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By authoress Anna


Episode 15..








Maya’s POV..


Oh God, please no..


Kyle smiled and faced the audience


“Like I said, she’s my best friend.. it would be pretty awkward if we kiss now, don’t you think?” He asked and they yelled Yes.. He smiled and waved


“You all were an awesome audience, until next Time Paris, I love you!” He said and walked out with me behind him


“Great job Kyle” Diego said patting his back



“Yeah.. I need to change, I’m really tired” kyle mumbled and walked out with Diego.


I made to follow them, but someone pulled me back, I turned to see Crystal smiling at me


“We finally meet Maya..” she said with a smirk and I swallowed “I believe you know who I am right?” She asked and I nodded

“Well.. if it makes you feel any better, I know quite a lot bout’you too..” she said


and I tilted my head in question


“Yep.. I do” she said nodding.


“Anyways how are you feeling? It must be pretty hard to not have a good night’s sleep especially for a pregnant woman” she said and smiled mischievously when I snapped my head to her


“H-How’d you? ” I stuttered


“Oh when you are on the good side of crisella joongi, it’s pretty easy to get valuable informations” she said shifting her weight to her right leg


“But when you’re on the bad side, it gets.. really dangerous, most especially when you claim to be what you’re not” she said looking Intensely at me, why do I have a feeling that she knows about the fake pregnancy?


“What do you mean?” I asked trying to sound bold and unaffected


“You know very well what I mean Maya, I know you’re not pregnant, I mean Kyle can’t even stand women..then how will he start the process of getting you pregnant, huh?” She asked tilting her head to the side


“If you’re expecting me to tell you how it went down, then Keep on dreaming..I can’t share my intimate life with you” I said


“Oh drop the drama already Amaya.. let’s be real here, woman to woman.. there’s no way Kyle would ever be intimate with you, I mean look at you, you’re not even pretty.. even the dress doesn’t suit you, stop trying to be something you’re not Amaya.. it’s all a waste of Time” she said


“If your definition of pretty is being like you, then I’d rather have all my hair shaved than look like an ape painted with mismatched butter.. I mean with the make up and all. I think the person who did this to you, hates you so much.. and I’m honestly not don’t seem like a very likeable person either” I pointed out


She scoffed and rolled her lips..


“You know what, it’s useless talking to you, just wait until I reveal the truth to crisella, she’ll have you thrown out of her son’s life and into the streets.. just wait and see, your Time with kyle is ticking Maya, if I were you I’d quit every



relationship with him and go back home.. good luck, you’re gonna need a truck load of it” she spat and I gasped


“Did you hear that?” I asked seriously, she furrowed her brows and shook her head “What?” She asked


“That’s the sound of me not caring” I said and flipped my hair hard enough to hit


her face then walked out.





“Are you okay?” Kyle asked, I sighed and turned to face him on the bed. “I think Crystal knows that we are faking the pregnancy” I admitted and he propped his head on his palm so he could stare down at me “How did she know?” He asked


“She said your mom told her about it, she threatened to find out the truth and expose us to your mom , well unless I leave you for good” I replied “What?.. why would she do that?” He asked


“I don’t know.. ” I sighed and stared at the ceiling


“So you’re gonna leave me?” He asked sounding a bit hurt


“No.. I’m still your PA, besides you haven’t paid me my first salary yet, I’m stuck with you until I find a better job” I said and he nodded “Thanks” he said and laid back down on the bed


“We should get some sleep, it’s 3 in the morning” I said looking at the clock “Yeah,” he said.


He held my waist and pulled me closer to him.


“We’ll sort it out, before she finds out the truth.. don’t worry about it, okay?” He asked and I nodded


“Besides, I will never let my mother hurt you.. I promise” he said, and I nodded I turned so I could face him, I pushed back his hair and smiled “We should sleep” I said


“I don’t want to ..yet” he said and turned me over so he was on top of me, he propped his arms beside my head and bit my cheek..


“Why don’t we play a little before we sleep?” He asked, I shuddered as he smiled


and took my lips.








Two days later..


Crystals POV




I did promise Maya, that I’d reveal the truth… And now that I’ve gotten all my


evidence I can’t wait to see her fall..


I smiled as I replayed the video..


Perfect.. I’ve specifically waited for two days, they are arriving today so the moment they land, I’ll strike..


Aishh! I’m so happy!! Soon Kyle would be mine, all mine!




