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Chapter 5 ⃣ 3 ⃣


(Semi-Final) part 2





Lisa’s POV




My lips curled up in to a smirk as I stare at Emperor Tan High School building, directly opposite me.



It’s now or never!



I adjusted my sunglasses and brought out my phone from my school bag to dial a number.


Actually, I was wearing my school uniform too.



“Pick up you rascal!”.


I gritted my teeth angrily, tightening my grip on the phone.






His hoarse voice came out.



Long time no see



Who are you?



Even if you don’t know this number, don’t tell me you can’t figure out whose voice it is.



I replied, getting pissed.



If I may ask, who am I speaking with?







I was left speechless with rage.



Haha, long time no see Min Lisa!



So you knew it was me!


I said in a low angry tone.



Forget it! Lisa, you can’t be calling me now! I’m at work! This is work hour!



Really? Work? Are you talking about the same job I helped you with? You know it was not easy for me back then, I used my mom’s connection to get you that job in Emperor Tan High School. Do you think it’s easy to become the Tan security personnel?!



I said angrily.



Haha, Lisa, you’re my savior and I vow to serve you for the rest of my lifetime. Wait…are you abroad? This is an international number.



Whatever! Look here, I’ve an assignment for you but first of all, you need to get a leave from work in the next two weeks. I don’t know how you will do it, just get a leave before the third week from now!



I don’t get it, Lisa? What is it all about?



*Signs* It’s not secure to discuss it on phone. Don’t worry, after you get your leave, I want us to meet up and discuss about it. Lemme give you some hints; it’s the same operation you did to President Ji, three years ago.



I said and my body quivered to the mention of that name.


That monster’s name; “President Ji”!



I swallowed hard and continued:


But this time, I will join the operation. I want to do the mess myself!



Ohh. The operation we carried out on that old monster. But this time, who is the unlucky being?



He whispered on the other line.



You wanna know?


I asked and smirked, then added in a low tone, filled with resentment:


That person…if that person is alive, my life will be miserable forever but if dead, I will have my last chance to live a better life, even if it won’t last for long



So, it’s a revenge this time again?



No, it’s not. Let’s just consider it as the ill-luck of that person. Call me with this number when you get the leave!



I didn’t wait for his response before I hang up the call.



I turned the phone power off and toss it into my school bag.



This is a game of “survival chance”.


I will do anything to survive!



Smiling maliciously, I strode the school gate.



The security men had to confirm my identity before they allowed me in to the school premise.






Author’s POV





“Urgh! We have just twenty minutes left before the second class commence!”, Lina whined.



They were now in the classroom.



“Geez, where is this bi***y Lisa? When is she going to arrive?!”, Candy said impatiently, for the nth time.



Someone suddenly flung the classroom door open, then exclaimed:


“Awwn, I feel so honored! Candy is awaiting my arrival!”.



They all froze.






Almost immediately, they regained their senses and quickly look ahead at the door direction.






Grinning widely, Lisa stroll toward Candy.



“Thanks for caring about me.”, She whispered loudly to Candy with a grin.


“Hey everyone!”.


Lisa said and waved to them all at once.



They gave no response as all they could do was stare at her like she was a legendary ghost.



Lisa shrugged and moved to her seat.



Unfortunately, Bon was sitting on the desk.



She smiled at him and asked coolly:


“Bon, you’re sitting on my desk. Can you please excuse my seat?”.



Bon’s eyes were gloomy and murderous.


His mind was troubled with deep melancholy.



[N: 1593, William Shakespeare, Henry VI, part 2, v . i . 34. — “My mind was troubled with deep melancholy”.] [ Borrowed.]



Slowly, he stood up and walked back to his table, not after he sent her a deadly glare.



Lisa shrugged again before sitting down.



Just then, Candy stood up and walked toward Lisa’s seat.



With her arms folded at the same time throwing glare at Lisa, Candy said: “I thought you will never come back, but unfortunately you did. At the same time it’s a fortune. You can’t just leave like that because you haven’t reap everything you sow, don’t you think so?”.

