Sat. May 11th, 2024





I am pacing up and about waiting for Roy to come, the location has already been sent to him and if he was in Salama Park he should be here any time soon.


The gate opens and a car drives in, I almost skip a beat because I am so sure it is him.


I wait a few minutes before my phone rings.


‘Which one is your house?’ He asks


I don’t respond but instead go and open the door.


We stand there looking at each other, no one saying a word to the other.



‘What has he been doing to you?’ He asks with a sympathetic look I smile weakly and open the door for him to come in


‘Sorry we haven’t finished packing.’


He just smiles


I lead him to the kitchen, that is the only place where he can sit right now.


‘Can I offer you anything?’ I ask


‘Water will be just fine.’


Getting two glasses from the cupboard, I pour in some water then put them on a tray and place it just next to him on the kitchen table.


‘Thank you.’ He says after drinking from his glass, I don’t drink from mine. Silence


‘Why did you move?’ He asks breaking the silence I sigh


‘It’s complicated.’


‘Damn it Michel!’ He screams banging on the table That startles me


‘How complicated can it be? I told you times without number that Vashawn wasn’t good for you, but you never listened.’


‘And you were?’ I ask squaring him


‘It’s not even about me.’ He responds not looking at me



I laugh, not out of amusement though


‘Roy you are committed, you were my boss. Whatever we shared wasn’t supposed to happen and I am glad I got to end it before it got the best of the both of us.’


‘And you had no right deciding that on my behalf.’


‘By that you mean?’


‘Listen Michel.’


He stops and tries to touch my hand but I draw back


‘I know I am married, way older than you but I genuinely fell for you. And God knows I don’t know where we would be right now had you not broken things off, but I want you to know that I care for you. About you and your well being.’


‘If you do you wouldn’t have showed up here.’


‘What sort of a person would I have been if I heard what you were going through and not showed up? You might hate me now but in the long run you will be able to see that I have your interests at heart.’


‘You have overstayed your welcome Roy, you need to leave.’ I say standing up


He doesn’t protest but instead stands up and I walk him to the door


‘I am in the country until mid year, so expect to see me at the office when your leave is done.’ He says then walks away as if he hasn’t said anything


I close the door afterwards then stand by the window until he has driven off, Roy will not disturb my mental health right now. I have so much going on and the last thing that I want is to have him close.





The baby shower was a success, my parents love Cassie and a part of me is wondering how come they never got to love Michel but that is none of my business now because she is completely out of my life.


I smile when Laura comes to where I am.


‘Hey baby.’ I say putting her on my lap


‘Hey daddy.’ She responds sadly


Michel sent her and Shawn here and no one knows why.


‘Why do you look sad?’ I ask removing the cream off her face


She shrugs her shoulders


‘You don’t keep things from daddy remember.’


She sighs


‘Mummy Cassie says I will grow up to be fat like mummy.’


‘What?’ I ask surprised


Laura has never lied to me, none of my kids lie to me.


‘Why did she say that?’


‘Because I asked for a second piece of cake.’


I sigh looking in Cassie’s direction.


‘Now you listen to me, a second piece of cake won’t make you fat. I am glad you actually asked for another to satisfy your cravings, now let me talk to her okay.’


‘Okay.’ She responds when I put her down


‘But daddy.’


‘Yes baby.’


‘Is mummy fat?’


I get tongue tied, yes I have told Michel many hurtful things but the last thing I would want is for the kids to get to hear those things.


‘No she isn’t, mummy just has extra flesh.’


‘Is that a bad thing?’


I swallow hard


‘Not all the time.’


‘What do you mean daddy?’


‘See if the extra flesh is not giving her any health complications then it is just fine.’ I say trying as much to make her feel better


‘Alright.’ She responds with a smile


I let her go and play with the other kids whilst I walk over to where Cassie and my cousins are. I notice my sister is not in the crowd; I am not surprised, she has always liked Michel.


‘Hey baby.’ Cassie says kissing me full on the lips


I hold her waist and return the kiss


‘Can I talk to you in private?’ I ask


‘Sure.’ She responds


We walk hand in hand after excusing ourselves until we are at a secluded place



‘What’s up?’ She asks


‘Laura tells me you told her she is going to become fat like Michel.’


She laughs lightly


‘Come on baby I was just playing, besides it’s not like it’s not the truth. If she continues eating like that she might just end up like her mother.’


I lift my hand to slap her but stop half way


‘You want to hit me?’ She asks with amusement


‘Cassie if you know what’s good for you, you will never compare any of my kids to their mother and if anything I am the only one allowed to say hurtful things about her.’


‘Vashawn you want to slap me all because of your fat ex wife?’ She asks


‘I am not having this conversation with you right now.’


‘Go away, run away if you want but if you think you are going to pick on me like you picked on her you have another thing coming. I dare you to ever hit me or even say anything nasty to me and you will regret ever tying your life to mine.’ She says and walks away


I am mad, angry and frustrated. No woman has ever stood up to me, no woman is allowed to stand up to me. I get my phone and call my UNILUS girlfriend Catra


‘Hey baby.’ She responds on the first ring


‘Meet me at our usual spot.’ I say dropping the line


I turn around only to be met by my sister Valerie.





‘Now we will see who the problem was between you and Michel.’ She says and walks away laughing






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