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I said to goodbye to Esther and hurriedly went to meet James. He said his goodbye to me for that day as I got in my limo. And Evans drove me home.


I took a shower and went downstairs to eat dinner. Just as I was eating dinner I heard the living room door open and I guessed my parents must be home and I was right cause the were home, I suddenly chugged my glass of water and walked out of the dining room to see them and our suddenly recent guests.


Mrs Joyce, her husband Steven and their little bit annoying son Peter who came last time and my parents are kind of forcing me to look at Peter, and it seems like they didn’t bring their little daughter Erica. “hey mom, dad, good evening” I smiled.


“how you sweetie?” my mom asked and I replied Her with a smile and turned to our guests.


“good evening , Mr Steven, Mrs Joyce” I said politely to impress my parents and my mom smiled so much that her lips almost fell.


“aww, I don’t if it’s me or your daughter is getting prettier and nicer everyday” Mrs Joyce said and my parents laughed. “she got that side from me” my mom said and they all laughed again and seriously I don’t get what’s funny.


“hey” Peter smiled at me his deep dimple making a well on his cheeks.


“hi” I smiled back, a faux smile to be clear.


He tried to say a word but I ignored him and walked over to my mom, “mom should I help you with your bag?” I asked.


“oh Samantha, it’s okay, have you eaten dinner?” my mom asked.


“yeah” I nod.


“too bad I wanted us all to have dinner together” my mom pouted.


Thank god I already ate dinner. It’s so awkward when I eat dinner with guests. “Beatrice!!” my mom yelled and Beatrice came running to her


“take these bags upstairs” my mom ordered and Beatrice took the bag from her.


And walked upstairs. Followed by my dad.


“okay Sam, we’ll be upstairs why not spend some time with Peter” my mom smiled


and I smiled back.


“sure thing mom”.


My mom trailed behind my dad, followed by Mrs Joyce and Mr Steven and I finally let go of my stupid smile. I walked passed Peter and plopped down on the couch grabbing my dad laptop that was beside the chair. “hey Samantha..” Peter said smiling at me.


“what?” I arched my brows at him.


“nothing, how you doing?” he asked trying to start a conversation.


“fine. As you can see” I said not looking at him but the laptop in front of me.


“okay that’s good” he said and sat down on the couch I was sitting.


I was streaming the internet looking for new movies to keep myself busy for the day with. But Peter’s loud voice was distracting me with him saying things that I don’t want to know or wasn’t even listening to, and it was ear burning. That I just couldn’t take it anymore that I yelled.


“shut up!!” Peter flinched and he blinked rapidly as me.


“look, I’m sorry but I’m busy with this.. I said and glance at the laptop and then at him.. “and I’m not listening to anything you’re saying and it’s kind of annoying cause it seems like you’re just talking to yourself” I said and he shyly looked away. “I’m sorry” I apologise again and turn to the laptop.


“I just want us to be friends that all” he said after a minute of silence and I sighed and turned to him after spotting a very interesting movie. “we already are” I said.


“really?” he asked with a short smile.


“yeah” I quickly replied and turned back to the Laptop.


“b-but you don’t act like one” he said and I turned to him. “excuse me” .


“Huh?” he raised his thick brows at me.


“how do you expect me to act like, as a friend?” I asked closing the laptop.


“like…uh… He scratched his head. He doesn’t want to be “just” a friend to me.


“hug you and kiss you?” I asked standing up.


“what?” his head snapped at me. And he grinned a bit.


“sorry Pete, I already got a boyfriend” I tell him and walked away.


I got to my room and got down on my bed, I continued with whatever movie I was searching for and I ended up watching Romeo and Juliet before falling asleep and I had a dream, a really good dream that James and I were in it was too bad that I didn’t remember the dream details.


After my morning jog that morning, I took my bathe, brushed, ate breakfast and went to school.


The sound of the morning bell for first period made me start to walk fast through the hallway to get to class on time, I saw a group of girls standing at the side of the corridor talking and when I passed them one of them set out their feet for me and I tripped over it and almost fell. I huffed and turned swiftly.


“who did that?!!” I yelled at them and my voice echoed through the hallway. They all ignored me and kept talking to theirselves and then they all laughed hysterically and start to walk away, I caught each and every one of them faces I don’t know them but they’re gonna get a taste of me..


I walked in the class and our spanish teacher had already walked in and she’s not a nice person.


She prevented me from entering the class and told me to stand up at the door and I sighed and stood at the door watching her teach. I answered almost each every question she asked the class and she had to choice but to let me sit on my seat.


We had aggressive English. Literature and art before we went for lunch break. I walked over to victoria and was about to let her know we’re having lunch without Tracey cause I’m still mad at her. when Tracey suddenly walked up to us and pulled Victoria up from her seat making her pen draw a huge line on whatever


she was writing and Victoria whined.. “Tracey…”


“I’m sorry…” Tracey apologized with the same tone which made victoria laughed a


bit but she still wore that angry look. “C’mon let’s go eat lunch” Tracey said and


linked Her hand with Victoria’s.


“what about saman–


“C’mon” Tracey said and pulled Victoria and they both walked out without me.. Did Tracey just ignored me?!