Kyle’s POV


“Mom said Elsa is back.. I can’t wait to meet that crazy girl again” I said and Maya smiled


“Well good luck with that” she said.


“You’re coming with me so, there’ll be no need for that” I said and she looked at me


“But I thought, I was supposed to go home straight?” She asked


“Yeah, but I really want you to meet Elsa, please..?” I said and she sighed “Fine.. but I’m going home after that” she said and I nodded “Whatever you want hun” I said and she smiled


I held her hand and drove straight to my house where mom and Elsa we’re waiting. I don’t know what we are now, if it’s still a normal friendship or not.. but I do know that Everytime I see her, I just want more of her, I always want to be with her.. I always want to touch her.. and I don’t even know what this feeling is.. …




“Kyle!” Elsa squealed and ran over to me.. she jumped on me and I laughed twirling her around.


I set her down and she smiled happily


“Oh gosh.. I’ve missed you so much Kyle” she said hugging me again “Same here Elsa” I said


She looked at Maya and smiled


“You must be Maya, right?” She asked


“Yes, Elsa meet Maya.. my best friend, Maya meet Elsa my crazy sister” I said earning a smack from Elsa


“It’s so nice to meet you Maya” she said hugging Maya..


“Me too” Maya said pulling back


“Kyle.. I have to tell you” she said getting serious


“Elsa!” Mom called cutting her off


“I’ll just take your bags in” Maya said and rushed in without waiting for reply “Kyle you need to stop her.. Crystal is here, she brought a video.. of Diego telling her the truth about Maya’s pregnancy.. mom is really pissed kyle..” I rushed in before she could finish..


I stopped when mom slapped Maya.. Crystal smiled discreetly as she stood beside mom glaring at Maya


“How could you?!” Mom asked angrily


“How dare you lie to me! You made a fool of me you stupid girl!” Mom yelled and slapped Maya again.


“Mom!” I snapped and they both turned to look at me save for Maya


“So you let this girl fool me and your father? Lin kyle how could you do this to me!.. why didn’t you just tell me the truth? Huh?.. did you both really have to make a fool out of me?” She asked with her eyes filled with rage.


“Mom.. Please listen, it’s all my fault, Maya..” “Shut up!” She snapped and turned to face Maya “Mom..” Elsa trailed off


“Don’t make me hit you Elsa” mom said and Elsa moved back


“Because of some reasons I’ll pardon you, but from this moment on.. I don’t want to see you anywhere close to this house or Kyle, if I do.. I swear I’ll wipe your whole lineage from the surface of the get out..” she said pointing to the door, Maya made to leave and I held her back “Maya no.. please” I begged


“I said.. GET OUT!” Mom yelled


Maya flinched and pulled out of my grip.. she ran out the door and I made to run after her.


“Don’t you dare run after her kyle” mom snapped


“You can’t order me mom!.. I’m an adult for crying out loud.. ” I yelled “What has she done to you Kyle? You never yell at me” she asked


“Oh she’s done a lot mom.. she has helped me in ways you couldn’t have, she has changed so much about me, she has done a lot more than you can imagine.. mom why can’t you see, what she did was because of me, my career.. for my own benefit” I said quietly.. hoping she’ll see reasons with me


“The only thing I can’t understand is why you want to run after her” she spat “Because I LOVE HER!.. I love her mom, I may have just figured it out for myself, but since the first day I met that woman, I fell in love with her.. if you truly care about me, then you’ll let me go” I said and she sighed.






Maya’s POV


“Maya..” someone called and I turned to see Crystal.. I quickly wiped my tears and continued walking away


“I told you didn’t I? Now who won in the end? I only hate that crisella didn’t deal with you properly..” she said and I turned to face her


“You won..fine, now get away from my face and stop being like a fool” I said and she smiled


“Well it isn’t over darling.. I came to warn you, if you love your mother and sister, you’ll steer clear of kyle.. if I find out, you’re still hanging around him..with your low life self, then things will get ugly, I’d hate for your family to get exterminated permanently.. and trust me honey, I don’t give empty threats.. I assume you already learnt your lesson.., oh and do something with your face, it’s repulsive.. remember act wisely, I’ve got eyes watching you.. until next Time hun” she blew a kiss and walked back to her car..


Tears rolled down my cheek and I pushed them back.. even after everything, I don’t regret lying to crisella.. as long as Kyle’s happy, then I’m okay.. I guess. ..



To be continued








Just A Kiss

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