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Episode 11








Setting Nicki down next to the bed, I planted my lips on her, damn near chewing on her I was in so much need, and ripped off my coat and shirt. After I’d kicked off my shoes, I started working the button and zipper of her jeans.


“No,” I growled low when she started undoing her shirt.


“Leave it on. I undress you tonight.”


Slipping my hands inside the back of her jeans, I couldn’t help but run my hands up and down her smooth ass in her thong.


As I pushed her pants down her legs and bent down to slide her shoes and jeans off, I breathed out a long breath, thankful she wasn’t doing anything right now. As much as I wouldn’t change the nights we spent together years ago, I needed to redeem myself.


A little more, at least. Going after her like a starving pubescent teen who can’t hold his load wasn’t how this night was going to go.




She wore a tiny black thong, and her white blouse fell just below her hips. She looked down at me, heat and patience in her eyes, and just waited for me to make my move.



Unbuttoning her shirt, I felt the quick and shallow rise and fall of her chest under my hands.


Sliding it down her arms, I kept it clenched in my fist and tightened as I felt a surge of blood rush to my cock.


She wore a matching black see-through bra, which I didn’t expect.


The white blouse didn’t reveal it. Her br**sts were perfectly visible through the sheer material, and I rubbed my hand over her hard nipple. I touched her face, my thumb running along her bottom lip.


“You’re a dream.”


She opened her mouth and took my thumb in, sucking on the length, drawing it out slowly.


Every nerve in my body hummed like it had just fallen asleep.


Taking my hand back, I reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, pulling it forward and letting it drop to the floor. Then I took the blouse still in my hand and threw it behind her and slipped it up her arms again.


As I met her eyes, I saw the question there, but what can I say? I used to give her crap about her clothes and how much she’d hide, but it turns out I liked girls with mystery.


Pushing her down to the bed with a soft hand, I guided her to lay back and then slid her thong down her legs.


Coming to hover over her, seeing one of her br**sts peeking out of the open shirt, I couldn’t help my strained voice. “I want to see you in this shirt tonight, Nicki. In only this shirt. All night and every time I make you come.”


Her eyebrows pinched together, but before she had a chance to say anything, I slipped a finger into her scorching heat, loving the little moan that came out of her and the way her head fell back.


Everywhere my finger touched was like a shot to my groin.


She coated my middle finger so tight that it felt like it was in glove.


I pushed in and out, completely turned on by how she pushed into my hand, grinding for more.


Her moans turned to mewls, and I added another finger, barely feeling the strain in my other arm as I supported myself.


Her closed eyes and lips were tensed, and the sharp breaths coming out of her were the only sound in the room.


In my fingers went and out they came, wet and needy as I continued my rhythm and started circling her wet clit with my thumb.


Her hips rolled faster and faster, sliding into my hand for more.


“Are you coming, Nicki?”


“Yeah,” she whimpered, breathing hard. “More, faster.” She sucked in a breath, crying out.


Sliding in faster and harder, I watched as she slammed up and down, falling into a rhythm with my hand.


Every thrust and exhale was like a plea.










“Damn, love. Look at you.” I swallowed, knowing she was almost there. Knowing she couldn’t go any faster.


Diving as deep as I could go, I sunk my


fingers into her and held them there, massaging her insides in circles.


“Oh, God!” she cried, arching off the bed in waves as she came all over my hand. Throwing her head back two times, she drew in quick, ragged breaths as I held my fingers inside of her and rubbed my thumb over her clit again and again.


Everything about her was gorgeous. Hovering right over her, I whispered, “Nicki.” She blinked her eyes open, the aftershocks of the orgasm still straining her face and a light sheen of sweat on her forehead.


“You were my first everything. And my only love.” I wanted her to know that.


Even through all the months , I wanted her to know that she was the only one I’d loved.


Sitting up, she held my face in her hands.


“No one can stop us now.”


But it sounded more like a battle cry than a fact. It was like she was saying “Yeah, we’re married, and you can’t take that.” But also “Go ahead and try.”


I caught her lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth, kissing her fiercely with every muscle in my body tight.


Pulling away, I stood up and stripped out of the rest of my clothes. Her eyes shot down to my erection, and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the shirt draped over her braless chest.


Coming down on her, I flattened her on the bed and didn’t stop kissing her as I worked my cock into her entrance. Dipping inside—just barely—I slipped back out, bringing her wetness with me and swirled my top around her clit.



The vibration of her groan hit my lips, and I entered her again— only halfway— and pulled out, rubbing the tip of my d**k around her hard nub again.


“Cole?” she whimpered, sounding pained.


“I’m not a guitar. Stop playing me.”


I grinned and entered her again, taking each centimeter of her slowly.


“Am I too heavy?” I asked, putting all of my weight on her.


She shook her head under my kiss.


“No, I love it.” Her hands scaled down my back and pulled my hips deeper into her. “Right there,” she begged. “Just like that.”




I put my forehead to hers and inhaled the breaths she was letting loose. Her chest—the parts that peeked out of the shirt—were moist with sweat, and the friction of her hot skin was sending me reeling.


My d**k was slick with her, sliding in and out faster with her urgent hands pulling me in harder.


“Nicki we have to go slow…. it’s your first time”


“Please I need you…”


“okay… “,I framed her face.


Fuck, she was so damn needy, and it was turning me on.


