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Lucy’s eyes closed down as she felt the man’s hand sliding into her shirt.


Suddenly,she came back to her senses, and slapped him, rushing away from him.


“You slapped me for trying to help you?”Mr Ekpor asked,his hand on the affected cheek.


“I’m.. sorry sir but why are you doing this? Please….I can’t do this with you….just


give me any amount you like…I will manage it like that.”


Lucy pleaded as she felt hot tears pricking her eyes.



Mr Ekpor smiled.”I’m sorry but that’s not possible.


You have to give something in return if you want this job.


Get out of my office if you are not ready!” Mr Ekpor shouted marching back to his seat.


Lucy was heartbroken as she turned around and left the office.


Once outside,she broke into a silent soon as she walked out of the school compound.


She went to Martha’s shop and picked up her baby, pretending that everything was inside.


As she got home that evening,she went straight to her room and cried.


She cried till she could not longer cry again. Suddenly,she was angry. Very angry as she dried up her tears, frowning deeply.


“God,what’s all this! Why is my life like this? Is this what you really want me to do?


To continue from where I stopped? Do you really want me to give out my body again?


Since you don’t want me to become the good girl u want you be,then no problem because I can see that you have forsaken me!


Why can’t you give me a job even after becoming faithful to you!


Let’s put an end to this,by tommorow morning…I’m going to give my body to that man for the job…. for my daughter…I can’t loose her to hunger!” Lucy said as tears ran through her face once more.



Having nothing on her,she decided to go into the kitchen and take the baby food there although she knew her mother had told her not to touch anything in the house again.


Rachel was hungry even after she had br**stfeeded her.


She brought out the baby food and milk and set them on the dinning.


After mixing them together,she sat down with the baby and began to feed her.


She had barely fed her when Patricia returned home.


When she entered,her eyes went straight to them.


She walked to the dinning, staring down at the food.


Lucy ignored her as she continued feeding her baby.


Patricia lifted the plate and threw the food on the ground as everything spilled on the floor.


Lucy was alarmed as she bolted up on her feet.


Her eyes went wide as she stared at the spilled food on the carpet, shocked. “Mother!”


“So,you think I was joking about my decision in this house?


Whose money was used in buying this baby food! You shameless thing!


You can’t join me and make money but you can use the money and feed your precious baby?”


Patricia shouted at her and Rachel’s cries rented the whole house.



Lucy tried to fight back the tears that threatened to pour out but she just couldn’t help it. They came down in a rush.


“Why are you being so wicked? This baby has done nothing to you!” Lucy cried.


Patricia laughed.”By the time you are ready,you will find that fish by your self.


I can’t continue giving you fish my dear… learn how to catch it by your self!” Patricia snapped at her as she picked up the baby food pack and the milk. She hissed once more at her and left the room.


Lucy sat down heavily background on her chair in tears as she looked at her crying baby.


She had no choice but to go back to Martha who gave them something to eat.


Lucy returned home with her mind made up.


Tommorow….. she would go back to Mr Ekpor.


The next morning,she woke up and did not bother about prayer.


What was she praying for? She got dressed and prepare Rachel too,taking her to Martha as usual.


She walked to school,her heart beating fast with disgust, hatred and frustration


She got to the school compound and started walking to Mr Ekpor’s office.


She got to the door and breathed in.


She raised her hand to knock and brought it down again, fighting the urge to turn and run away.


She decided not to knock… what was the use of it? The principal already lost the respect she was supposed to have for him.


Suddenly,she pushed the door open and entered.


She stopped,as she felt her heart beat stop too. Her eyes widened at what she saw.


On top of Mr Ekpor on his seat,was an half naked woman… probably a teacher too…. sucking his p*n*s.


“Oh my God!” Lucy shouted,her hands flying up to cover her mouth.


Mr Ekpor jumped up as the teacher rushed off him too, trying to cover her nakedness.


“Emm……you..came… don’t… really…mind.. come..have… have…”Mr Ekpor stammered, trying to knot back his loosened tie.


Without any word,Lucy turned and ran out of the office.


She felt cheap….so cheap!!..


“Lucy!! Lucy!! Come back, Please, Lucy…Oh goodness!!” Mr Ekpor screamed from his office but Lucy did not turn… neither did she even look back a bit.


She continued running, never going back,tears flying freely from her face.


Just as she came out of the main road to link the round about which led to her house,a car coming directly from her left ran into her and knocked her… throwing her on the solid ground with a great thud.


Her tears touched the ground before her blood did.


Lucy stared blankly at the sky….. asking God why…asking him why he had


forsaken her as she felt herself slipping away…. slipping out of her body… and


slipping into unconsciousness……




Lucy’s life is not only ruined…..


she’s in danger!!


What happens next??





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