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✒Rebecca’s POV






I said to Greta, who had helped me unpack against my own will. She stopped right at the door and turned to me, I could see that she felt very bad for me, but I needed answers and I was gonna get them.


“Yes ma’am?”


“Just call me Becca,” I told her. “I need to know who this Emeliano is, who is your boss really?” I asked her.


She raised her brows and gave me a small smile. “Sir Emeliano is everything. If you really want to know more about him, you can check the internet, there are so many interviews and stories about him.”


“I don’t want to rely on the internet… I need something real… I need to know what I’ve gotten myself into. Is he going to kill me?”


“No- of course not, Sir Emeliano is all things but a killer.”


I gave a sigh of relief at that.


“He’s just a really busy man that demands respect and orderliness. I’ve said all I could, if you really want to know the Sir, you need to check the internet or ask him. I’ll be back up to call you for dinner… You need to freshen up.”


“I don’t want to stay here.” I sounded defeated.



“I’m afraid it’s not your choice. I’ll inform you when dinner is ready . ” She gave me a small smile and walked out, closing the huge door behind her.


Immediately, I brought out my laptop and began to find anything I could, I just glanced through different articles about him.


Emeliano Alfredo. The youngest CEO in Orlando, one of the richest man in the world, he was known for his good looks and intelligence- there have been some rumors of him being part of a royal family- explains the castle like mansion. There was actually no rumor about him ever dating anyone, but there was a small issue about him having an affair with a married woman, Camilla Schmitt. The wife of a competing company.


There was also some talks about him being the most ruthless man to ever exist- it was apparent that people feared him.


He was also an important person in Orlando, he bought so many companies here, including the Lewis empire. No wonder he threatened me with so much confidence!


There was also a complaint issued against him, but the cops didn’t pursue him, seeing that he was stinking rich and could buy the whole sheriff station and their loyalty.


“I am the cops.” That’s why he was so sure of himself! Immediately, the door opened and a male worker came in…


Grabbing my laptop and the purse where my phone was.


“What do you think you’re doing?” I stood up and rushed to the worker who was already making his way to the door without an explanation.


“You’re not allowed to use any device. These will be returned to you after 14 days.” The man said.


“What! You can’t do that!!!



“It’s the orders.” He simply said and then he rushed out of the room like he was afraid to stay any longer.


Why didn’t I just call home? I was free for some minutes to call home, instead of doing that, I went to surf the freaking internet.


“I’m so stupid!”


I looked around the room, it was huge, with a king sized bed in the room and a huge couch at the side.


I can’t let myself be trampled on like this! I’ll stay here and wait for him to come inside his room, that bastard is going to get an ear full from me.


In the meantime, I walked to a huge door which I suppose was the entrance to the bathroom. Opening it, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped! This was another paradise! There was an area for a gigantic shower bath, there was also an area for a bathtub bath, and in that same bathroom, there was an area for a jacuzzi tub!!! What the actual heaven?!! I was impressed by this, I mean, who wouldn’t be?


I really felt like having a bath but- no, I won’t let myself get comfortable. I shut the door.


I won’t let this house impress me so much! I’m going to stand my ground, and I’m going to get out of here. No matter what.


I paced in the room for what seemed like hours, thinking of ways to get out of here. Whatever Emeliano had planned for me, I don’t want to get to know it- in fact, I don’t want to think about it.


Something told me that whatever He was planning wasn’t good, he said something about using me to pulp! Did he mean that s£xually? Fear began to rise in my chest, I haven’t been that intimate with a man before, my boyfriend; Mason and I never really had any intimate moment, maybe it was because we were too busy with work, all we ever did was kiss and hold hands- boring, I know, but I loved him, that was all that mattered right?



Although I’d always imagine myself having s£x and more with him, but they were all just imaginations. Mason would be trying to reach me now, God, I have to get my phone!


The sound of the door opening made me turn around, I saw Emeliano, walking in, he looked quite different from earlier, his hair was a little bit wet and he had changed into casual wear. He looked really hot, I could feel my stomach jumping and my pulse raising with awareness.


“Why are you still in the same clothes?” He asked me.


I folded my hands to my chest and glared at him. “You must really be a fool to think that I’ve finally given up! I’m not staying here with you, I want to go home now!”


“Seriously? I didn’t think you’d be this difficult.” He said with a blank expression.


“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet, pretty boy! I will not rest until I get out of here, and I don’t appreciate the fact that you rid me of my devices, that was so uncalled for!”


