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By authoress Anna


Episode 3










Kyle’s POV


There was a loud clank and I looked down to see her using her legs to push something to the side.


“Wait is that..” I trailed off and moved her to the side, I bent down to pick the silver wear and stood up to face her


I eyed her and my eyes widened as my gaze landed on her bosom.. her black bra was pushed up, it was almost falling out of her dress.. did she? Oh my God, I turned to look at the spoons in my hand, then back to her face.. she swallowed and looked away


“Did.. did you put them in… There?” I asked pointing to her chest.


“.. huh?, No way! Of course not! Why would I?” She asked with her eyes wide.



“Then why is your ..bra pushed up?” I asked She looked down at her chest and shouted..


She quickly started arranging it.. I turned to the side to give her some privacy. “Are you done?” I asked


“..uhm, y-yes” she stuttered and I turned to look at her..


“So as I was…wait” I stopped when I sighted a shining metal peeping out from the middle of her bra..


“Is that..” I trailed off and moved closer to her “Wh- what are you doing?” She stuttered moving her head back.


I raised my hands to her chest and moved my hands to her br**st, I used the tip of my fingers to hold the metal and pulled out the silver spoon “I said it!” I said glaring at her


She laughed nervously and looked around “How did that get there?” She asked innocently


“I should be the one asking you, why the hell is my silver wears hiding in your.. in .. . In that?” I asked pointing to her br**st


“Uhm.. I.. I, you know my bra has magnet, so I guess it got in when I was eating” she said and I eyed her, I looked at the spoon and shuddered before throwing them on the floor.


“Sorry” she mumbled and I rolled my eyes.






“Please… Just talk to them, it won’t take much time” I pleaded for the tenth time “No way.. I can’t” she said shaking her head


“Ugh!.. did my mother send you? How many times do I have to tell her that I’m not gay, I’ll get a woman when I want one” I groaned tiredly “Huh?” She mumbled


“Just go out huh, my reputation is at stake here, the press is already waiting outside, just go out and say everything was a misunderstanding.. and we don’t have anything together, I can even give you the permission to say we are friends, huh? Just do it.. I Beg you” I said


“, they’ll ask stupid questions, do you know how hard it was for me to sneak into my house this morning? I’m not going” she said still gripping the banister.. “You’re really Stubborn aren’t you?”I asked rubbing my Temple “Maybe” she shrugged and moved her hands from the railing.


I quickly grabbed her waist and tried pulling her away from the stairs, she gripped the banister and started pulling away from my grip.. this girl is really strong



“Please. Just. Few . minutes” I said each word trying to pull a her away “No.. I don’t want to go, leave me alone” she said struggling to break free.. “Please.. okay, what do you want, is it money? How much?” I asked releasing her “Nothing.. ” she said


“Sweet mother of Jesus! What is your problem? Did I offend you? Then I’m sorry, what? Are you trying to get revenge or something?” I asked


“Of course not!.. I Just can’t speak with those people” she stated flipping her hair to the side..


I sighed and placed my hands on my waist, what should I do now?


“Now I’m starting to wish I had a PA maybe he would be the one to settle this” I mumbled and she rolled her eyes


Then an idea struck me, I smiled and moved closer to her, her hands tightened around the railing and I started tickling her, she laughed while asking me to stop, I continued until her hands left the railing, I quickly carried her and rushed to the door.


“Let me go! Leave me alone, I’m not talking to those stalkers!!” She yelled kicking around


I dropped her and she glared at me,


“Please I beg you, just talk to them, it won’t be too bad, I beg you” I said clasping my hands together.


“Fine!” She blurted out and I sighed in relief


“Thank you” I said and placed my hands on the door knob “But on one condition” she said and I stopped in my tracks “Which is?” I asked


“Make me your PA, the job I have doesn’t pay much, you’re rich..and I know my salary would be twice my former” she said and I shook my head.


“No way…” I drawed, there’s no way I’m going to make her my PA, she’s too stubborn and besides she’s a … Woman! No way..


“Okay then, I’ll just tell them we are getting married soon” she said and made for the door, I quickly grabbed her hand with a frown


“Fine!.. but you don’t get to touch me or my things” I stated “You’re the one touching me now” she said pointing to her wrist. I quickly released her and cleaned my hands on my shirt. “Proud jerk” she mumbled with a dramatic eyeroll “No insults either” I stated and she sighed


“Okay, I get it” she groaned and reached for the door, she opened it and cameras started clicking


What the heck?


Oh my goodness, she’s in Kyle’s house.. Kyle does this mean that she’s your girlfriend?


Is it a secret affair?


How long have you both been dating?


Where did you meet?


Are you planning on getting married?


Is Crystal wrong about your relationship?


What’s her name?


Where’s she from?


Do you love her


They kept bombarding questions.. as my guards tried to create a wall in front of us. “What did you say was your name again?” I asked quietly “Amaya” she whispered


“Right. Do you remember what I told you?” I asked


“Yes, that we are getting married by next month” she stated and my eyes widened.






To be continued




Just A kiss




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