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By :_Jordan Lynden ✔












That was all I could feel.


Everywhere .


A bright light filled my eyes— or did it feel my eyes? It was all black. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if that light I was seeing was actually a light. All I knew was that my whole body hurt like hell.


Like a truck had hit me…


With a gasp, my eyes shot open. A truck


had hit me! A blinding light filled my eyes, and immediately I began to full out panic. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t see . “No, no, no!” I mumbled, my voice coming out as a hoarse whisper. I struggled to sit up, but as I did, fire spread through my midriff and head. Groaning in pain, I flopped back down.


“Rosie? Rosie?”


I knew that voice. “Chace?” I croaked.


“Rosie, oh my God, you’re awake… Doctor! Doctor!”


I blinked and blinked, trying to get my vision back. It couldn’t be gone. Not yet. Anything but that. I wasn’t ready. My four months weren’t up. Try as I might though, the only thing I could see was the bright white light. Tears began to form at my eyes and I held back a sob. Not only did my whole body cause me discomfort, but now my eyesight was gone.


“Rosie, hold on a bit, okay?”


“It hurts,” I moaned.


“It’s okay,” he assured me. His hand found mine and squeezed tightly. “Hey, look at me.”


Look at him? I didn’t know where he was. I could never look at him again. The thought nearly caused physical pain. Never again would I see his soothing smile, or my mom, or my dad, or my friends… It was too much for me. A wave of dizziness washed over me, and I once again slipped into unconsciousness.


“Her vitals are good, her wounds are healing nicely… As of right now, she’s in no real danger, but we won’t know about her mental state until she’s fully awake.”


My mind registered the hazy words, but it felt as though I was standing outside a nightclub, listening to the heavy bass through the door. The doctor continued



speaking and I attempted to sit up. A low groan escaped my lips as pain cut through my midriff.


Immediately there was a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t try to sit up.”


“Right,” I mumbled. “Thanks for that useful advice.”


There was a low chuckle from my right and I turned my head, opening my eyes and expecting to see Chace. Instead, all I saw was a bright white light. A cold force clutched at my heart and squeezed, knocking the breath out of me. Right. My vision was gone. Over and done with. Extinct. No more. Expired. Dead and buried.




It was crazy how memory worked sometimes. Just by hearing Chace’s voice I could imagine his face perfectly. His semi-curly umber hair, his chocolate colored eyes, his sturdy jaw, the extra dimple the right side of his face displayed when he smiled… Sighing lightly, I closed my eyes.


Closed my eyes?


My eyes shot back open again. Chace was staring at me, a small frown on his face. Immediately my heart beat increased by ten fold. Using a shaky hand, I reached out and touched his forehead. It wrinkled beneath my touch as he narrowed his eyes at me. “You okay, Rosie?”


“I can see you,” I stated, my eyes growing wide.




An overwhelming urge to kiss him took over my brain and I leaned forward to perform the act, but the pain in my stomach stopped me. Moaning, I fell back into my pillow. “It’s nothing, nothing…”


“Ms. LeBlanc, how are you feeling?”


Twisting my head to the left, I noticed two doctors standing by my bed, clipboards in their hands. As if on cue, my stomach rumbled. “Hungry.”



The one on the right smiled down at me, his green eyes twinkling. “That’s good to hear.”

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