I let that slide out of my chest cause I know, recently she’s been trying to break James and I up but she not succeeding so now she’s giving me the silent treatment. Well played Tracey.



I walked out of the class alone cause I couldn’t find James or else I could have gone out with him. I walked out of the class alone and head to the cafeteria, I ordered my food and glance at ‘our’ table to see molly Victoria and Tracey, eating, talking and laughing without me.


I ignored that and walked up to an empty table beside the cafeteria entrance. I plopped down on the chair and dropped my tray on the table. I started to eat slowly, and each time I just glance at Tracey molly and Victoria and that sight hurts a bit.


“Huh.. What are you doing alone?” I heard the most sweetest voice and quickly looked up.


“James..” I called softly and my voice shook.


“W..w..why are you crying?” James asked and I touched my cheeks to find out that I am crying..


“I..i.. I sighed and looked down.


James walked away and later car back with a can of coke and dropped it in front of me.


“if you’re feeling down try drinking coke it helps” he said and I held his hand that was on my thigh


“okay what’s wrong?” he asked.


“them.” I replied and looked up at Tracey and the others.


“what’s wrong with them, and why are you not eating with them” James asked and I dried my wet lashes with my hands, I can’t believe I was crying over them. So stupid of them.


“what did Tracey actually tell you yesterday when she went to drama class with you?” I asked looking down at our hands..


“n..n..nothing..” James said nervously and I looked up at him before sliding my hand out of his grip. “you’re lying to me” I said and he sighed and held my hand back.. “she just asked me if I really liked you and I said yes, and that’s all” Jame’s said and I looked up at Tracey’s table.


“I don’t understand why she’s behaving this way, and yesterday she said I’d thank her later when I find out the real truth. And today she dragged Victoria and ignored me when I was going out for lunch today, isn’t that too much” I explained and turned to James to see him gulping down the can of coke. “I thought you brought that for me”


“sorry I couldn’t help it seems like your stress and sadness is passing on to me, I’ll go have a word with Tracey” James said but I stopped him.



“you shouldn’t. Just let her be” I said and he nods but still I didn’t think he wants to listen to me.


We both ate lunch together and went back to class and jams really did clear my stress. We both went back to class and I swapped seats and with Lucas so I’d seat at beside James. Lucas agreed and went to sit on my seat while I took his as mine being close with him. I’ll be lost in his charms and totally forget about Tracey and her craziness.


School was over and we all went to drama class, we started to rehearse and the drama teacher didn’t like as I was the lead role and Esther didn’t even show up in drama class today cause she’s busy with school president stuff, so if he’s angry he should pay hell a visit.


It was time for James and I to rehearse as the frog prince and princess and I smiled as the drama teacher called us out, he handed each of us the script and after reading it for a minute he told us to start. James got on his knees to get the height of a frog while I stood up and looked down at him. James peeped his script and then turned to me. And I did the same thing.


“gracious goodness! How can a frog talk” I started to act and I glance at our drama teacher and every other student and they were looking at me attentively.


“I am not just a frog your highness!” James said and somehow he’s trying to hide his smile and that made me almost smile.


“but you are a frog you’re covered in slime and you have gills what could you be if n–


“pause!!” our drama teacher yelled and James and I turned to him.


“what’s your name again?” he asked.


“Samantha!” I tell him


“Samantha I’ll tell you this, your first line was great but your second line wasn’t that great. You’re supposed to show more concern about a talking frog, you’re acting like you’re making a mockery out of the talking frog, act like you are surprised seeing the talking frog and you James act like you need help don’t feel too comfortable down there” our drama teacher instructed. And James and I nod and turned back to each other.


“but you are a frog you’re covered in slime and you have gills what could you be if not a frog” I started this time I acted it without smiling.



“I am under a curse your highness I am actually a prince” James said very seriously, he is a prince, there’s no doubt in that.


β€œwhat are you doing say the next line” James whispered to me and I flinch, I was so lost staring at him I forgot my next line.


“a..a..a.. Prince..ce” I stutter glancing at the script. James laughed a bit and immediately changed his face when he noticed our drama teacher’s stare.


“a prince!! You’re under a curse? But how?” I said with my hand on my chest and James smiled before saying his next line.


“both of you stop!!” the drama teacher yelled and James and I paused. “you’re both great actors but you’re lacking something, and you’re wasting my time and others time, you two will only rehearse tomorrow you guys should stop for now and let the others rehearse” the drama teacher said and James smiled at me as we both walked down the stage.


Others start to rehearse while we just watched together and after drama class we all went home.


I got down from my limo and walked into my house. I saw my mom on the couch immediately I walked in the living room and I greeted her politely, but she huffed and stood up.


“Samantha.” she called and I looked at her “yeah?”.


“you’re sorry you’ve got a boyfriend” my mom said and I moved back a bit. “Huh?”


“you have a boyfriend, after everything we’ve told you” my mom said and placed


her hand on her hips.


“h-how d-d-did y-you know.” I stutter


“it doesn’t matter how I know” my mom half yelled.


Peter.. It must have been Peter who told her.










(being perfect)






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