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Surprisingly school was over that day and I couldn’t stop feeling like I was on top of the world, I’m going to have an alone time with James. This Is amazing.



Tracey, victoria and I went to drama class together that day and our drama teacher told us about the play we’re going to perform at the end of the semester, he told us to read the book which was titled ‘Time’ which I have already read and I’m going to be the main role. . Don’t care if any body wants it or not.


I went home that day feeling so high that I felt like I was floating when Evans drove me home.


I got home, took a shower and Beatrice prepared a fine dish for me which I ate happily. My walked in with a sigh.


“hey honey, how was school?” she asked. Reliving her heels


“school was great, in fact it was splendid and prefect” I smiled and my mom laughed.


“do you prefer this school so much to your older school or– “I prefer this school so much” I cut my mom. “that’s nice, why so” she asked.


“cause it’… It’s nice and they’re all nice..” I lied I can’t possibly tell her I like a boy. It’s clearly because of James.. And tracy that I like alvery academy. “okay…” my mom smiled and walked upstairs.


“Beatrice!! Prepare my bath” my mom yelled from the stairs.. “yes ma’am” Beatrice replied running after my mom.


I ate my dinner and went back upstairs to my room, I got on my bed and moved to my book shelf I grabbed our project book, ‘man and space’ I’ll make sure I read this book to a limit where it’ll feel like I’m the one who wrote it, I’m going to make James proud of me. I opened to chapter one and sighed, it had up-to thirty chapters and I hope I can read it all before meeting with James.


That evening I read up-to nine chapters before I slept off, the book was pretty interesting , it was about a man who’s actually an inventor, his wife and his nine years old daughter who fed from hand to mouth, then one day going home from work he saw a strange bottle, took it home and surprisingly it let him travel to space anytime he wanted to, but it was like a dream to him cause he could breathe so well in space…


I’ll like to see where the story goes anyways cause I haven’t gone that far. *


The next day, I was woken up by my alarm and Beatrice, did my morning routine before heading to school in the limo with Evans.


I got to class that morning and to my surprise I couldn’t see anyone in class. Where the hell are they??



Just then Tiana walked in wearing a football jersey and short with sneakers and a headband tried around her head.


“Tiana, where the hell is everyone?” I asked dropping my backpack on my seat. She glanced at me and ignored me,


“Tiana, I’m talking to you” I yelled my voice echoing in the whole class. “hey don’t talk to me, I don’t talk to people like you okay!” she snapped and I scoffed.


“are you still mad I took you seat, cause if you are then you’re dumb cause you’re crying over spilled milk” I laughed and she rolled her eyes at me. Just then Kaden and James walked inside wearing jerseys and well but sweating and goodness James looks beautiful.


“James!” I called and Kaden sighed.


James turned to me and I walked up to him ignoring Kaden stares.


“where are you coming from, where is everybody?” I asked.


“everyone’s at the gym now get lost” Kaden replied but I ignored him. “where are they? Tell me James” I Said and James replied.


“they’re in the gym, it’s Wednesday and every Wednesday we get together in the gym for sports or exercise, you should probably go get dressed or else coach Rick Won’t be happy seeing you dressed in your uniform” my James tells me and I nod happily.


“okay I’ll go change, thanks for telling me James” I smiled at him and he nods while Kaden rolled his eyes. “someday those eyes are gonna fall” I tell Kaden and he glanced at James then at me. “C’mon James, she’s not worth talking to us” Kaden said and pulled him and they both walked to the back of the class, I huffed and walked out of the class.


I got to the gym and just as I was about to enter, I bumped into Victoria. “hey,” she smiled.


“hi Tori,” I replied.


“why aren’t you in your Jersey?” she asked.


“hello, it’s my third day here how would I know what’s happening with the school” I said dramatically and she laughed.


“C’mon” she said and pulled my hand but I snatched my hand from her grip. “don’t touch, scratch, pull, or grab my hand or else I ask you too” I warned. “Geez you’re just like Tracey explained” she said.


“what did she say about me?” I asked folding my arms.


“nothing! C’mon you have to change” she quickly said and I gave in and followed her to the changing room..



“tada.. This is your locker” she said as we got to the changing room, it was medium sized locker and my name was placed on it. I opened the locker and grabbed the clothes inside. “you’ll need to get a key for your locker” she tells me


“I know” I glance at her and unbutton my shirt before removing it leaving me with my sports bra and skirt. . I was about removing my shirt when James walked in the girls changing room and I gasped and froze on my spot. But surprisingly no one freaked out that a boy, is in the girls changing room!!.


“coach Rick wants everyone on the gym now and those still changing should get dressed immediately” James announced and glanced at me then glance down at my chest before looking at my face “especially you” he said before walking out. I turned to Victoria and she doesn’t seem affected by his presence and I almost fainted, can a boy just walk in here or what?.


“what the hell Why Was no one affected by James coming in here” I asked


Victoria, I mean it’s a good thing that James actually admired my body for some


time, but what if it was another boy, like.. Kaden.. I can’t even imagine that.


“does it really matter” Victoria shrugged and I nod “it does matter.. like so much”


I said and she threw my jersey at me. “quick change your clothes fast” she said and


I sighed and changed.




