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Episode 9








“What do you want,Gina”,I say.


“I just came to see how my little brother is fairing”,she replied.


“I’m perfectly fine Gina…you can leave now”


“Why are you being so cold to me. I said I’m sorry for everything”


What’s wrong with her? She has being cold towards me since I was we were kids because she thinks dad’s loves me more than her.


it’s insane for her to think like that. I know but now I have to pay her back. “I’m not in the mood right now.. just leave. I need to see my girlfriend” “okay.. then but when you need something don’t hesitate to call me” “okay sis…”,and she peck me as she left.


The moment I entered inside the bedroom Nicki is already gone. I sat on the edge as I saw a note:


i have things to do at home..


see you morrow




And on my left I saw her purse with her earrings.


Maybe I should returned it to her. I miss her already.


But why did she leave. is it because of my sister.


I moved to her house. I was still in the car as I saw her with Liam.


What are they doing together and why is he touching her.


And slowly he kissed her. She fought him for a while and she responded. How can she do this to me?


His hands were fixed in her hair while she responded.


Please Nicki push him please.


I waited to see that but to no avail.


I was really hurt. How could she do this to me.


I then told my driver to drive me back home.









After he gave me my orgasm. I was really glad. I even slept like a baby but then I remembered my home. I just need to pack some stuffs and ran on some few errands before mom returns.


I then wrote him a letter as I dress up to leave.


I board a taxi as I went home. I was opening my door when I heard footsteps.


“Hello Nicki….”


I frowned. Liam.


“What do you want now?”,i asked as his hands roughly cupped my neck roughly pushing me to the wall. His grip was forceful as I felt his hands doing something to me.


“You managed to expel mefrom school now I will have to make pay…” “Fuck you…”,I cursed.


“Yea… baby. That’s exactly what I will do to me. I will f**k you. I like you Nikki and I have always wanted you but then you always denied me,” “And I will always deny u”


“Not today Nicki cause fight now I have bomb around your waist… and it’s counting”,my eyes widen as I looked down and he was really right. We just eights minutes for me to blast.


Tears filled my ears.


“Please remove this please…”


“I will unless you kiss me now”




“You can do anything but please not this request”


“that’s what I want”, and he kissed as tears rolled down my eyes. I started struggling to released his grip.


“You are playing with fire… just do as I say..”


He kissed became rough. I then let go as his hands were fixed in my hair then suddenly I saw a familiar car. Cole is here. oh no…


He wouldn’t understand.


“Good girl…”,he released my lips and then he removed the bomb.


I wiped my tears… I dialed to call Cole but he hangs up.


He thinks I betrayed him. i love him.


Thirty minutes later I called again and he picks up.


“Hello…”,I said.


“Get the f**k off you you whore.”,and that moment I knew it was his sis. “Please give the phone to him and let me explain”



“You won’t explain anything. Cole is dying right now and if anything happens to him Nicki… you will pay dearly bitch” and she hanged up.


I have to see him or else I don’t know what will happen to him.


I rushed to his home. I knocked on the main gate but then his so called sis pushed me away.


“He doesn’t need you. Don’t ever come here again”,and she pushed me and slam the door on my face.


I need to see him any way. i walked to the back of the house as I climbed the wall and jumped inside.


Thank God his windows were opened. I peeped through his window as I saw him with his sis.


He was so pale and his nose was bleeding.


He is really hurt. I saw his sister leave.


I climbed inside as I knelt in front of him.


He was finding it difficult to breathe.


“I’m sorry Cole. I never meant to hurt you. I have a reason for what I did…” “Please leave…”,he choked. (Join Group) “I’m not leaving until you hear me out. please”


“Nicki please leave….”,and he cough more.


“I will never hurt you on purpose Cole. I love you and I meant it. please just listen then u can decide whether to leave me or not..”


“Okay….”,he whispered.


“He place bomb around me threatening me to kiss him or else he will blast me. I would have said no but then I thought of you so l accepted to kiss him. I know what I did was wrong and I’m begging you to forgive me.. .I’m sorry for causing your sickness. I love you Cole.. . please”,I cried more.


“Come here”,he said breathlessly spreading his arms. I then rushed into them as he held me.


“I’m sorry Cole… Get well soon. I love you”


“I love you more…”


“Please get well for me…. please”


“Then marry then…”,he said.


“I’m only eighteen Cole…”


“I know…. marry me. Say yes please…”


“Yes Cole. I will marry you”


“I love you Nicki”,he said and I ceased him with a kiss.


How is mom going to react to this news.


She would freak out.


“We shouldn’t tell my mom about this…”


“Okay whatever you wish…”


“When are we getting married”


“Tomorrow baby”


“Okay.. ..”,i say and hugged him tighter.


The next morning I was still in my previous clothes. I wonder where is sister is…


Cole was already dressed.


“Are you ready….”,he asked.


“Yea.. .”


I said as he held my hands. We incited a few friends including Nick, Ruby and some from the school.


“Father, this is Cole Roberts. My… fiancé.” Cole and I exchanged sideways glances and smiled.


In one respect it felt strange to say “fiancé” when I’d never even called Cole my boyfriend.


“What?” Father Reynold’s jaw hung open.


Right away my heart started to sink. He was going to put up a fight. “Father, I know this is unusual—”


“Father.” Cole stepped forward, interrupting.


“We’d like to get married. Can you handle that for us or not?” “When?”,he asked


“Now.” Cole tipped his chin down like an adult speaking to a child. “Right here, right now.”








⚘Loving You Always⚘




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