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Episode 14








Two months, three weeks later.


I was the happiest girl alive. My husband was the best. He was sweet and gentle…


Since the day we left home … my mom never calls me and I’m cool with that.


Miami was a beautiful city and I’m glad Cole doesn’t go to work everyday…


He works online everyday and I study on her net. I mean online schooling…


We sometimes chat with Nick and Ruby…


They are really the best friends I have ever got…


I love cooking and Cole has opened two big restaurants in Miami… only for me so I could be busy too…


I work everyday but comes home everyday to check on my husband..


I cooked his favourite meal as he was watching television.


I heard a knock on the door and ran towards it..


it was a man…


“Hi…. how can i help you ”


“This is for you ma…”,he said as he had me an envelope and I signed..


“Who is it…”,Cole asked.


“Its just a letter…”,I said sitting close to him.. .


I opened it and it was that my dad had a cancer and died…


My heart pounded and I felt really bad but I couldn’t cry.. he was always there for me and I knew that… I love him even though he wasn’t there…


I checked the next sheet and it was his inheritance. I place it somewhere as Cole looks at me…


The last thing I saw a sheet of paper saying:



l love you and your mom but your mom was the one who sacked me from your lives because she thought I was cheating on her. I love you Nicki


You are my Angel⚘


That’s it…. I want to know more..


“He is dead Cole… My dad is dead”,I said as he pulled me close to hug me…


“I’m sorry…”,he said as I held him tighter….


i could smell the food aroma as I run to turn the fire off..


I set the table for dinner…


And when I returned Cole was lying on the floor…


I started sobbing because I know the day has arrived…


“Cole…..”,I shook him but to no avail.


I was shaking as I called the ambulance.


I lost my dad but I can’t lose Cole…


I was at the hospital walking around… waiting for the doctor to tell me something. “He is fine… Mrs Roberts but it will be best if he gets a change of heart… His heart is really weak and he would die any moment from now…” The doctor said as tears flows freely.


“Thanks so much…. can i see him now”


I went in as I saw my husband so pale and sad….


“I’m sorry Nicki….”


“I love you… please relax. You will get well soon…”


“I’m right here…”, I held his hands in his as he slowly went to sleep…


I couldn’t sleep. I was in tears all night.


Three days passed and he was better.


We both decide not to go to work…


He sat on the couch as I sat close to him.


“Cole.. .”


“Yes love….”


“I was thinking if you could go for the .




“No Nicki… I’m not going for any surgery and that’s it…”


“Cole Please listen to me….”


“I’m not listening to anything … and you know what mind your f**king own damn business”,he walked out in me as he slammed the door… This is difficult for me but l don’t want to lose him.


it was getting late and he wasn’t back.


I was so worried so I texted him…


i searched everywhere but he wasn’t there.


I came back home as i decided to wait for him


it was 1pm and and I heard the door… He came him and I smelled alcohol everywhere…


Alcohol isn’t good for his heart… it’s only worsens it..


When did Cole starts drinking.


“Cole.. .where from you…”(Join Group)


He hair was a mess and his lips dry and hid face pale… and slowly he fell in the ground.


I called the ambulance again….


I prayed to God to save him .. I love him and I’m not ready to lose him When he was discharged… none of us talked.


I drove him to the house as I prepared some chicken soup for him..


I left home and I went to work.. .


I’m mad at him right now…






She prepared the meal as she hand to me…


“I’m going to work…”,she didn’t even look at me.


She walked out of the door. I know she is mad at me but I really regret what I did. I really scare her to death..


The tears alone make my heart swell…


And I can’t see her crying all the time..


I texted her that I miss her but to no avail…


I waited and waited till it was 10pm.


She opened the door as she removed her coat…


“Nicki….”,i whispered and I knew she heard it…


“Please don’t….I’m really tired”, she walked to the bedroom..


I got her wrists..”Don’t touch you me Cole.. You wanna die.. go ahead but I will not shed a single tear over you and I promise you…”


“Please don’t say that… “,I pulled her close to me as she was trying to resist my grip…


“Just leave me alone please…”,she said through sobs and I just didn’t mind.. “I’m sorry Nicki.”


“I need you Cole…”,she whispered…”We need you”, and she pressed her hands on her belly…


What the hell … she is pregnant


I’m going to become a daddy.


This is amazing.


We are going to be parents soon.. she looked at me as she touched my cheeks.


I pulled her roughly to me as I kissed her hard.


Her fingers pulled in my hair as I groaned into her mouth..


“Please…. go for the surgery.. ”


“I will. I promise but unless…”


“Unless I.. ..”


“I make love to you…”,he said as he slowly captured my lips and slowly I was


naked beneath him.








⚘Loving You Always⚘











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