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Bright looks at the unfamiliar lady in a red skimpy gown, showing off too much of her skin, her face baked in makeup, long black hair flowing down her baby plastic face.


“I should be asking you that.” Bright retorts.


“I’m Henry fiancee now who are you.” She asks getting closer to Bright.


“That it’s none of your business.” Bright says and turns her back on her, ignoring the presence of the unfamiliar girl in the kitchen with her, she brings out the soup from the microwave and then off the electric kettle and proceeds to make the Eba.



“Are you ignoring me.” The lady asked all of a sudden.


“Ohh you get the memo, now scram.” Bright says without looking at her, pouring garri into the bowl of hot water.


“Didn’t you hear what I just said, I said I’m Henry fiancee.” Bella yells at her already getting annoyed.


“So……” Bright drawls and stare at Bella boredly.


“You!! How dare you talk to me that way, my father is the D.P.O.” Bella yells again.


“And so….”


“You better talk to me with respect cause in a blink of an eye I could get my father men to arrest you.”


“And so…..”




“What’s going on here, and Bella what are you doing here, you didn’t tell me you were coming today.” Henry asks walking into the kitchen in all his handsomeness.


“Baby…. Can you believe this girl, she’s insulting me, who the hell is she anyway.”


Bella cries out and runs over to Henry, pouting her lips like a baby.


“Her name is Bright and what did you do to make her insult you.” Henry asks, he knew Bella so well, and he also knows that Bright isn’t the type to insult, she might be crazy but that’s were her madness stops.


“Seriously Henry you should be asking that thing over there what she did to me, not the other way around.” Bella says frowning.


“Again, her name is Bright.” Henry says sighing.



Bright not minding the other occupants in the kitchen, takes the mini glass pots she used in putting the soup and Eba and walks out of the kitchen.


“FOOD IS READY GUY’S, GET YOUR ASSSl DOWN HERE NOW l.” Bright yells using a megaphone and using the mop stick to hit her favorite yellow gallon, like the crazy person she is. Bayo was the first to rushed down, trailing behind him was Zack.


“Wow this scent so delicious, I can’t wait to eat.” Bayo says enthusiastic, he rubs his hands together and takes his sit. Uche walks into the dinning room and also takes his sit, normally he would complain about the loud way she calls then to eat but knowing Bright, she would only increased the loudness.


“Henry can you do me a favour and come sit on the dinning table.” Bright calls out, she already made it a rule that everyone must be sitted and then they must all pray together before eating.


Henry walks into the dinning table with bella sticking to his side like a glue, she glares at Bright before taking her sit next to Henry and then says, “Can anyone tell me who the hell she is.”


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The guys shares a look of panic,


“She’s my girlfriend.”


“She’s our new maid.” Uche and bayo says at the same time.


“Well who is she, is she the maid or uche girlfriend.”


“I’m the maid.” Bright says with a tight-lipped smile, she prefers to be the maid than be called uche girlfriend.


“Oh I see.” Bella says with a mischievous grin. Bright ignores her and start dishing the food.


“What’s this??.” Bella questions frowning at Bright.



“I can see your plastic face is affecting your brain, it’s food stupid.” Bright answers.


“Well I don’t like it.” Bella says crossing her hands on her chest.


“So, how is that my business.”


“So, go cook some rice for me.”


Jesus, look at this small girl ooo, asking me to go and cook for her, a whole me Amos Bright. Chai Bright you don suffer. Bright thinks glaring at the foolish girl in front of her.


“You can’t order me around, miss.” Bright says and hissed at her.


“Well I can, because you are the maid.”


“I might be the maid but you are not my boss.” Bright retorts, glaring back at her.


“Bright please, the rice you cooked this morning it’s still in the freezer, just heat some of it for her, plssss.” Henry says not wanting trouble. Bright at first shakes her head sideways saying no but with the pleading look Henry kept on giving to her, her walls broke down and she saw her self warming the stupid rice.


“Here is your rice.” Bright announced and place the food roughly on the table in front of Bella.


“What’s wrong with you, It’s that how to serve your boss wife.” Bella yells at her but Bright only hissed and moves her sit back.


“What are you doing.” Bella asked eyeing her.


“What do you think I’m doing.” Bright questions back, helping herself to some of the food.


“You’re a maid, and as a maid you can’t sit on the dinning table with your bosses.” Bella chides, glaring at her.



“We are not complaining Bella, or are we.” Zack retorts annoyed.


“Henry, won’t you say anything.” Bella says, standing up angrily.


“Bella please eat your food.” Henry replies her not raising his head from the delicious food his eating. Bella glares at Bright before sitting back.


“Bright.” Bella calls.


“Yes.” Brights answers grudgingly.


“Go get me a glass of juice.” Bella orders, Bright glares at her angrily, restraining her self from hurling abusive words at her.


“Okay.” Bright says with a tight-lipped smile and stands up from her sit.


A few seconds later, Bright returns back into the dinning room with a glass of apple juice.


“Here is your juice.” Bright says forcefully and place the juice in front of Bella.


“I don’t drink Apple juice, I prefer orange.” Bella says.


“But I’ve seen you drinking apple juice.” Henry comments looking at Bella.


“Well I don’t like them anymore.” Bella insists.


“Fine I’ll change it.” Bright says and walks out.


“Here is your orange juice.” Brights says again and placed the juice in front of Bella.


“I’m sorry but you’ll have to add some ice.” Bella says sweetly, Bright grudgingly snatch the glass of juice and heads back to the kitchen, thinking of different ways to commit murder.


“Here is your orange juice with ice in it, anything else.”


“I told you to put some ice in it, not to freeze it, the juice it too cold.” Bella barks.


“It’s only four cubes of ice in it.” Bright exclaims.


“Well it’s too much, change it.” Bella yells


“That’s it.” Bright yells angrily and grabs the glass of juice and pours on her along with the plate of rice.


“Ahhhh, how dare you, you’re fired!!!!” Bella yells out angrily and Bright burst out laughing.


“You sack me, oh Barbie doll you can’t fire me.” Bright says smiling at her sweetly and sits down to eat her food.


“Agh, Henry are you just going to sit down there and watch her insult me, you have to sack her.” Bella exclaim utterly angry, one could see the hot steams coming from her head.


“I’m sorry Bella but you brought this on yourself, and she’s telling the truth I can’t sack her.” Henry says, trying to hold the laughs in but bayo and Uche couldn’t hold it in so they burst out laughing.


“What!!!, I’m your fiancee for God sake.” Bella utters unbelievable.


“Well fiancee you’ve got quite a situation to take care of, you look horrible.” Henry replies her, eventually letting the laughs out.


Ugh, I HATE YOU!!!” Bella yells stomping her foot on the floor before running out of the dinning room.



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