I wasn’t going to last long. Grabbing her thighs, I rolled us over so that she was on top.


Her shirt had fallen off one shoulder, and one br**st lay bare.


As much as I wanted to touch her, I just watched her move. Holding onto her hips only, I kept my eyes glued to her grinding on me, the corner of her bottom lip between her teeth, and her exposed skin glistening with sweat.


“Oh, God!” she cried out, riding me faster.


I groaned, shutting my eyes.


“Come on, baby.”


The tingles spreading throughout my body weren’t going to hold off.


I was too damn turned on, and she was too damn hot.


“Cole .” Her pained whisper shot right to my heart, and I arched up off the bed, pushing up into her as hard as I could.


“Ahhh.” And she came apart, jerking and moaning, and I let go as well, releasing everything inside her and thrusting up again and again. Christ. My eyebrows remained pinched and my eyes shut.


My body was anything but relaxed right now.


I’d never come inside of a woman without a condom before.


Except Nicki


No wonder the consequences could be bad. There was always a price on something that felt that good.


Nicki collapsed on my chest, and for a while, we just stayed silent and tried to calm down.


But then she whispered into my neck. “Nicki Roberts, then.” And I flipped her on her back, ready for round two.


We stayed tangled together in the hotel room for the next twenty-four hours. finally pulling ourselves out of each other’s asses—no pun intended—to have a conversation


“Well, I do have a little money. My father pays my tuition up front and puts extra funds in my account for spending money. It’s not much but enough to set up an apartment.”


I kept my lids shut but gave her my attention.


“What about your tuition for next year? Won’t you need the money for that?” She didn’t say anything for a few seconds but then answered. “We’ll figure it out.”


I had to chew the inside of my cheek to


keep from smiling, but it didn’t work. The rumble escaped my chest, and I let out a soft laugh.




I sighed, still not looking at her.


“Nicki, baby, we’re fine. We will have no money problems if our parents cut us off,” I finally told her.


“What do you mean?” Her tone was more abrupt.


“I mean we’re fine.” I shrugged. “Don’t worry about it.”


When she said nothing and didn’t press, I opened one eye and peered at her staring at me over her laptop. She looked like she was about to start boiling.


I exhaled an annoyed breath and leaned on my side, propping myself up with my elbow.


Grabbing her laptop I logged in to my account and then turned the laptop back to her, showing her the screen. I didn’t wait to see her expression before I lay back down and closed my eyes.


“Oh, my God,” she exclaimed quietly. “Is this… your savings account?” I grunted.


“All of this money is yours?” she pressed, sounding like she didn’t believe me. “Your dad doesn’t have access to it?”


“Most of the money in there has nothing to do with my father.”


I rarely touched the money in my bank account.


My father made sure all of my expenses were paid, and I had a credit card for things I didn’t have cash for.


“Your mother gave twenty-year-old this much money?” I snapped my eyes back open, coming back to the now. Looking over at Nicki, I scowled with mock hurt.


“Hey, I’m trustworthy. You know that.” I laughed at her arched eyebrows and continued.


“My father also gave me a third of my trust when I started high school, so that’s some of the money in there, too.”


I locked my hands behind my head and waited for her to say something.


It made me feel happy she actually risked giving up her security for me, but that would never have to happen.


She pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes. “You’ve had this worked out all day, haven’t you?” “Of course, I have.” I flashed her a boyish smile.


“You think I’d give myself a wife to take care of and not have a plan?”


Leaning up, I slipped my hand around her neck and brought her in. But as her eyes closed for the kiss she was no doubt expecting, I flicked her nose with my tongue instead and plopped back down, closing my eyes.


“Just don’t try to divorce me and take half,” I threatened.


“Ugh, that was gross,” she whined, probably wiping my spit off her face.


I heard the laptop close and the bed move as she climbed on top of me, straddling my waist.


I went to place my hands on her thighs, but she grabbed them and pinned them to the side of my head.


“Nope.” I shook my head. “I’m exhausted. I won’t do it. You can’t make me.” But it was too late. Her weight on me and her heat on my stomach already had me rolling my hips into hers as her moist breath sent a silver shot down to my groin. Shit.


I was fully hard now, and I needed some damn sleep.


Didn’t want sleep but needed it. Her mouth darted up to my neck, and she sunk her teeth in. I opened for her.


“Baby.” I choked out a groan.


“I never want to leave this room. Take my T-shirt off your body. Now.”



Pounding on the door sounded from the other room, and we both jerked our heads toward the noise.


“Cole Roberts?” a stiff voice called.


Nicki turned her wide eyes to me, and I sat up, setting her to the side of the bed.


Walking toward the door, I shook my head in dawning realization.


I should’ve had Nick register the room. I’d been smart enough not to use my credit card, but I never thought my father would take the time to call the hotels of Austria looking for me.


“Yes?” I asked, opening the door and then immediately dropping my f**king jaw. The cops? What the hell?


“We’d like to ask you a few questions,” a lean black officer said with his hand resting on his baton.


I didn’t take that as a threat. Maybe I should? The other cop was a female. Middle-aged with red hair.


“What’s this about?”


The lady cop tipped her chin at me. “Is Nicki Andrews with you?” My heart started thumping. What now?


“Yes,” I finally answered.










⚘Loving You Always⚘




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