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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 17




………… ……….




….. TAEYONG…..




Lee min fell down uncounciously on the ground as i laughed then went upstairs to search for Kim Sonya


She must be here somewhere


I thought to myself as I sighted a room which was already open


I went in. As I saw Kim lying on the bed, I bet she was sleeping


I tiptoed slowly to her and began pressing her neck to suffocate her



The job had been to kill both Lee min and the girl who save him


“Am sorry Kim, you just happened to enter the fight”


I sighed heavily as her eyes flew opened and she struggled for breath










I struggled with the hand on my neck fircefully as I felt my energy drain away Lee min


I tried teleporting but it was swift and there had been a blockage


Lee please help


I cried out


I felt my air go away slowly


….. LEE MIN ….


My eyes flew open and there was strength from no where


I heard Kim Sonya’s voice in my head and it was then the realization hit me


Teayong must have gone there


!Lee min!


I heard it again but faintly this time around



I picked up the fire extinguisher that was hanged at the palour as I dragged my self up to Kim’s room


I saw Taeyong strangling Kim as I forcefully dragged the extinguisher up and hit his head so hard that he fell lifelessly on the ground


Kim Sonya sat up holding her neck rapidly amd breathing heavily as I rushed to her side and hugged her tight stroking her hair


“It’s gonna be alright”


I assured still hugging her as she sobbed into my arms


” Whoes he? ”


She raised an eyebrow at him


“My ex ”


I rolled my eyes as she looked astonished at me


“Your gay?!”


She raised an eyebrow


“Oh god no!!, I meant best friend”


I squeezed


” Ok ,what should we do with him”


She dragged her eyebrows to where he was


*police siren*


“Seems like someone has decided to be useful for once ”


I rolled my eyes sacastically as park yung ran into the room almost immediately


” speaking about the devil”


I squinted as Kim rolled her yes and came down from the bed


I called the police immediately I overheard Lee’s conversation with that guy that walked in ”



Park yung informed as he breathed heavily “Who is he anyway?” He questioned


“Lee’s ex”


Kim sonya replied as park yung looked crazily at me




I glared at him


“I didn’t know you were gay?!”


He crossed his arms suspiciously


I am not gay for crying out loud!!!!” I Screamed angrilly ” Geez”


*Knock knock*


” FBI here!”


We all ran to the door after making sure taeyung was still unconscious and we opened the door


“OMG come in, there’s a phycopathic killer in here”


Park Screamed


Wait, is this not runaway actor lee min?” One of the police men pointed at me


“Well well well”


The other laughed loudly


……..KIM SONYA…….


I stood stunned unable to move as Taeyung came into the palour with blood running from his head down his face with a gun in his hand pointed at us


“Oh my God, bring the gun down”


The police man pleaded


Taeyung laughed as he pulled the trigger and it hit Lee in the stomach


He fell lifelessly on the ground as i rushed to him










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