe it’s better you rest

tonight and I promise tomorrow I will have my way” he rubbed my lips with his.

” Now you are making it so difficult to resist you Ben” I pulled him closer and our eyes met.

For some good minutes we kept on staring at each other and could smile without saying anything.

In our silence, they were thousands of words spoken and I knew there was no going back. The

man before me was exactly, In fact more than what I had wished for. His love was unconditional.

Unlike him, I loved him from the word go, but now seeing the dept of his warm eyes, the curve of

his breath taking smile, I knew he loved me. I could feel it inside me and l wished I was a man to

propose marrying him, being a woman I knew l had to wait for him but my mind was made up.

Come what may I felt belonging to him.

Unconsciously I felt my body rise and my desire for him grew intense, I couldn’t feel the tiredress

anymore and I sighed softly moving closer to him.

” What?” He finally said something like he was reading my thoughts in his silence.

” I love you” l said honestly.

” I know!, your heart is pure there’s no doubt you love me. Sometimes I envy you so much” he

laughed softly.

” Envy me?” I made a frown face at him.” I don’t understand,” I responded.

” Well, there are not a lot of people out there who could be like you are. You have so much

courage and determination I still don’t understand how you would fall in love with me especially in

the state I was in before. I have heard of ladies falling in love with a villager, a poor man, a

Kaponya but never a mad man. How you did that still amazes me and I don’t know how to put it in

words to thank you for saving my life.” He shook his head.

” You don’t have to say anything, you have told me enough my Love, and am getting bored with

this talking” I teased him playing my hands on his chest.

” Oh no!, here I am saving your life and you are making funny of me” he laughed loudly.

” You know this won’t end well for you right?” He kissed my cheek drawing himself closer to me.

” Am stronger than you think” I mocked him placing my fingers and rubbing his man gently I

laughed when he gasped.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you Jen, he murmered the words and moaned softly as he kissed me

deeply. Immediately connecting ourselves his every move and touch adding to how crazy I was

about him already.

I woke up late the following morning but was feeling more rested than ever, I guess I needed him

make love to me to remove my stress after all. I looked towards the door and saw it was closed. I

wondered were Ben was.

I went down the bed and wrapped myself in a night robe and went to the bathroom.

Serah, Ben’s youngest sister was seated in the living room in front of the TV.

” Good morning” she greeted me cheerfully as I came out of the bathroom. ” Morning Serah, how

was your night?” I smiled sitting opposite her in the couch.

” lt was great.” She smiled back her face reminding me of her mother who I only saw for a few

minutes before she died.

” Where is your brother and Memory?” I asked seeing they where no where to be seen.

” Ben left a few minutes ago and he said I should give you some breakfast immediately you wake

up. But since you have delayed I think I will have to remake it so that you can have some hot

breakfast. And Memory has gone to get some application letters from campus, she was told to re

apply for her to resume her course” she said with a smile.

” What time is this?” I asked, she pointed at the wall clock , ” 30 minutes passed 10 am” she


” Oh God I have overslept!” I sighed rubbing my eyes.

” lt’s normal given the circumstances ” she smiled standing to make me breakfast her calm

behaviour reminding me of my own sister. From her looks and speech one would tell she was a

good person and I immediately related to her.

After enjoying my warm breakfast I took a bath and wore a pair of leggings and a loose top that

went up my hips. Sitting in the couch as l tried to find something to watch I went to Muvi TV

channel, just to find some talk about marriages and it was based on my story. With the headline ”

MAD IN LOVE” I watched smiling and shaking my head as I heard the views of different callers

who now changed from saying bad words about me to praising me for being one in a million.

Others said, I must have fallen in love with Ben even before he went mad and I just felt obliged to

help him otherwise it wasn’t possible to fall for a mad man.

Though others still called me names,I didn’t want to let some joy killers spoil my day. others spoke

so ill of Clara calling her a demon, and other disgusting names which I knew she fairly earned. I

shook my head and changed the channel , the program was somehow stressing me up.

” Hey my Love, sorry l left you in bed. I received a call and I had to rush out I didn’t want to disturb

you” came Ben’s voice and he kissed me slightly sitting on the arm of the couch holding my


” So what was the call about?” I turned to face him ” My son Ben” he paused ” it was some news about my son love” he rubbed my shoulder.

” Tell me what happened, where is he? Did you find him? Is he okey?” I asked one question after

the other and he sighed sitting inside closer to me..

Watch out for the FINALE

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