“It’s the rules.”


“Screw the rules!”


His eyes widened, “D–n… I didn’t know you speak so bluntly- for a well cultured, innocent church girl, you have a big mouth, I hope you can size me up.”


My jaw dropped low when I took note of what he was implying.


“You are such a pervert! I would never-”


“Trust me, you’d never want to stop when you start.”


“Stop this madness! I’ll never s–k you off! Never ever ever! Get that Into your thick head!”



“Why? It’s not like you haven’t done it before, you have a boyfriend right? Mason?”


“You really are a stalker! And for your info, Mason and I haven’t-” I stopped myself before I could say something I’d probably regret. “Haven’t been that intimate.” I completed.


“And you really expect me to believe that?” He asked, amusement was obviously gracing his words.


“You can think whatever you want, pretty boy! All I know is, I will never put my mouth on your stupid dïçk!”


He scoffed, “You can lie to yourself,


Bámbînâ” He made his way slowly to me, “But I know what I know.” He continued to move closer and closer.


I took few steps back until my back was against the wall, he began to close the distance between us. My heart was beating so hard in my chest and my skin was getting strange chills.


Why the hell am I feeling giddy all over?


He leaned in and his lips grazed the lower part of my neck and it felt really good, Mason never did that to me- what are you thinking? Are you seriously comparing your kidnapper to your sweet boyfriend? My whole body was aware of our heated closeness and it made me feel things at my lower belly, things that made me feel so fudging stupid and dirty!


What the hell are you thinking Becca! Push him away! Push him away now!


But I couldn’t, some stupid part in me wanted to feel everything he was doing-what happened to the thoughts of running away? What happened to the thoughts of standing my ground?


“I’ve been thinking of ways to punish you for what you did. Looking at you- you don’t seem to be affected by house chores or other physical embarrassing



punishment, but then I thought? What would bruise a well cultured church girl to the core? What would break her? What would make her so unhappy and vulnerable? So I decided to change things, I decided to punish you emotionally. So, this is going to be your punishment.” He murmured against my neck,


“I’m going to torture you until all the pride you have, slip away from you. I’m going to make you beg me to take you, I’m going to


f**k that little tight p**y of yours till you’re swollen and sore, I’m going to make you dream of me fück**g you, I’m going to break you so bad you won’t be able to look at up at your boyfriend, you came in here as a sweet and innocent church girl,”


Is it weird that I was getting turned on by his threats?


His lips grazed my neck softly, until he raised his head slowly and look me dead in the eye, my mouth went so dry, I had no words to retort back to him, for the first time in my life, I was speechless. “But I promise,” he continued. “You’ll leave here as a s£x craved, not so innocent church girl, and guess what?” He smirked.


“You’ll have to get prepared, cause I have just 14 days to fulfill these punishments.”






I didn’t go down for dinner.


Like I said, I didn’t want to feel comfortable, so I just stayed in Emeliano’s room, standing by the window and thinking of what tonight holds for me.


After Emeliano’s threats, he left the room and told me to come down for dinner, well, me being me, I didn’t listen, I just glared at him remaining quiet. My words had left me earlier and my body still reacted to the way he spoke to me…


My body still reacted to his raw words and closeness.


I ran my hands up and down my arm, trying to keep myself warm.



How do I get out of here? Is Emeliano really going to hold me down against my will? Will my sister be worried about me? My mom? Dad? Mason?


Will I even be able to attend April’s Wedding? Her wedding was supposed to be six days from now… How will I be able to attend it?


Am I seriously going to stay here with Emeliano? For 14 days?


Is he seriously going to do all those things to me? Will I let him?


God, I have to get out of here! I have to leave this hell hole!


But how?


There are guards everywhere? I’ll never make it to the stairs! Or even out the door!


I bit my nails as I paced slowly back and forth.


My stomach grumbled… “No! Not now stomach! You should not be hungry! You have to be patient, we’ll get out of here soon enough and I’ll feed you… I promise.”


Oh, this is sooo not happening.


“Did you ever have a mental record?” A voice echoed from behind me.


I turned to find Emeliano, raising a brow at me. When did he come in?


“What kind of a question is that?”


“You were talking to yourself… I just wanted to know if I kidnapped a psycho…”


“I am not a psychopath. I’m normal… And I don’t appreciate you calling me one!”


