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Episode 10



Chris’s POV


What has gotten into her?


She kissed and nibble on my lip asking for entrance.


I grab her butt and and wrapped her leg around my waist.


I couldn’t think of any other thing at the moment.



I break the kiss and look at her while she look away.


Shy all of a sudden?


“Bold now ain’t we? I teased her.


She look at me and was already crying.


“Why are you crying? I asked surprised at her mood swing.


“Why ain’t you picking my calls? She asked and I chuckled.


“Because you don’t want me calling you, remember our last conversation.” I said and she smirked.


“So will you give me your attention from now on? She asked and look at me hopefully.


“I….I don’t know what to say, I mean I don’t know how to say this.” She said and


stare at my chest.


“What do you want to say baby girl? I asked as I held her chin up.


“I…do you hate me? She asked.


Well that is a stupid question to ask.


“Yes I wanted to, but I just failed and got caught up in your charm.” I said and smiled at her.


“You like me? She asked with a glimpse of happiness in her eyes.


“Do you like me? I asked instead of replying her.


“I don’t know, I just can’t get you off my mind.” She said and I stare at her.


She can’t take me off her mind.


Wait is this the rude and arrogant Arielle Montenegro or someone else?


“Are you Arielle or someone else? I asked as I bring her down.


She was now standing on her own. She smirked at my question and sneaked her hand inside my white suit.


“Why don’t you check if it’s Arielle? She asked biting on her lower lip.


Well I can’t deny , that was hella s£xy.


“Baby girl what are you doing? I asked as she rub her hand along my clothed abs.


She removed her hand and sat down on a chair.


“Why are you nice to me Chris? We are not the same.” She said.


I sat down in front of her and put on my reading glass.


“You are an adult too Arielle, you are nineteen.” I reasoned neglecting her question.


“You are twenty six Chris, I full flagged adult.” She said with all seriousness.


Well I cared less about that.


The fact that she like me, and I’m also picking interest in her is supposed to be a problem.


“Forget about that sweetheart, it doesn’t matter.” I replied casually.


She stood up and pick up her backpack from the couch.


“I’ll be on my way now, call me when you’re less busy.” She said and cross my side.


She peck my check and walk towards the door.


“Bye Daddy.” She said and winked at me before quickly push the door open and got out.





Did she just called me Daddy?


Seems like baby girl needs daddy’s attention really bad.


I chuckled at the thought and pick up a file from the nearby shelve before walking out if the office.


Arielle’s POV


What was i thinking when I called him Daddy?


I just felt like teasing him but I know that won’t


I drove inside the mansion and drove to the parking lot, I got out of my car then walk inside the house.


“Good afternoon Miss.” The maids on duty greeted and I hummed before walking past them.


“Mary get me Oreo in my room immediately mixed with vanilla.” I said to one of the maids.


“Tell the cook to get my lunch ready.” I said before climbing up the stairs.


Damn I’m hungry.


Staying with Chris I didn’t notice that I’m hungry except for now.


I bring out my purse from my backpack and bring out my key from it.


I unlock the door and walk inside.


I sat down on my bed and remove my shoe, I was so tired. I couldn’t even take my bath nor remove my clothes.


I lay down on my stomach and bring out my phone.


A knock came on the door, that must be Mary.


“Come in.”


The door opened and closed without me knowing the person.


“Drop it on the table and get the f**k out.” I said but there was no reply. I turn around angrily and the person wasn’t Mary but Ares?


“What are you doing here all creepy? I asked annoyed.


“Well you didn’t care to know what it is.” He replied.


Well he is partially right.


“Whatever, why are you here? I asked sitting Indian style on my bed.


He lean on my dressing table and stare at me.


“School closed an hour ago, where were you? He asked.


“And why are you asking? Are you stalking me? I’m a full grown adult idiot.” I seethed out.


“Full grown adult my foot. Anyways I don’t Care, I want you to give me Tanya’s cellphone number.” He said.


Tanya’s phone number?


“And why you I give it to you? I asked and wrapped my hand around my chest.


“You don’t have to know just give me the damn number.” He said.


Not that easily dummy.


“Well not that easily.” I said and he scoffed.


“Okay what do you want? Car, a new set of clothes, a ticket to one direction concert? What exactly?He asked.


“Yea, a ticket to that concert. I just heard about it and I need three tickets.” I said and smirked.



“Whatever, I’ma get it for ya now give me the damn number.” He said.


I grab his phone and type in her number.


“There you go.” I said and gave it to him.


“You’ll get the tickets before tonight.” He said and walk out.


I don’t need prove to know that he will get it for me, my family doesn’t go back on their words.


Where is this damn maid!


I slipped my legs inside my flip flop and walk out of my room.


I climb downstairs and met her cleaning.


“Where the hell is my Oreo? I asked biting back my anger.


“Miss….I….I send the driver to go get it for you, the one we have install inside the


fridge is empty.”


“And you couldn’t report back? I asked.


“Please forgive me ma’am.”




I said and walk inside the dinning room.


Oh my gosh! Where is my food.


“You are fired today you this wretched woman.” I mumbled.







(Worlds apart)







(Being a little)



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