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Theme: Closer


“Double six, another double six and I


end it with six three, yay I don enter my house.” Bright yells standing up and does a happy dance, while Zack stares at her bewildered.


“But I almost won you, how could you win me.” Zack asked bewildered.


“Almost can not kill a bird, dear Zack, cause I won you, I won you, won you, won you, won you.” She says in a sing song voice, dancing around him.


“How is this even possible, how come you keep on winning me.”. Zack cries out in despair.


“Seriously guy you’re disgracing us, why do you keep on losing to her, a girl!!.” Uche says frowning at him.


“Taaa, shut up your mouth you that lost to her in whot, and you’re here talking.”


Zack retorts and faced Bright.


“Bright I want a rematch.”


“No probs, I’m always ready to beat you anytime any day.” Bright boasted and sits down on the stool.


“No!! No!! Not another rematch, it’s 12:36 for Christ sake, Bright you have to go and cook.” Bayo yells.


“Bayo, we are eating beans and plantain and luckily for you I’ve already cooked the beans all that’s left is the plantain so chill, my mum always says I love food but I’m sure if she meets you her thinking will change.” Bright says eyeing him.


“Oya Zack let’s play.” Bright says and arrange the seeds back in the houses. At first Zack started winning, he had only two seeds left and he was so sure he would win the game this time, but his mistake was that he had that, two seed in one house, so bright lined up her remaining seven seeds outside his house, and anytime he comes out she sends him back inside and that’s how she won again.



“Na wetin I tell you, shebi I tell you say for ludo na me be the baddest, anyway make I go fry the plantain jare and as for you, you better accept your defeat.” She boasted and walks out of the sitting room.






“HENRY I SAID GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE, NOW!!!” Bright yells again.


“I’m here, I’m here, chill woman.” Henry says walking into the sitting room and head straight to the dinning table, Bella tags along behind him, carrying a luggage.


“Na where this one dey carry bag dey go.” Bright asks staring at Bella luggage and Bella rolls her eyes at Bright.


“Well guys I just wanted to say goodbye, I have a flight to catch to Port Harcourt, so I’m leaving.” Bella says smiling at them.


“Ha this is good news ooo, safe journey, bye bye.” Bright says sweetly, Bella rolls her eyes and pecks Henry on the cheeks before leaving.


“Henry you’re wicked oo, so you can’t even escort your fiancee or even help her carry her luggage, na which can fiancee you be sef.” Bright comments serving the food, Henry ignores her comment.




Bright felt bored, uche is out, only God knows which girl his on top of right now. Bayo left a while ago to some naming ceremony in the neighborhood, he wasn’t invited but because of the food he invited his self. Zack and Henry is in the gym. And she herself is lonely, she’s not interested in watching movies or reading novels, she’s that bored.


To cure her boredom, she decides to take a walk in the garden, being in the garden made her feel peaceful, it reassured her that everything would be okay that maybe



one day she would be free again to explore the outside world and she will see the smiles of her mum again.


She sighs and plugs a white flower, she inhales the nice absorbing scent and smiled.


Everything will be normal again. She hopes.


“I never knew you came here.” A voice says walking in, a voice she recognized to be Henry’s.


“Yeah, I come here a lot of time.” She replies not turning back.


“Hmm I see.” Henry replies hands in pocket as he watch her under the moonlight, she’s beautiful and he knows it.


“I have to say you guys really have a lovely garden here, it’s really beautiful.” She says and finally turns to look at him.


“It’s actually my garden, I planted it myself.” Henry says and Bright eyes pops out, and a distracting picture of Henry shirtless, broad shoulders glistering in the sun, working in the dirt, comes to her head.


“Get out!.” She yells, startling Henry and as quickly as the picture came, it left.


Oh yes this is my head and there is no place for you in here. Bright thinks.


Then she realized the situation, she shouldn’t have yelled out.


“Wow are you that surprise.” Henry asked and Bright mutters a small thank you to God.


“Yeah of course, I really can’t imagine you as a gardener.” But I can imagine you shirtless working under the sun.


“Well I can be pretty surprising.”


Yeah his right about that, living with the guys made her realize they weren’t all that bad, they are all orphans, who took the life of crime at a very young age, if you get to know them you’ll realize they are good people.



They both sit on the garden bench and talked into the night, talking about everything and nothing in particular.


Bright found out they both have few things in common, like she loves wrestling, he also loves wrestling. She hates football, he loves it.


She loves movies and music, he loves music and only action movies, not the lovey dovey soap opera she likes to watch.


“Like I don’t see any reason why you women love zee world the movies are boring.”


“Well you’re wrong about that mister, not all women love zee world, I hate it.”




“Yeah like come on how could you use two full minutes to show different faces, while playing the danger soundtrack only for nothing to happen.”


“The one I hate the most is when the boy and girl stare at each other for over an hour.” Henry says, smiling.


“Ha, Henry you’re exaggerating, it’s not even up to three minutes more of an hour.” She says laughing out loud and Henry joins her, sitting out here with her, he realize, it’s perfect.







living with guys


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