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Rebecca’s POV










Day 3





His soft plump lips trailed kisses down my neck to my collar bone, I moaned with pleasure as his fingers traced my skin, causing goosebumps to rise all over my body.








This was what I’d longed for, the feeling of intimate pleasure- body touching body and hearts beating as one.





He raised his head up to kiss my swollen lips, I smiled into the kiss as I sink my fingers into his full black hair, his hair was really soft, just like I’d imagined it to be.





He s—-d on my neck and I was pretty sure to get hickeys the next morning. This





was the life, the life I’d always wanted to have with him, my Mason.





“Oh Mason.” I whispered into his ears.





I felt his body stiffen when I called the name, he looked up at me and I opened my eyes, wanting to ask him why he stopped, only it wasn’t Mason on top of me, it was Emeliano! Emeliano?!





“Ahhhhhhhh.” I screamed.





I felt the beads of sweat run down my forehead as I jumped upright in bed, my breathing was harsh as I tried to wrap my head around the crazy dream I had.








Seriously? Wet dreams now?








I looked over at the bedside clock, it was eight fifty two am, how did I sleep for so long?





Emeliano’s room was quiet so was the whole environment, it only made me wonder why someone would choose to live in an area where few people occupied. But yet again, this place was like a castle.





Without further ado, I quickly took my bath and put on decent clothes before I went downstairs.





I hadn’t fully gotten the chance to explore this mansion and i know that I won’t because there were guards planted at every corners of the mansion.





Guards with unfriendly eyes.








Making my way to the kitchen, I found Greta, preparing to set the table.





“Morning Greta.” I greeted with a smile. Greta raised her head and smiled at me.





“Morning Miss Rebecca.”





“I told you I preferred Becca.” I said to her, helping her set the table.





“It doesn’t sound right, and Sir Emeliano wouldn’t like that.” Greta said.





“When has sir Emeliano ever liked anything?” Another voice chipped in, I turned to find a girl that looked just like Greta but a little bit younger than her, she was also wearing the work uniform.





“Quiet Reign.” Greta warned her.





I only smiled and looked at Reign. “Hi, I’m Becca.” I said.





“Reign, Greta’s younger sister, I’m sorry for my manners… I just happened to listen to your conversation and I couldn’t help myself.” She gave an apologetic smile.





“Oh, it’s okay, I agree with you anyway. I think Emeliano’s middle name is Moody.” I answered and it gained laughter from both Reign, Greta and even other workers that were around me.





“He was never always like this.” Said another voice. “I’m Pablo by the way.”





“Hello Pablo.” I greeted with a smile. “What do you mean by he wasn’t always like this?” I had to ask, I was curious- I couldn’t even imagine Emeliano being good.





“He was different, he was Better, but ever since that witch stepped her foot into this mansion, things turned different.” Pablo said.





I creased my brows. “And who’s this witch?”








I saw Greta giving Pablo the eyes warning look. “You don’t need to know that, and besides, it’s not our place to tell.” Greta told me.





“But why?” I asked.





“We’ll get in trouble if we tell, see those guards over there?” Reign whispered to me.





I looked behind me to find two guards looking in our direction.





“What about them?” I asked, turning to face her again.





“They’re monitoring everything, if we tell, We’ll be out of this mansion by tomorrow morning, or maybe in five seconds time.” He said.





I sighed. “Emeliano will never tell me anything.”





“Why do you want to know anyways? You’re here for a different reason, right?” Pablo asked.





Am I? Emeliano clearly told me that I wasn’t the Rebecca he was talking about, but why didn’t I believe him? Why does it feel like I was here for an entirely different reason. “I don’t even know anymore. I just feel like I deserve the right to know the real reason-i f, there’s a real reason.”





Greta smiled at me. “Don’t think of it too much- you’ll be out of here in no time, this is your third day here, you have just eleven days left.. you’ll survive.”





“I hope so.” I muttered.





After that, I had my breakfast and helped Reign clear the table, we also took care of the dishes together, it’s not like there wasn’t any worker available to do that, we just wanted to do it together.





Reign was really easy to talk to, she talked like we have been friends for like, ever.








“Is there a garden around the mansion?” I asked her when we finished with the dishes.





“Yeah, wanna see it?” She asked me.





“Yeah, I could really use some fresh air right now.” Some fresh garden air.





She smiled at me and led me to the garden, it was away from the mansion, I could already perceive the sweet scent of different flowers. My eyes caught the huge garden that was protected by something that looked like a shed, but it was white and huge.





Stepping in, I felt as if I was home again, the beautiful flowers clouded my sight, the sweet smell turned my senses into jelly, my love for gardens were undefinable.





“I’ll leave you to it, I still have bunch of work to finish inside the house.” Reign informed me.





“Alright.” I smiled at her and watched her leave.





