Sat. May 11th, 2024







When Michel leaves it is hard to get back to work because I can’t seem to forget about the moment that we just had. I smile to myself as I settle in my chair facing the couch where we made love. The knock at the door brings me out of my reverie.


‘Come in.’ I say


The lady assigned to me as my secretary walks in


‘Good afternoon Sir.’ She greets


‘Good afternoon.’ I respond putting my formal cap on


‘How can I help you?’


‘Mr. Acker would like to meet you.’


I sigh


I really don’t want to see him today considering he might think I am doing this because of Michel but what choice do I have?


‘Tell him to come through.’


‘Alright sir.’


She turns to walk out but stops in her tracks






‘People talk a lot here, was that Mr. Acker’s ex wife that was here?’


‘Let people talk and never ask me such questions again.’


She nods her head


‘Are we clear?’ I ask seriously looking her in the eyes


‘Yes we are.’


‘Now tell Mr. Acker that I will see him tomorrow, I have important business to attend to.’ I say getting up but the door opens and in walks Vashawn


He looks at me intently, the air is pretty thick around us but I don’t break eye contact


‘I will leave you two alone.’ The secretary says


‘You wanted to see me?’ I ask after much silence


‘Are you Mr. Chanda?’ He asks


‘Yes I am, Mr. Acker.’


He takes a deep breath


‘You wanted to see me?’ I ask again


‘I just wanted to meet my new boss.’ He says with less enthusiasm


I smile.


‘I was just about to leave, I will see you tomorrow for a short meeting.’ I say carrying my laptop bag.


‘You are not doing this for Michel are you?’


I pause to look at him


‘By that you mean?’


‘Well I mean she is my ex wife.’




‘You want to show her that you are better than me.’


I chuckle


‘Mr. Acker the world doesn’t revolve around you, Michel and I are both adults who are so able of making sound decisions without involving a third party or basing our relationship on a third party. But I appreciate your concern and let this be the last time you bring up personal issues inside these walls. You have something to say to me, let it be work related.’


‘Yes Sir.’ He says


‘And now, if you’ll excuse me.’ I say walking out



That went better than I anticipated it, I know I have every right to put him behind bars but I won’t do that. Everyone deserves a second chance and I hope he can make the best out of what he has left, besides his kids love him and I don’t want to be the guy who had their daddy locked up.


I drive out of the office premises and head straight to Mandahill, I need to get some vegetables from food lovers market. For dinner I plan on doing lasagna, a salad and quails.


Once done with the vegetables I go to Sterns to pick out a watch for Michel, lucky for me I find a three piece set and I get that one to be shared amongst her and the girls. Afterwards I go to Ackermans where I pick out some matching shorts for Laura and Shawn. I really don’t know Marsha’s size so I make a mental note to take her for shopping when she is back from school.


When done I go to Coldy’s office since it is at Mandahill as well.


‘Look who we have here.’ He says immediately I walk in


‘I missed you too.’ I respond hands still shoved in my pockets


He laughs


We give each other a manly hug before I settle into one of the chairs


‘How is work treating you?’


‘It’s messed up, really messed up.’ I respond honestly


‘Why what’s up?’


‘The numbers are all messed up I have no idea what the lawyer and Vashawn were doing.’


‘I told you keeping him around was a bad idea.’



‘His record isn’t entirely bad, he is good at his job but he just lost it along the way.’


‘Jay he stole from you, that’s millions of kwacha that has gone down the drain.’


‘It’s just money Coldy.’


‘Like hell it is, but do you know what you could have done with that money?’


‘I know and even if I make him go down I will never recover it.’


‘Tell me something.’




‘This that you are doing, is it because of Michel?’




‘Jay I know you like the back of my hand, this is definitely something you would do for a woman you love.’


‘Coldy this is not a hidden fact, yes I am deeply in love with Michel but I am not doing this for her.’


He eyes me


‘The kids.’


He laughs


‘Jay you are crazy.’




‘You are doing this for another man’s kids? Jay those kids will never be yours.’


‘I didn’t say otherwise.’


‘Your behavior is showing me the opposite.’


I sigh


‘Coldy I love you, I understand how you want to be a brother to me and honestly your concern is genuine.’




‘I don’t want Michel for the moment.’


‘You want to marry her?’


I don’t answer


‘Jay she just got divorced, do you honestly think she is going to accept to be your wife today?’


‘I am not proposing marriage to her today or tomorrow, what I want is to build a strong foundation. I want to cement this and make sure it is worth it at the end of the day. I really want to build a relationship with the kids too.’


‘You have grown Jay and I am proud of you, I just don’t want you getting hurt at the end of the day.’


‘Even the most perfect relationship has it’s downfalls, what matters is how you decide to make it work at the end.’


He nods his head


‘I will support whatever the outcome you know that right?’


‘I do.’


‘Tomorrow I have a date with Valerie, do you want to come along?’



‘I want us to visit Marsha and possibly take her some groceries.’


‘You are taking these kids as your own hey?’


‘If I die I die.’


He laughs so hard it’s refreshing


‘Let me get going man, I have a dinner date later.’


‘Thanks for coming.’ He says before I walk out ..





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