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Kira walked back into the house angrily starring a austin hands at akimbo “i’m so sorry kira,i was drunk ,,i would never cheat on you “Austin said sadly “I knew shes always desperate but i never knew to that extent”kira replied “So am i forgiven” he asked


“So you have to make dinner of five different type of food”she replied and austin chuckle


“Wait your serious? ” austin asked in disbelief and she nodded



Kira pov



I Dressed in a sΒ£xy lingerie and waited to Austin to come into the room “Looking sΒ£xy”Austin said licking his lips as he entered into the room “Hungry” i asked in a seductive way and rubbed his chest


“So when are you planning to tell me about my baby” austin asked kissing my lips “What do you mean”i asked


“c’mon i know already” he replied and kissed my stomach “Do you think i’m ready”i asked “you are always ready”he replied


“Gosh i’m so exicted “austin said and hugged me tightly “Me too” i replied




I woke up and saw my room and bed decorated with flowers It lookes so beautiful


The door opened and mitchell walked in beautifully dressed holding a rose in her hand


She handed me the rose smiling


Austin walked in too and knelt down in front of me and brought out a box


“From that day you walked through that door i knew there was something special and different about you. You have proven that alot of time



And right now i cant imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone apart from you”




i nodded in tears and streched my hands


“Yes” i replied and he sliped the diamond ring into my finger “Mummy”stacy and mitchell yelled and hugged me “i love you guys” i said and kissed their forehead


“Well another good news kids,,you guys are going to have a baby “i said exictedly


“We already know mum ,,,dad cant keep a secret” mitchell said and we all laughed




“AUSTIN” i yelled and he ran towards me looking stressed out “Do i look fat”i asked


” Errrrm.. No”he replied


“You wasted time before replying that means i’m fat”i yelled and started crying “Dont come close to me”i yelled and stood up


“C’mon you still look beautiful”austin said and i blushed “awwwn ”


I hugged him tightly when i felt something dripping down to my feet


“Austin”i called gently


“My water just broke”i said and he looked down


Austin began breathing heavily and sweating and running round the house as he called the mid wife






Austin yelled running arround the hospital exictedly And the lived happily ever after Did you enjoy it?


The End

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