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I walk out of the boardroom feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders, and now I wonder why I never took this step much sooner. I don’t



know how I will start, where I will start from but one thing for sure is that I will make it no matter the circumstance.


I go to what used to be my office and start packing up, I want to laugh. Because this is not the first time I am doing this but God knows it will be the last. I have spent some really good years in here making not just money for the company but memories with my co workers and I will miss it.


The door opens and Coldy walks in, he closes the door behind him lightly and leans against it. Shoving his hands in his pockets.


I look at him, he has this smile that doesn’t reach his eyes.


I go over to where he is and reach out for a hug, he holds me for a while before finally letting go.


‘I wish I could ask you to stay.’ He begins when I go back to packing


‘Is I do stay this place will never feel the same.’


He looks at me


‘That’s what happens when dirty linen is exposed, life is never the same.’


He smiles


‘I don’t judge you.’


‘I appreciate.’ I respond


He sighs


‘I am sorry about the way dad behaved.’


‘Your father is a good man Coldy, don’t think otherwise.’


‘I will never view him the same again.’



‘Because he cheated on your mother?’


‘Because he allowed Cassie to use him.’


I look at him


He sighs heavily


‘Michel you were not the first, my parents aren’t exactly the Romeo and Juliet kind of couple but they did well to hide it. But as I grew order I noticed that something was amiss.’


‘Every marriage has its holes.’


‘They stayed together for me.’




He comes to the visitor’s chair and sits


‘Mum never exactly liked working, she wanted to manage the affairs of the house and she did it pretty well. Also taking care of me was a plus for her, but I grew older and the work was less. She wasn’t as energetic so she had to hire a house help.’


‘So she started to get bored?’ I ask


‘And I think that’s when she noticed dad’s behavior, she had time on her hands to play investigator.’


‘Coldy you don’t need to tell me all this.’


‘I know, I have never just shared it with anyone.’


‘Not even Jayden?’


He shakes his head


‘I don’t blame him, neither do I blame her. I mean those are their problems but it’s just sad that they are old and have to go through this.’


‘Let then sort out their own problems.’


He smiles


‘How are things between you and Valerie?’ I ask changing the topic


He removes a ring from his br**st pocket


‘Coldy.’ I say placing my hands on my mouth unbelievably


‘I know.’


‘You might say it’s too soon but I have never been surer about anything, Valerie is the one and I have no doubts about it.’ He adds


‘It’s only been months.’


‘People know each other for years and still divorce.’


‘Am sorry.’ He quickly adds


‘You don’t have to.’ I say honestly


‘Michel I don’t want to spend the next two to three years trying to know things about her when I can whilst we are married, I have been married before and no I am not doing this out of fear or anything. I have spent time with Valerie, I know what I want.’


‘And she is what you want?’


‘You are smart after all.’


‘Really now?’


We both laugh


‘I will miss having you here.’


‘I will miss this place.’ I say honestly


He stands up


‘Jayden would like to have a word with you.’ ‘Sure.’ I say


Minutes after he leaves Jayden comes through, he looks as composed as ever.


Carrying the same air of composure.


‘Hi.’ I begin when he doesn’t say anything ‘Hi? Just that?’


‘Jayden what do you want?’


‘A proper greeting.’ He says opening his arms


I go to where he is hesitantly and get into his arms, it actually feels like home. ‘I missed you.’ He says kissing my hair ‘I missed you.’



He holds my head by the cheeks and kisses my forehead lightly ‘Don’t you ever walk away from me again.’


I just nod my head afraid to speak



He kisses my lips with passion sending waves of emotions within me then pulls away.


I stand there like a monument, he laughs lightly.


‘You should see your face right now.’


I roll my eyes




‘Leave me alone.’ I say rolling them again


‘The things I will do to you.’


‘I dare you Jayden.’ I say playfully


‘You will bite your own words babe, trust me.’


I laugh


He helps me finish packing up then we leave the office together. I don’t know what has just happened because one minute I was asking him to stay away from me then the other we together




I have been trying to call Brian the entire morning but his line is not going through, I am losing it. We had a deal and he has to keep his end of it because if he doesn’t I am going to expose him.


I go to Michel’s Facebook page and still there is nothing, in fact she hasn’t changed the photo she had as her profile picture where Vashawn is still in it.


‘Damn it!’ I cuss loudly



What sort of a person doesn’t update their Facebook? In this day and age everyone puts their life on social media and that is how we are able to see what is happening with them.


I try calling again and this time around it goes through.


‘What games are you playing with me Brian?’ I yell


‘What are you talking about?’ He asks innocently


‘Don’t you dare act like that, you know exactly what I am talking about!’


‘Cassie I told you I would call you when I get it done.’ He says


I sigh, if I didn’t know any better I would think he is buying time. Then it hits me.


‘Brian what have you done?’ I ask looking out the window as I notice police vehicles approaching


‘What I should I have done way back.’ He says dropping the line


I rush to my handbag and remove the bottle of doom, I kept this for an emergency and this is one. I am not spending a day behind bars, not me. I don’t care taking the easy way out as long as I don’t end up in jail. I open the bottle and wait for the door to open.





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