Well, I think I just found my new favorite spot in this mansion. The garden was indeed beautiful, it was blessed with so many roses, white lilies and other beautiful flowers.





I picked up a rose flower and inhaled the glorious scent oozing from it.





I wonder if my garden was still flourishing in the Lewis’s estate… Did April remember to check on it from time to time? Was it still as beautiful as it was when I left?





“If I could get a camera right now, I would take dozens of photos, these are the moments where by I wished my eyes could take pictures.” I turned to the sound of the deep male voice.





My eyes widened at who I saw.





“Hi Becca- Nice to meet you, again. ” He said with a breath taking smile.










I called out his name, recognizing him right away, and remembering what happened the last time I talked to him.





Yeah! I had to freaking go almost Unclad on him, wait- I went totally Unclad and it wasn’t a good feeling, I wonder what he was going to do to me when he finds out that I talked to Marcos again.





“W-what are you doing here? Emeliano wouldn’t like your presence, remember the last time you came-” I was telling him as he took few steps towards me, just stopping three feet away as he absentmindedly played with a flower.





“Are you scared of him?” He asked me.





“No, I’m not scared of him… I’m scared of what he can do.” I voiced out.





Marcos chuckled. “Don’t worry, I won’t stay for long and I won’t tell if you don’t.” He smiled slyly.





“What do you want?” I asked him.





He raked his hands through his hair and sighed. “I came to see how you’re doing- I mean, the last time we talked, it didn’t end well… Are you fine now?”





Am I fine? Hell no. “I’m not, and I won’t ever be fine until I leave this fudging Mansion.”





“Well, you can come with me now, only if you want to.” I smiled. “I’d better not. I’m not ready to die early.”





He chuckled for some seconds before his expression turned serious again. “Is he hurting you, in any way? If he is, you can tell me- I’ll look for a way to free you from him… Trust me.”





“No he’s not- y-you don’t have to worry, I’ll be out of here in eleven days time, even though it sounds like forever.” I bit my lower lip, looking away.








How could I tell Marcos anything? If Emeliano finds out that I spilled, he could kill my sister, or my Dad- even my innocent mom… I can’t let that happen.





“Are you sure? You don’t have to be scared of him-”





“I’m fine Marcos, I’m not scared of him, I can handle him.” I said.





He gave me a look before he nodded, my eyes caught a sparkling object on his finger,





wait, is that a ring?





“That’s a beautiful ring, almost looks like you’re married.” I said, staring straight at the ring.





He looked down at his finger. “Yeah- actually, I am.”





“Excuse me?” I chuckled.





“Is it hard to believe… I got married four days ago.” He said.





“Wait, how come I didn’t see the ring on your finger then? I mean, the last time you came-”





“I wore it, you just didn’t notice it.” He smiled.





Wow, He’s married? How come Emeliano didn’t mention this?





What am I talking about? Emeliano and I aren’t exactly talk buddies.





“Wow, does Emeliano know?”





“I don’t think so, the marriage was a closed one, only few people were aware-some press and my mom.”








“Oh- congratulations, I guess. I’d really love to meet your wife, but uh- I think it would be impossible.” I said.





“Oh, Don’t worry about that, you’ll meet her soon enough… The both of you are alike in numerous ways.”





I chuckled. “Really?”





“Yeah- you’ll be surprised.”





“This is making me more eager to meet her. Anyway, we can’t always get what we want. But, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you and Emeliano not in good terms, you both are brothers.”





“Half-Brothers.” He corrected me.





“Same thing.”





“We may be related by blood but, we can never bond, Emeliano and I have too many issues, this feud has been going on since our father was alive. We just can’t be brothers. ”





“What issues?”





“Emeliano hates my mother, he believes that we took everything from his mom and him… He thinks that my mom killed our dad, which I still wonder why till date. But, he has issues and I think he’s just looking for someone to hate- and I happened to be the victim.”





If there’s one thing I learnt from interrogation, it is the fact that you can’t judge a case by one person’s point of view.





“Where’s your mom now?” I asked him.





“Orlando, but she stays with her new husband in Iowa, she came for the wedding, but she’ll be gone soon enough.” He said.





“So, you and Emeliano are at odds because of your parents mistake?”





“That- and so many other things that I think you shouldn’t know for now.”










“We don’t want Emeliano to get angry, do we?” I sighed.





“I’ve told you enough already, I didn’t even plan on telling you anything… Your face is really compelling.”





I smiled at his Comment. “Haha… Yeah my face is compelling.” Sarcasm.





“No really… Anytime I look at you, I see my wife- not that you have exactly the same face, but- there’s this, resemblance… Something about your eyes.”





He looked really serious. “Okay, so now I have a look alike?”





“No, just your eyes, I don’t know- you both are just, so alike.”





“Now I really want to see this wife of yours.”





“You will, very soon.”





Yeah, I want to see her and I want to know why you and Emeliano hate each other so much…

































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