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Season 2 (chapter 6)






I walked down the stairs immediately my name was announced


I heard the sound of a glass falling and breaking


For the first time in years I saw him again


Standing and staring at me with shock written al over his page


I wanted to ask him alot of questions


Why he left me


Why he abandoned me


But i do not really need to ask any question


Everything was obvious


He is married.


Has a wife and kid


He acted like he was inlove only to dump me I will make him pay


I swear i will cause I will never be able to forgive him Never




‘nice to Meet you again Mr jin’ She said



I could not reply as I just stare at her


‘and you must be Mrs jin’ she said as she stretched her hand out for a shake


Mina reluctantly shaked her hand as they smiled forcefully


One of the server at the party brought a sanitizer for jina


She applied it on her hand and said ‘am sorry am just a hygiene person’


‘and you saying am not hygienic ‘ Mina said


‘oh no please, I do not mean to sound rude, pardon me’ she said


‘you really should quit the Damn act jina, you acting as if you weren’t the one who threw me out of the restaurant days ago’ she said


‘oh I must say am really sorry for that… You see I love a quiet place and you were making too much noise that day’ jina said


They have met




‘so you calling me a loud mouth’ Mina said looking upset


‘I did not did i’ she said


‘jina you should know am never gonna spare you for what you did that day’ mina said


‘Mr jin, pleas get your wife under control, you are one of the world wealthiest man, having a low class wife like her is extremely sad’ she said as she huffs and walked away


What the heck



This is mind blowing


This is jina


But she is so different


She does not sound like the jina I once knew


The jina I once knew was beautiful, simple, nice and free spirited but she is proud arrogant, hot and classy


What happened to her


She collected the mic from the M. C who treated her with so much respect


‘ladies and gentlemen, thank you all coming.. This party was organized for Mr Jin-Hyuk, owner of one the world richest company Jin Empire.. Please come up to the stage Mr jin’ she said as I walked up to the stage


‘big thanks for coming Mr jin, you know it not really to convince a big time business man to do things like this’ she said


‘yea nice to see you too jina’ he said


‘that Miss Lee to you, I did not address you by your name did I Mr jin’ she said to me


‘sorry Miss Lee’ I said


‘good’ she said


I could not take my eys off her


The jina I knew use to be shy around me


But this one looked into my body



She even told me not to cal her jina but Miss lee It seems she wants to keep this formal


She really does not want to bring back the past memories I want her to pull her close


Hug her and apologize her for leaving her all those years back


I have a lot of questions to ask


I want to tell her everything


Why I left her back then


But it obvious I can’t


I just can’t


But now she does not even care about me


She is okay on her own


She can manage on her own


I just wish I could tell her that I am willing to do anything just to keep her save


Even if it means laying my life down for her


That just how much I love her


But i can’t do all that


No matter how hard i try I can never be with jina again


Even if I want to so badly I can’t


It all over now


‘enjoy the party Mr jin’ she said





I was extremely excited to see Mansoo here again But as usual I still have to stay away from him


I was scared to fall in love because I do not want to be hurt by Mansoo the way jina was hurt


His mouth fell wide open as I cat walked towards him and lifted his lower jaw making him close his opened mouth


I walked past him and sat down on a chair in the wine area of the party as I was served with wine


Mansoo walked towards me and said


‘fatty, is this really you’ he asked


I sipped from my wine and looked at him before saying ‘do I not look like fatty’ I asked


‘n.. No no no not that, it just that you look different’ he said ‘ugly’ I asked as I crossed my leg and focused on him ‘no… You look wow’ he said ‘very mind blowing’


‘why thank you’ I said ‘excuse me’ I said as i stood on my feet holding a glass of wine and wanted to walk away


‘wait fatty I Still have a lot of questions’ he said


I stopped and looked at him before jina arrived


‘Mansoo so nice to see you again’ she said as she walked towards us


‘jina is this really you’ Mansoo said


‘do I look different’ she asked


‘no you just look very beautiful and you act different ‘ he said


‘ummm’ she said as she walked away


‘if you want to talk to me… Clara’


