Thu. Jul 11th, 2024





I sat down thinking


The only reason ,Austin hired her is because of his kids


So if i can make the kids like me then her service is no longer needed Those kids,very spoilt ,,how do i make them like me


Since its weekend maybe i will just take them out for icecream Kids love it


Since i woke up early


I went to the kids room,they were both awake “Hii pumpkins” i called smiling at them “Lets get you both in the shower”


“where is kira” mitch asked


“She making breakfast ,i will be the one to get you guys ready”i replied Mitch pulled her clothes and tied her towel arround her chest



How can this small girl be soo smart


I carried stacy in my arms to the bathroom


I removed her clothes and dipper and noticed she poo in them Gosh i felt so disgusted


If not for one thing i would have just throw her away I managed to clean her up


Bathing these kids was not an easy task


They kept dragging my well combed hair and splashing water all over me Now i was completely wet


i took them to my room to go change my clothes when i heard my something landed


on the floor


I looked properly and saw stacy threw my phone to the floor I felt like crying


My expensive phone ,,i almost screamed my lungs out These kids are little monsters i hate them already





I woke up and went to the kids room


They were not there


I was about to run into Austin’s room when i heard noise coming from sindy’s room


I put my ears on her door and heard the kids voice


I knocked on the door and she opened carrying stacy in her arms “I …I …I wanted to bath them”i said


“As you can see i did tha treatment already and we are having fun,,call us when breakfast is ready”sindy said and slammed the door to my face


What is she up to again


I went down stairs and began cooking


I called everyone out for breakfast and sindy was the last to come with the kids she greeted austin and kissed him at the both sides of his cheeks


Am sure he was surprised with the way she was carrying the kids Maybe she wants to change for good


After breakfast she took them to watch their favourite disney cartoon Hours later, she got dressed and took them out for ice cream


Her recent behaviour is making me have a second thought about her I dont really understand whats going on


Austin and i were the only one at home ,,thankGod because i needed to talk with him


“Austin can i talk to you”i asked and he nodded


I want to quit ” i said nd he starred at me shocked “What why” he asked


“You know the cooking programm i told you about”i said and he nodded “Well its starting next week so i will be leaving the country” i added “when are you leaving”he asked


“Tomorrow ” i replied and he nodded




After our conversation earlier


Austin and i havent said a word to each other ,,He became moody all of a sudden Well am not happy that am leaving but i have to fulfill my dreams


All i ever wanted was to be a chef and now i have the money to help myself up


I dont want to waste it


To be continued


Who else is sad that kira is leaving???







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