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“Nice speech!”, Lisa exclaimed as she clasp her palms together, then, she let out a laughter.



“Humph! I told you I will teach you a good lesson before we graduate! Mark my words, Min Lisa! I will—”, Candy continued before Bon suddenly cut in.



“That’s enough Candy! Enough!”, He growled and everyone turned to look at him with surprise.



But only he understood the reason behind his agitation.







~2 Weeks later…



Everything went back to it normal state within the two weeks.







Jennie’s POV





I yawned tiredly for the nth time and walk into the restroom.



School has been stressful this week.


The week even seems slow. Today is Wednesday.



Geez, i even slept off in the advanced mathematics class.



I checked if my phone was in silent mode because of the next class before I shoved it back into the pocket of my uniform jacket.



We have few minutes left before the next lesson.


I need to hurry up.



After I peed, I lean to wash my hands in the washbasin.



Suddenly I started hearing footsteps behind me.



As I raise my head up to look at the mirror ahead of me, I felt a sharp pinch in my neck as if I was pierced with a needle.



Even though I was already staring at the mirror, I couldn’t see the person clearly because my eyes had became blurry.



And almost immediately, my eyes widened open again but I feel something different about myself.



I feel…I feel so empty…as if my memories were erased.



I turned to look at the person behind me.



It was a beautiful girl, who was wearing the same clothes as mine.



She smiled and said:


“Hey! Let’s go somewhere!”.



I stare at her and nodded.







Lisa’s POV





I held Jennie’s hand, pulling her along with me toward the school gate.



“Where are you going, Miss?”, One of the gatemen asked me.



Tsk! Annoying men!



“I’m escorting my friend to the bus stop. Something happened to her mother and she need to go see her. The principal already granted us permission.”, I lied.



The gate men glanced at themselves and then looked at Jennie beside me.



“But…we were not informed.”, Another man said doubtfully.






“It’s urgent. Are you saying you can’t let us out? Can you take the responsibility if anything happen to her mother?!”, I said angrily and they became terrified.



They reluctantly opened the entrance gate and we walked out.






I looked at Jennie and scoffed.



The injection really worked.


No one will know it was me even with all the CCTVs, because I was wearing a face mask.


They will think it was another person.






“You are at the bus stop?”, I asked through the bluetooth in my ear.



“Yes!”, He replied and I nodded.





“Joe, I need to go back to school now to avoid any suspicion. Take her away and I will come immediately after school. Don’t do anything to her!”, I said and he nodded.



“Okay Lisa. Be careful! I’ll leave first!”, Joe replied and entered the car Jennie also was, before driving off.



I sighed with relief and headed back to school.



I’m sorry Jennie, I have to survive too. But you’re a threat to my survival.







Author’s POV





~an hour later…



Jason and others were already panicking.



It’s been an hour since Jennie went missing.



“She is not picking up the calls!”, Lina exclaimed again as she tried to reach Jennie through the phone.



“Jennie wouldn’t have gone somewhere without telling us, especially you, right?”, Bon asked Jason and he nodded.







~many hours later…



It was already school closing hour.



They all went to check the CCTV footage.


They saw how the strange girl injected Jennie and took her away.



“The girl…seems familiar”, Candy mumbled uncertainly.



“Search for the girl’s school record!”, Jason yelled at the head of security staffs.



“Young Master! W…we did… but there was no record.”, Mr. Nam stuttered.



“What?!”, Jason exclaimed with disbelief.



“That’s more strange! The girl even came back to the school but the CCTV cameras of the passageway she passed through were already damaged. She must be really familiar with our school.”, J.G said.



Bon was standing behind all of them, staring intensely at Lisa’s side view.



He took a glimpse at the girl in the footage and then back at Lisa.



“We can track Jennie’s phone, right?”, ChanSoo suddenly suggested.



“That’s right!”, J.G agreed.



“We can’t.”, Jason said sadly.



“Hun? Why?”.



“The phone is Emp-Tan product. Only the production company can track their products.”, Jason replied.



“You are the heir. Can’t you give them the order to track the phone?”, Lina asked.



“No. Only my father can.”.