Gym class was boring we kept running around in circles and I almost died, and I thought coach Rick was a man but I was wrong she’s a lady answering a male’s and she doesn’t look too feminine cause she had huge bicep and she had no boob’s. After gym Class I make sure I dried my body before changing into my uniform and we all went back to class for learning. We had like two similar subject before they rang the bell for lunch break.


“it’s lunch break!! Yay!!!” a girl screamed from behind and our math teacher glared at her. Before walking out.


I stood up to go meet Tracey when she suddenly jumped in front of me.


She intertwined her hand with mine and smiled “let’s go together”.


This time I didn’t complain with her hand in mine, I really love her company, I have to admit.


“hey guys wait for me” victoria said standing up in a hurry from her seat ,as she walked out from her seat Her skirt got hooked with her desk making her stumble and was about to fall but Kaden surprisingly caught her.


“oh my goodness thank you Kaden, I thought I was going to die” Victoria said breathing heavily.



“well no problem, just be careful” Kaden tells her and she nods happily and walked up to us, I glance at Kaden and he was looking at me, I gave him one of my eye rolls and showed me his middle finger which made me gasp.


“just let him go” Tracey said and pulled me forward, victoria quickly walked up to us and intertwined my other hand with hers which made me the “middle girl” I didn’t complain about her holding me too cause her company is granted too.


As the three of us walked through the hallway, I saw molly peeping at us from her class and I rolled my eyes at her and pulled Victoria and Tracey forward so they can’t see molly. Shes not welcomed with me.


The three of us walked in the cafeteria only to see everywhere occupied even our special table.


We’ve already ordered our food and we still stood still looking around for where to seat, Tracey sighed and turned to Victoria and i “C’mon, I know where we can sit” she said and start to move while Tori and I looked at each other before following her.


She got to the table Kaden and his friends were seated. Where James was seated too. “please everywhere is occupied can we sit here?” Tracey asked looking at Kaden.


Kaden glanced at victoria, then at me and I looked away.


“sure why not!” one of his friend who I haven’t heard his voice before said and Tracey smiled while we sat down on the empty chair in front of them, making them opposite us. I sat down in between Tracey and Tori, and opposite James, Kaden opposite Tracey, Jerold opposite Victoria while the guy who insisted for us to sit down sat down beside Tracey, but opposite nobody.


The seven of us sat down quietly eating, no body talking but only the sound of other people’s voice and James sulking the last part of milk from his straw could be heard.


I occasionally glance at James, and with him in front of me, he had brown eyes that had a black rim around it and I almost cried of how beautiful he looked. “damn it, I’m out of milk” I heard James muttered to himself and I immediately glance at my full box of milk.


“here have mine” Kaden and I said together placing our milk in front of James and we glared at each other. James smiled and grabbed both Kaden and my milk. “you know what! I’ll have them both”.


“well milk helps the body in a lot of things so drink up” I smiled and James smiled back.



“oh yeah, Lucas, I thought you were going to get a tattoo yesterday, how did it turn out” James ask the guy who sat beside Tracey.


“I changed my mind immediately when I saw the tools” Lucas replied and they all Laughed, including James while I placed my chin on my palm and watched him laugh, I couldn’t help but smile. I want him.


“you’re a chicken, you couldn’t even get a butterfly tattoo” Jerold said and they all laughed again, “why don’t you try getting a tattoo yourself” Lucas snarled at Jerold while Jerold smiled.


“already got one” he said and rolled up his sleeves exposing a small Dragon Tattoo


on his bicep.


“whoa..” James said.


“nice one man” Kaden smiled. “did it hurt?” Lucas asked.


“so much that I couldn’t look at it” Jerold laughed, while Tracey rolled her eyes at


him. Oh I almost forgot he’s Tracey’s ex.


“I think I’ll get a tattoo myself” James said.


“what? You’re kidding right?” Kaden said and james shook his head negatively.


“I’m not I totally will”.


“no way, you’re not getting a tattoo, not on my watch” Kaden said.


“stop acting like my mom Kaden, I’m older than you” James said and pulled Kaden hair while Kaden playfully glared at him.


“a tattoo would totally look good on you” I said.


“you think so?” he asked and I nod.


“well since you say so I’ll totally get one” he replied and winked at me. Kaden raised his eyebrows at James and shook his head negatively.


We all remained quiet again until I suddenly, surprisingly broke the silence.


“I like you James.” I broke out and James suddenly looked up.


“Huh?” he said.


“I really like you” I smiled at him and he smiled and looked away. I glance at victoria and she was trying to hold her laugh, I don’t know what’s funny. but I know I’m confessing my feelings and everyone should be serious. “you’re stranger than I thought” Kaden eyed me but I ignored him.


“you don’t have to like me back, I just want you to know– I’m kidding you totally have to like me back” I laughed while James gazed at me. “why do you like me?” he asked.


“I don’t know, I just started to, I mean is there a reason not to?” I primped. “yeah, there is” he said


“Which is?” I asked. But he just looked down and then at me.


“nothing, it’s nothing” he smiled.


“okay then would you date me?” I asked.


“what the hell is wrong with you woman” Kaden said but I ignored him.


“why don’t we have this conversation next time amongst ourselves, just the two of us” James said and I shrugged, good thing he didn’t reject me or else this is school is gonna blow.


After lunch break we all went back to class and I could still feel James staring at


me. Even during class when I turned to look at him, he’s looking at me. Looks like


I’m making progress.










(Being perfect)










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