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“Uh..uh. You are not going to kiss me okay. I can’t be your wife or bride. The fact that we had s£x doesn’t mean we are inlove. I can’t love someone for just two days okay. My heart was broken two days ago.. What makes you think i will fall for you. Look for someone else and please I’m not ready for a relationship Caspian”


He stared at me and he nods… He was hurt.


“I don’t know what I feel in there, but please why don’t we give it a try”


“Can you please put my shirt on… “,I asked and he sighed taking the t-shirt while he wore it on me.


“You didn’t give it a try. You started with just a wife to be. I’m not ready to be a wife or queen of the ocean and be a baby mama… no please. I haven’t even planned it yet”


“Don’t u like me a bit?”


I pouted, “I like you Caspian … I like you so much but I don’t think I’m ready for any of these”


He hauled me in his arms kissing my temples, “I will give you sometime okay..”


“Thank you”,I looked up at him touched his face and kissed him.


He opened up responding and I heard the banged open.


“Alora!!”,Javier shouted and we both turned staring at him.

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“I came to sort things out and you here kissing someone else”


“Who is he?”,Caspian asked.


“My ex boyfriend”


“And who are you?”,Javier asked.


“He is my new boyfriend Javier and if you don’t have a problem , please just get out”


“I don’t even know why I’m here.”,he slowly exit.


“Thank you”


“I will take my leave now ….”, he framed my face before leaving me.


I walked around the room hoping I did made the right decision. Hmm.. I don’t know if refusing his proposal was wrong.


But if I accept, it would have been good. He would have protected me and he would have love me even if I don’t love him back.


But only if he was a human, we would have lived here, have kids and live happily.


Two days later, I haven’t set eyes on Caspian.


I don’t know where he is.


It was evening and I was dressed in a red gown.


I was invited to one of the famous Billionaire’s wedding..


I took my guitar, entered the car and drove to the destination.


Reporters were around and everyone was dancing while I take autographs of people.



I sat down while I watched the groom making his speech and the bride had smiles all over her lips.


When will I be married with so much joy and happiness. It all takes time.


After the speech, I was presented infront to sing.


Everyone was staring at me.


“Congratulations to the new couples. I know this is the new beginning for you two. For now, the marriage will be so perfect but as time goes on, there will be fights and arguments but it still call marriage. So now let’s put the slow song aside and dance”


Everyone applauded with excitment.


♪She’s been my queen♪


♪Since we were sixteen♪


♪We had the same things♪


♪We dream the same dreams♪


♪Alright, Alright♪


I watched as everyone was dancing like crazy.


♪i got it all♪


♪Cause she is the one♪


♪Her mom calls me love♪


♪Her dad calls me son♪


♪Alright, alright♪


♪i know, I know, I know for sure♪ Then everyone sang along. ♪Everybody wanna steal my girl♪ ♪Everybody wanna take her heart away♪ ♪Couple billions in the whole wide world♪ ♪Find another one cause she belongs to me♪ ♪Na na na na na na na (oh, yeah)♪ ♪Na na na na na na na (alright)♪




♪Na na na na na na na♪


♪Na na na na na na na (she belongs to me)♪


♪Kisses like cream♪


♪Her walk is so mean♪


♪And every jaw drops♪


♪When she is in those jeans♪


♪Alright, Alright


♪I don’t exist ♪


♪If I don’t have her♪


♪The sun doesn’t shine♪



♪The world doesn’t turn ♪


♪Alright, Alright♪


♪Everybody wanna steal my girl♪


♪Everybody wanna take her heart away♪


♪Couple billions in the whole wide world♪


♪Find another one cause she belongs to me♪


I saw Caspian standing infront of me. He stared at me till I end the song. “What are you doing here”,I asked and took my hand kissing my knuckles. “I was invited but I got surprised to see you here” “Can we dance?”



“Yes but no here… let’s go to the beach”


He opened his palm…”Trust me, nothing bad is going to happen to you” I placed my small palm in his. We walked by the beach hand in hand.


He knelt down on the sand removing my heels then he hauled me in his arms as we danced.


My head rested on his chest listening to his heartbeat and his habds held my waist firmly.


I breathe in his cologne.. He pulled away removing his suit .


“What are you doing?”,I asked.


“I want to show you something”,he said softly and we walked in the water.


It was cold but he held my hands tight till the water my chest.


“Caspian.. I think I’m going to drown”


“Trust me…”


“Okay..”,I tried my best to relax..


“Now u see that island there…”,he pointed and I nod. “That’s my home… so we are going to swim there” “I can’t swim…”


“I will teach you ….”,he said and we still walked in the ocean till the water covered


our heads


His hand held mine. But sometime wierd happened. I can breathe under water.


I’m sure it’s because he was holding my hand.


I watched as he transform into a merman… holding his trident. I don’t know why I really admire his golden tail..


it’s beautiful.


None of us talked… But I was glad I could breath.. I smiled at him touched the plants under the ocean.


Then I hugged him….


“This is me, Alora. And I think I’m inlove with you”


I stared at him. He loves me.


“Speak to me… it’s doesn’t matter if we under the ocean, just speak”


“U can’t fall inlove with me, you made love two days ago and you are saying.. .”


“Yes Alora. I didn’t fall for you for two days.. . I fell inlove with u the day u were sleeping by the waterfall feeling so cold”


“I now remembered, you were the one who covered me with leaves ”


He nods..


“Thank you”


His hands held my arse and he made me wrapped my legs around his waist.


“Hang on, We have a long ride”, he said softly.


And all i did was stare at him. Why me is the thoughts running through my head.


Why did he choose me.


Why is he inlove with me.






Good morning everyone.


This is morning bonus. Like i said I’m Layla.. I’m the one posting this story..


Please and don’t insult kaby.. because she isn’t the cause.


I am.


And if you want to insult someone, insult me. she doesn’t deserve your insults. She is innocent and those insulting, I don’t think you pay for her stories… she post freely. so please don’t insult her.


I just had some personal issues.. . that’s why I couldn’t concentrate .

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