“And you are not on good term with your father.”, Lina mumbled sadly.







Jason’s POV





Aiish! I need my father’s help!



How do I face him?



He found out that I resumed school, so he sent Bella to me that he want me to visit him at home but I refused.



Won’t it be shameless of me if I go visit him now that I need his help?



But Jennie is in danger!



I ran my fingers through my hair with frustration.



Where could Jennie be?


Is she alright?



I must save Jennie!



“Guys! I’ll be back!”, I said and ran off.



“Jason, where are you going?!”, I heard J.G’s voice far behind me.



I hopped into my car and drove away.



I finally let out the tears I’ve been fighting back.



Jennie, please don’t get hurt!


Please be safe!





I parked my car and rushed out of it, heading to the Tan Mansion entrance gate.



After the gate automatically detected my face, it beeped error and didn’t open.






My eyebrows twitched and I staggered backward.



Father, you can’t do this to me!



Since the gate didn’t open, it means I’m not allowed into the house.



“FATHER!”, I screamed out.



This is the other choice I have.


Even though I know he couldn’t hear my voice because the mansion is far away from the gate.


But the guards can hear, right?



If they guards can hear, then definitely, they will report back to my father inside.



I exhaled and screamed out again:








For how long will I do this?


Jennie is still somewhere unknown.


What if she is getting hurt?



I moved away from the gate to the street road, where I can clearly see the mansion top floors.



I went down on my knees on the rocky road and started shouting out loud:



















Author’s POV





Meanwhile, inside the Tan Mansion, some guards reported back to Old Master Tan about Jason’s presence at the gate.



Old Master Tan was watching Jason through the CCTV system in his study room.



“Should we allow Young Master in?”, One of the guards asked.



Just then, Lady YooRa barged into the study room, in tears.



“Old Master Tan! Please, let Jason in! Hear him out! Please! He is your son, you can’t be heartless to him!”, She cried out.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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“So that punk knows the way back to this mansion?! Have you forgotten how he left this house? He left as if he will never have any regret in the future! He left as if he will never need his own father’s help in the future! I once told him that that his ego can never lead him to anything good! I won’t let him into this house and it’s final!”, Old Master Tan said angrily.



“Jason needs your help. What if he is in danger? Can you still ignore him?”, Lady YooRa asked bitterly.



Old Master Tan grunted and replied:


“If he is in danger, he should solve it himself!”.



Lady YooRa scoffed and said in a low tone:


“He is just like you! Why won’t he have such an ego when his own father’s ego…”.



She didn’t complete her statement because of the gaze Old Master Tan shot her.



“Deep down you, you can’t watch your son suffer! So help him!”, She added and stormed out of the room.



After a long silence, Old Master Tan said to the guard; “Let him in!”.






Jason’s POV





I walk into my father’s study room with great happiness.



He was standing by the french window side, staring outside.



“You! You dared to show your face!”, Father yelled and I pressed my lips together.



“I’m sorry!”, I muttered.



Seriously, I can’t believe am doing this!


But for Jennie, I will do anything!



“Didn’t Bella sent my message to you three weeks ago?”, He asked.



“She did.”.



“But you chose to ignore. Now you’re here for my help!”.



I gritted my teeth noiselessly, trying to suppress my anger.



“What’s it that you want?”, He asked and it took me some seconds before I responded.



I explained everything that happened, to him.



“That commoner again?”, Father mumbled and turned to me.



“Please father! Help me with it!”, I pleaded.



“It seems like the commoner has occupy 90% of your brain!”, He said and added immediately; “Jason, do you have feelings for her?”.



The question shocked me because it was unexpected.



I went speechless.



Talking about my feelings for Jennie…


I can’t answer that question because I don’t understand my feelings for her.



“I don’t know.”, I replied in a mumble.



After a short silence, father spoke up:


“Okay! I’ll give a call to them at the company and her phone will be tracked!”.



Words can’t express how I feel right now!


I feel a bit relieved.



“But Jason, it’s on one condition!”, Father said and my heart sank into the ocean of sadness.



What condition again?














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab







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