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Scolding was one thing I shouldn’t think of but he deserve it .. . He almost made me freak out.


He scared me by showing me his real form.


But wait a minute… Was he the one who covered me with leaves then he saved me from the water.


Why don’t u try to give him some proper thank you, Alora .


saw him returning to the falls…


“King Caspian…”


He turned. ” Thank u for saving my life. I’m really grateful” He just nod.


At the hotel, everyone was packing and honestly l don’t know why.


I thought they said a week but now it’s days. Everything was packed by me and wished my iPad was with me because that iPad was my everything but thanks to King Caspian.


l entered inside the bus sitting at my usual place. The back seat. Bruce joined me.


“Hey, Are u okay?”,he asked.






Six years later..


l have finally graduated. My parents were already divorced. Used to stay with my mom but stay alone now.


I’m a musician … That’s was my dream since childhood.. . Writing my own songs had always been my dream.


Famous and popularity was nothing to be because I won the heart of many with my music.. Everyone loves me… But after we graduated from school, Debris was no where to be found.


Life had been better for me, A house, cars and a rich boyfriend. We actually met in the university four years ago. He had been so supportive all the years.



But the only problem is my boyfriend, Javier. l don’t know how to explain it. He was kissing type… just the kissing type. I have tried to seduce him a lot of times but it’s doesn’t work out and only wish I knew his secrets.




The concert was over and my parents came to the concert to support me.


Tiredness was all written over me and l have no choice than to spend the night with my boyfriend.


Infact it will be so amazing … and romantic since i will give him a surprise a visit.


l entered inside my car and drove to his house.


The lights were off. Hmm, maybe he isn’t around.


l held the door knob and realised the door was opened.


That’s wierd.


Javier never leaves his door opened and his lights off.


l checked everywhere but couldn’t find him then l opened the bedroom door and found the most shocking thing of my life.


He was …




He was sleeping with a guy… and their moans is so irritating.


Javier is a homos£xual… No wonder he never touch me intimately like his doing to this man.




They both turned staring at me.


“Excuse me”,l close the door beside me.


l ran down the stairs…


“Alora… Wait up. l can explain”


“That’s what l was waiting to hear. Explain to me Javier. U used me to cover your dirty secret. l was such a fool”


“You weren’t. l was. And I’m sorry”


“Aargh!! Cover yourself with a towel…”


“Please keep it a secret”


“Well…. that’s your problem”






Getting in the bar, everyone stared watched me while they whispered..


I didn’t want to be a royalty tonight.. .just want to have real fun.


Sitting down, waiting for the waiter to serve me something but it’s seems no one wants to attend to me.


Teaching for the bartender, I ordered for a drink.


Then I saw an attractive woman drinking whiskey.


Her hair was messy and she groaned and drank more whiskey.


“Hi “,I approached her.


She stared at me licking her lips, ‘Are u married?’ the girl asked.


‘Me? Yeah, I’m married.’



‘How married?’ the girl asked.


I laughed. ‘How married? A good question.’


The girl waited. She looks familiar.




‘Well … I have a wife. But haven’t seen her for the past six years or so.’


‘Oh? Why haven’t you seen her?’, Alora asked.


‘She, umm, lives rather a long way away.’


She frowned.


‘In somewhere in Midland.’


She nodded. ‘That is a long way away.’


And then she said: ‘Why? Why does she live somewhere in Mildland- when u live here? At least that’s what I assume.’


‘I don’t . She went out here for a visit and she is now famous. A popular musician and as you can see all eyes is fixed on us. And am sure it’s going to be on the newspaper and media tomorrow”.


‘Was there a man involved? In your wife going to away from u ?’


‘No. But there was a iPod .’ Alora nodded.


‘Considering that we haven’t been formally introduced, u do ask a lot of questions,’ .


‘Why introduction when u already know my name king Caspian .’


“I’m sorry for what happened the last time”.


“Its already forgotten”


Alora smiled and nodded.


‘So … tell me, Alora, why do u need to know if I’m married?’


‘Because I don’t s£x married men,’ she said


‘Maybe we should have another drink,’ And, without waiting for Alora’s response, I signalled to the barman.


‘Same?’ the barman said.


‘Thank u.’


The barman poured two glasses of Fumé Blanc.


‘Are u trying to get me drunk?’ Alora asked.




“Has someone told u that u are attractive”, she moved close staring at my lips.


I laughed, “I have received such comments all the time”


She kissed me , pushing her tongue in my mouth while I gladly sucked on it. Her hands were on my neck as she continued her sweet assault.


I carried her off her feets while I claimed her lips. I can’t stop thinking about her for the past six years and I don’t care whether it was the whiskey that’s making her kiss me or her real self.


“Take me somewhere”,she whispered against my lips and I kissed her once more.





When we reached my apartment, the moment she closed the door behind her. I flipped her taking her lips again. She moaned responding while she wrapped her legs around my waist.


My hands moved to her back, slowly opening the zip of her dress. My lips showered her neck with kisses and licks while I pushed the straps of her dress over her shoulders.


She wasn’t wearing bra and I was so grateful for it. My hands squeezed both br**sts while I kissed her her collarbone and she had no choice than to grind her pu**y on my erection.


I moaned in response taking her lips again then I carried her to the bedroom dropping her low on her feet. She quickly removed her heels. I moved behind her kissing her shoulder.


I let her dress fall on the floor. She was only in her panties. I pushed her hair from her nape, placing a soft kiss there.


“You are so beautiful.. .”, my hands moved inside her panties, massaging her arse.


I knelt infront of her kissing her bare are before turning her to face me. I was still on my knees. My face a few inches from her delicate part.


I could smell the musky scent of her arousal.


I licked her pubic bone while she gasped.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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I slowly pushed her on the bed. She stared at me while I removed my clothes.


I moved in between her legs while I claimed her lips again. Her nails framed my back.


I bite her bottom lip and frame her face enduring her beauty. My thumb brushed her lower lip. I don’t want to forget this night.


Her fingers moved in my hair while she smiled at me.



My hands moved in between us and I rubbed her clit. She moaned closing her eyes until she came on my fingers.


I moved low and sucked on her juicy cunt…


“Caspian…”,she whispered my name. I moved up and slowly entered inside her .


My hands entwined with hers and we made love.




The next morning, the sun strikes on the skin. I covered my face with my hands and turned, finding out there was nobody on the bed.


Where is she.


I stood up naked wrapping my waist with a towel … but something caught my eye.


I found blood on the sheets.


That’s mean Alora was a virgin and she didn’t tell me last night.


I moved down stairs, only to find Luke sipping his coffee.


“Good morning ur Majesty..”,


“Where is she?”




“Never mind.”


He smiled, “I’m not surprised u’ve slept the night with a woman. U were lonely for a long time. I guess she might have replaced Lila”


I glared at him and he sipped his coffee.


“Do me favour.. . I want u to visit all the reporters around Midland and tell them about my missing wife to be”



He spit his coffee.


“And who is ur missing wife to be”


“Alora Relish”,I said and he smiled.










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