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I’m standing in front of Claire’s house waiting for her to come out.


Today is the day we fixed for our date.


I just pray the date would end well.


Few minutes later, she came out looking resplendent in a strapless gown that stopped two inches above her knees.


She has on a pearl shaped pendant on her neck and ears.


I opened the door of my car for her and she almost fell flat due to her very high stiletto heels she is putting on.


I put my hand on her waist to steady her.


She entered the car and I closed the door.


“What do you want to do first? ” I asked her.


I want her to choose where we should go because I don’t know what she loves doing and I don’t want to make a mistake if I want her to still consider me after this date.


“Let’s go shopping first” Claire said.



Okay, do you have any particular place in mind?” I asked.


Two rodeo drive” she said.


It’s a popular shopping area in Beverly Hills.


I fastened my seat belt and I played music on the car’s stereo.


Claire was was moving her body to the rhythm of the songs while I was humming to the tune as I drive.


Finally, we arrived at the shopping centre and I found a spot to park my car in.


I stepped out of the car and I went to the other side to help Claire out.


We walked hand in hand to the elevator.


We checked out different sections of the shopping centre.


Claire is a fashion freak.


She must have tried on a hundred different dresses since we arrived.


” How do I look in this?” She kept asking me.


I was tired of replying “you look good” even though it’s the truth.


At last we left the female clothes section and moved to the shoes section.


Claire tried on different block heels, wedges, pumps, open toes, ballerina shoes, etc.


We didn’t spend as much time in the shoes section as we did in the clothes section.


“Hey, aren’t you buying anything? ” she asked me.


” I’m about to go do my own shopping” I said to her.


I left her in the shoes section and I went to the male clothes department to see if I could get some nice blazers and tweed jackets.





It has been a week since I came home.


I would have been bored if not for my besties. They have really made my holiday interesting.


Zainab persuaded us to go shopping and here we are at Two rodeo drive.


We were in the shoes section and I was trying to view the price tag of a sneakers I like when someone shoved me aside.


I would have fall if not for the fact that I grabbed a shelf for support.


“Look who we have here. If not our famous black slut” a white girl whose picture is deeply etched into my memory said.


This is the first time I’m encountering her again after she attacked me on the day of the preliminary match.


Teemah was about to slap her but I was quick to hold her back.


I know my friend and I know Claire would be dead in minutes if Teemah should descend on her.


Zainab was looking very confused that I would have laughed at her expression if not that the situation isn’t funny.


What do you want Claire Anderson? ” I asked her. She began laughing like an abnormal person.


“What is going on here? ” a male voice asked.


I turned and my jaw dropped when I saw that it’s Mr Austin that asked the question.


” I’m sorry sir” I said to Mr Austin.


I wish I could read minds so I’d know what he’s thinking about me right now.



No problem. Young lady, what is the matter?” he asked Claire who was still gloating.


It’s nothing sir. I was just putting her in her place” Claire said.


You girls shouldn’t fight, okay? ” he said.


Yes sir” we all chorused.


He called out to one of the workers and he asked him to give Claire a nice jewellery.


I was shocked.


I continued shopping but not with enthusiasm like I was doing before Claire showed up.


Teemah and Zainab were quiet as well.


I gave the cashier my credit card when we were through with our shopping but he said our money has been paid by the boss. I wonder who the boss is.




“Our boss would love it if you girls could have lunch with him” the cashier said.


I held a quick conference with my besties and we agreed to have lunch with the boss to at least show our appreciation towards him.


A worker led us to a large dining room which was filled with all kinds of food and the room was empty except for a man who was reading the newspaper.


” Welcome girls” he said and raised his head.


Why did the cashier called him the boss?


Does that mean he owns this place also?


Thanks for paying for our shopping sir” Zainab said. Teemah and I also thanked him.

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” You’re welcome. Let’s eat and we can talk later” Mr Austin said.


I chose a weird looking food in front of me.


I don’t even know what it’s called.


The food taste good though and I found myself enjoying the food.




I finished my shopping and I went to the shoes section to meet Claire.


I met her grinning widely.


Are you done shopping for footwears?” I asked.


Yeah, you won’t believe a man bought this for me” she said showing me a gold necklace.


The necklace looks really expensive but I don’t like the fact that another man bought it for her.


Who is the man?” I asked her.


I don’t know him. He was just in time to see the black witch insulting me” she said.


Who is the black witch? ” I asked.


One crazy girl from school” she said.


The only person I have in mind is the girl she beat up some weeks ago.


I’m sure it was Claire who first insulted the girl if truly the girl insult her like she claimed.


The puzzling thing is the man who bought her a gold necklace just because someone insulted her.


I waved all the thoughts aside and focused on my date.


“Let’s go have lunch” I said to Claire.


I helped her carry some of her shopping bags while she carried the rest.


I dumped all the bags into the car’s trunk.


I drove to a restaurant and we both had our lunch.


After lunch, we took a stroll with my car still parked in the restaurant’s parking lot.


We talked as we strolled.


What are your hobbies?” She asked.


I like playing football, playing video games and horseback riding. ..what about you? ” I asked her.


I love partying, shopping, going clubbing and ice skating” Claire said.


Wow, it’s been a while since I went clubbing” I said.


Maybe we should go together on Saturday night” she suggested.


Thank God, I’d still get to hang out with her on Saturday because I don’t know if she enjoyed the date or not.


“Okay. I’d look forward to it” I replied.


Suddenly the rain came down in torrents.


We have walked far from the restaurant and we had to look for shelter because we were getting more drenched.


We saw a shed not far from where we are and I said to Claire “the last person to get to that shed owes the winner a dinner”


“Okay” she said and she started running.


I was almost at the shed when Claire screamed in pain.


I turned back in panic but she ran past me and got to the shed before me.


You cheat” I said frowning.


Yeah, but I won” she said.


Okay. I owe you dinner but not today” I said.


We were both in the shed and the rain is getting more heavier.


” Alright. Any day you’re ready, just call me” Claire said.



Today is my lucky day .


I took Claire out on a date.


She said we should go clubbing on Saturday and now we’d also have dinner together very soon.





We finished having our lunch and Mr Austin asked about what happened earlier.


I narrated everything to him and he commends me for not fighting her back even when she called me names.


We thanked him once more and stood up to leave.


He followed us till we got to the entrance of the shopping centre.


It was raining quite heavily outside and we don’t have a car.


“One of my drivers would take you home” mr Austin said.


Thank you so much sir” we all said.


You are welcome. Goodbye” he said.


We entered the white mustang and I gave the driver directions to my house.



We got home and I thanked the driver and my friends carried the shopping bags inside.


I entered my room and Teemah didn’t allow me to rest before she asked her questions.


“Who was that man?


Why didn’t you allow me to teach that girl a lesson? I can’t believe she is Scarlett’s sister though” she said.


I started with how I met Xavier on my first day, how I was almost married to Khaleed because of Xavier, how I later became friends with Xavier and what happened on the day of the match.


I told her what happened when I was kidnapped and how I met Mr Austin.


I concluded my story and I was very tired.


I’m so tired right now. I want to take a nap, wake me up later” I said.


Alright dear” Zainab said.


I yawned and slept soundly.















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