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(Journey back to hell)


‘The thorns are yet to be


Overcome until you see


The fruit of your blood.’




*Calla’s POV*


It is now few days to my expecting day. This past three months have been calm and quiet. I have Karla and Aveline with me and Lexi always visits when she take a day off work or during weekends.


Arles use to take me out for lunch and make time to take me to the hospital or malls sometimes.




Lucifer is just Lucifer. You can’t read him. You can’t tell what his next move will be or what he is thinking until he tells you.


He is unpredictable!


He is my mate, that is the only word I always use to console myself. Karla told me that his demon won’t be able to kill me because demons value their mates. She told me something else that I never knew about. The main reason why Lucifer killed Nessa. She worked with a wizard. Not an ordinary wizard but the evil wizard from the earth coven. The wizard from the south.


I love her because she is my sister but i also detest her for trying to get me killed when I did absolutely nothing to her.


Lucifer came into my room when I was about to sleep. I stood up from the bed and stared at him as he made his way towards my bed.


He sat down on my chair facing the door why I took note of his every moves. He look tense. I don’t even know how or what to call his expression. They were cold. Just as cold as they were three months ago.


I have started yo doubt if he can ever smile for me again.


“Hi.” I greets, silently praying that my nervousness doesn’t show.


I sat back on my bed, my back against the headboard and my fingers playing with each other due to my nervousness.


I couldn’t seems to stop my erratic heart race. It is uncontrollably. Like he is going to snap my neck or something.


“Are you alright?” He asked staring at my hand then back at my face.


“Yes…..I am fine, I was was just about to call it a night before you came in. Anything the matter?” I asked


politely. I don’t want to get him mad this night.


“We will be going to hell, it will be your first time and I want my kids Darlene and Dane to be born there. As demands by the law.” He said and my heart skips


Going to hell?


I’ll be going to hell. Oh my goodness this is not true, maybe I am dreaming.


“He…..hell? Are you sure, I thought…..never mind. When are we leaving?” I stuttered. I didn’t know what


yo say or how to express myself. It all felt too weird for me.


Going to hell where millions of peoples burn to death in a hot flame of fire?



“We leave in two days time, you’ll still. If you want to you can still come back for holidays or vacations here on earth. It is not a must that you live in hell.” He explained before standing up from the chair.


He walk closed to the bed and squatted down beside the bed. He placed his hand on my bare stomach and kissed it. I bet I heard him saying.


“Good night sunflowers, I love you both.”


Or maybe that is just what my imaginations thought.


He stood up and headed to the door without sparing me one more glance.


“Good night love.” I muttered. He stopped for a second before opening the door and walk out.


THREE SAYS LATER(More two days to Calla’s delivery date)


I walk out of the bathroom, my big towel wrapped around my body and a small towel in my hand that I used in drying my hair.


Yesterday I went to my old apartment with Lexi to bring out all my valuable items and bring out the other ones and gave it to the Lee privileged. The things I took from my old apartment were my documents and my old teenage valuables.


I put someone in the old apartment since they couldn’t afford a house, i found them at the amusement park. I felt accomplished when I saw the smile on their faces when I told Lexi to make chicken Alfredo and steaks for them. It means that I did something that made them happy. I felt contented as well.


Yesterday I told Lexi and Arles Lucifer’s plan they were excited for me. It is just so unreal that Arles and Lexi told me that they are both mates. Who would have thought…..


We were literally siblings.


It didn’t hurt because I am sure that I’ll be seeing more of both of them in the underworld.


“Aveline please bring out a cloth for me to wear today.” I told her sitting on my bed. I felt so tired. I can’t even move a limb.


“Okay how do you feel? You want to go flashy? Or dull?” She asked.


“I’ll prefer dull sweetheart, this woman doesn’t want flashy things now.” I joked. She giggled and walk inside my closet.


She came back with a baggy grey trouser and a big black shirt.



“I thought you’ll like yourself free from stress.” She said and I smiled.



“Like you knew sweetheart, I am f**king tired.” I said. “Aveline? Do you think that maybe one day you might meet your mate?”


She shrugged and look up to meet my eyes.


“I would love to, but it is destiny. I’ll only miss you a lot. I’d always want to be there when you give birth to your kids. I guess I won’t be seeing them anytime soon.” She said as a lone tear stroll down her cheek.


She quickly cleaned it and forced a smile.


“Bit hell is your home now, I can’t hold you down from leaving.”


I have taken Aveline as my junior sister, she is beautiful and kindhearted. Though I have my insecurities about her when she first came but right now, all I want is to engulf her in my hugs and yell get not to worry.











(Heir of hell)




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