‘ma’ m ‘my P. A said


talk to my P. A she will fix a meeting for you and I… Bye Mansoo’ I said as I turned my back and smile ☺


I really miss him a lot


I miss him





‘Come on Jin-Hyuk let go home’ I said as I tried to drag him with me


‘why so early, you both are the guest of honour’ jina said


‘look here jina, I know you and I know your plan, this rich i don’t care girl charade you putting on ain’t gonna fool anyone most especially me.. I know you after my husband bitch you better back off now because he is madly in love with me’ i said


She laughed and said



‘how funny, after your husband.. Well if your husband is madly in love with you like you said ‘ she said doing the air quotes which signifies the opposite of something ‘why are you so scared that his ex girlfriend might snatch him from you’ she asked


‘because I know you, you are obsessed and also a gold digger’ I said


‘what do I need to gold dig mina take a look at me’ she said


‘if you do not want any trouble stay away from me and my family trust me when I say I will destroy you ‘ I threatened her


‘mina enough’ Jin-Hyuk said


She smiled proudly and said


‘do not be so scared mina, I won’t hurt you mina … Unlike you I take actions I do not make empty threats, so if you gonna destroy me like you said, bring it on honey’ she winked at me and walked away as she show off her perfect shape


How can she still look so good despite the fact that she has given birth to a child


Jin-Hyuk was staring at her



He was even drooling over her



‘how cheap’ i said to Jin-Hyuk looking upset as I walked away while Jin-Hyuk followed me


I am sure he was also tired of the party


Or maybe he feels uncomfortable standing in front of her after all he did to her


Unless he certainly wouldn’t have listened to me





That day we got back home and Jin-Hyuk asked..



‘why didn’t you tell me you have met jina’ he asked


‘am not ready to talk about that’ I said


He grabbed me by the wrist looking upset ‘am talking to you so you better answer me’..


‘and why should I tell you that uhn…. So you can run back to her and be with her


again’ I shouted


‘yes so I can go back to her because unlike you she gives me happiness, she is the only woman I have ever loved’ he shouted


‘fine, go then, go back to her, abandon Trisha, what kind of a father will she think you are… Forget about Trisha think about jina, do you know what will happen to her if you go back to her, are you willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of your own love.. You know very well what he will do to her if u go back to her ‘I said


I know I have managed to blackmail him again


His brain goes off when it comes to jina


He does not think straight when it comes to her


You are never going back to jina


You stuck with me forever


He walked out on me


I am sure he is going to drink himself to stupor like he always do for the past four years





I sat down on the balcony floor drinking alcohol





I woke up that day in L. A and saw mina sleeping next to me ‘H… H… How did you get here’ I asked stammering ‘yesterday was the best night of my life’ she said ‘what the heck are you talking about’ I said


‘yesterday you had s£x with me’ she whispered in my ear


My eyes widened


‘I what?’



‘had s£x with me baby, it was magical , I love it’ she said ‘baby I never knew you are so good in bed’


‘get out’ I said


‘why’ she said


‘GET OUT NOW’ I shouted as I picked up the flower vase and hit it against the wall


‘okay fine’ she said as she stood up naked in front of me while I looked away ‘bye honey’ she said as she put on her dress and walked out of the room


I held my head in frustration and I looked like I was almost going crazy


Not mina







I angrily threw the wine against the wall looking frustrated


I held my head looking frustrated as tears rolled down my eyes but I quickly cleaned it


I was not the type of guy that cries but when it comes to jina I just forget everything


I buried my head in my palm and then I felt a small hand touch my head ‘daddy’ Trisha said



I slowly raised my head



Trisha cleaned my tears with her thumb


cry she said’



and said do not cry daddy, ‘heroes don’t



I love this girl alot


She is the only thing that keeps me happy after jina


And she reminds me so much of jina


She even looks like her


Sometimes I wish she was jina and I daughter not mina and I child


She wraps her hand around my neck and hugs me while I also hugged her


………………… To be continued………

















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