He sighed and moved to another corner of the room. “Why do you always have to yell?” His voice resounded around the room.


I wonder what he was doing?


“Ever considered the fact that it’s because I don’t want to be here?” I retorted.


He came out and I had to do a double take on him… He was wearing black sweat pants and a black shirt was in his hands which actually means that he was currently shiftless, and holy hell, boy he was gorgeous… Like he had the perfect body and all other manly features!


I tried to stop myself from staring, but I couldn’t, he was just so beautiful.


“Why do I feel like you’re about to rape me?” Emeliano’s voice broke me out of my trance.


I looked away immediately as my cheeks burned from embarrassment.


“Oh, it’s okay… You don’t need to feel embarrassed… I’m all yours to touch… For 14 days though. Not many people have the opportunity you have.” He said.


“Really? You don’t have to be so full of yourself.”


His face remained expressionless. “Whatever… Why didn’t you come downstairs for dinner? You disobeyed me.”


“Well, I’ll let you know that I won’t be eating anything until you let me go.” I said, crossing my hands over my chest.


“Listen, Bámbînâ. I hate disobedience… There’s always a punishment for that. A fatal one.” His voice was dark and hard.


I gulped.


“I don’t care… I know you’re just bluffing- guys like you don’t always go after girls Iike me.” I said.


“That’s correct- you’re actually nothing to look at.”


I felt myself go red with anger at his words. “So why don’t you just let me go!”


“Well, maybe that’s because I want to show you what happens when you mess with me! Or maybe it’s because you had the guts to stand up to me in public.



Maybe it’s because I feel like keeping you here. But trust me, you can leave if you want to…


Just know that your sister would never ever get married and your father would never be able to boast of a single dollar… Or, you’ll not even have a business to go back to!”


“You’re a bastard.”


“I know.” He said, walking to the bed and lying down on his side. “So, why don’t you be a good girl and come to bed.”


“Never will I ever sleep in the same bed as you!” I gritted out.


“Too bad you don’t have a choice- or, you can just stand there and I’ll start making some calls, I’m sure your mother would be able to find a new place by tomorrow.” He threatened.


This bastard.


With a loud huff, I walked to the bed and got under the covers beside him, making sure to leave enough distance between us while I stared at the ceiling with a frown on my face.


“Do you know that so many women would kill to be where you are right now?” He asked.


“Well, I’m not them.” I retorted.


Suddenly, he was on top of me. I fought him but he was stronger. “What the hell are you doing?!!! Get off me!!!”


“Shut up!” His hand tightened around my wrist as he tried to position them above my head and soon enough, I got tired of struggling.


“Please… Please leave me alone.” My voice came out soft and defeated.



He was quiet for sometime, just staring at me. “Why the hell do you have to be so stubborn? I expected you to be the shy, too- scared- to- talk church girl… But here you are, talking like you’re in control of the whole situation.”


“Sorry to burst your bubbles, pretty boy, I won’t just stand back and watch you taunt me! Now, I’m begging you to get off me.” I said, my voice was shaky but it managed to sound determined.


I was feeling quite uncomfortable with our current position, my body was reacting strangely to it and I don’t like it one bit… Or do I?


“Now you’re begging me to get off… But I give you three days, you’ll be the one begging me to get on.”


“In your dreams.” I retorted.


“Don’t piss me off, Bámbînâ. I hate the way you talk to me-”


“Expect to get more of that, Pretty boy… As long as I’m held captive in this house, I’ll make your life miserable, I’ll make you regret why you ever kidnap me! I’ll make your life a living breathing hell!!! You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.” I threatened- although I knew it was a long shot but- I still know how to frustrate people.


“You may think you have a say in all this- but I promise you- I’ll make you lose all your words! I’ll make you suffer and beg! I will-”


“Blah blah blah- you’ve said it all before.” I smirked.


He practically growled. “Don’t push me.”


“If I don’t, you’ll let me stay here longer. If I do, you’ll get tired and let me go.”


“Is that what you think?”


“It’s what I know.” I smiled sweetly at him.



“Well, I guess I’ll have to double your punishment! If you speak harshly to me, or retort back or even think of escaping! You’ll be here for 30 days! And I’ll not hesitate to make your mother homeless and jobless! Same goes for your dad and sister!”


I bit back the harsh response at the tip of my tongue, but it was pushing itself out.


“You’re a demon!” I gritted out.


He let out a heart stopping smirk. “Trust me, I’m way worse than one.”













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