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I got home that day and had a shower before eating dinner Beatrice prepared.


I went to my room and plopped on my bed happily. For the first time in ages I haven’t felt this way before, James and I are finally together, what more could I ask for.



This is a dream come true, gosh I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow and see him, I miss him already.


I decided to call him and hear his sweet voice but realised I don’t have his phone number, I’m a weird girlfriend..


But come to think of it, I’m someone’s girlfriend..


Someone’s girlfriend!!!!


I rolled happily on my bed and smiled like a retired clown. I’m acting like such a dork.


Beatrice knocked on the door and I know it was her cause we’re the only ones at home.


“come in” I instructed and the door open and she walked in.


“what is it?” I asked.


“your mom just called and she said she won’t be coming home today, neither is your dad” she said and I glanced at my phone. “why didn’t she call my phone instead” I murmurs


“she said, she somehow couldn’t reach your phone so she called the house phone” she explained and I nod while she walked out, it’s not the first time my parents are not staying home. So it’s perfectly normal for me.


I grabbed my laptop and bit my lips, since my parents aren’t home maybe I


should try watching a movie, the one molly talked about. I went to google,


typed in the name and they directed me to a website where I could watch


the movie, I started the movie and even the intro music sounds interesting


and I couldn’t be more excited,




It was already nighttime when the movie was over and I enjoyed every bit of the movie, and I realized they were actually some part’s molly left out but I watched them anyway, the website where I watched the movie recommended some similar movie to me and I ended up watching three movies In a roll that might before falling asleep on my laptop. I woke up the next morning to find my alarm beeping red.



I’m late. I am so late. I got up from my bed and closed my laptop, I got into my bathroom and took a quick shower, I missed my jogging. I can’t believe this and on top of that I’m late .


After dressing I ate breakfast and fast as possible and stormed out of the house, I met Evans by my limo and he opened the door for me while I got in.


Evans drove me to school and I hurried to class, the hallway seemed so empty as I walked to class and I gasped when I saw the biology teacher in our class. I’m late for first period.


I huffed and moved my hair back and with pride I walked in.


“good morning sir,” I greeted warmly.


“glad you could join us kress, so unlike you to come to school late” he said and I grinned lightly.


“yeah I had a bit of a situation” I said and was about to sit down but his question stopped me “what kind of situation?” he asked, and I dropped my bag and turned, even though I love attention so much, I didn’t like this one, everyone’s eyes laid on me and it was annoying.


“uh.. I was working!” I lied, I can’t tell him about my late night movies. “are you having a part time job, cause students aren’t allowed to have part time”.


“No it’s not a part time job, eww” I rolled my eyes.


“then what is it”.


This man is getting on my nerves. “it’s a secret sir, I can’t tell you” I said and he scoffed.


“just sit down,” he said, I thought he wanted to ask questions. Before sitting down I glance at James who was smiling at Kaden, but Kaden wasn’t smiling, he should be smiling at me instead. Ugh.


I paid real close and attentively to the biology teacher and his period passed



We were at the fourth period when I had to go so I stood.


“uh ma’am..” I said to our art teacher Mrs Tina


“yes, how can I help y–


“I need your permission to go to the bathroom” I interrupted her and she nods, while I smiled at walked out, it feels like a gallon of hot fuel has been poured around my bladder, I just had two cups of milk and a cup of water. I walked into the girls toilet and after peeing, I walked close to the sink and mirror, I turned on the faucet and the water from the sink started running out and I washed my hands, just as I was drying my hand with tissue paper, the bathroom lights were suddenly turned off. I didn’t hear a clicking sound and I didn’t know where the lights switch were. I’ve already peed and it was none of my business, the bathroom had a small window almost close to the roof And I could see my way to the door, I held the doorknob about to open the door but the door wouldn’t open.. I pulled the door till my hands became numb, I gave up and started to bang the door.


“hello!!!.. Is anyone out there!” I yelled, if this is anyone’s doing it’s not funny.


“hello!!!!!!!!” this time I yelled loudly and banged the door even harder and no classes are near the toilet. No one can easily hear me This is crazy. The door suddenly clicked and opened, I smiled happily and was about walking out, but from the shadows someone came out and threw what seems like paint on my body and face then ran away,, I immediately spot the light switch and turnd the light up to see red paint all over my and it has completely ruined my uniform. I huffed and moved my hair aside, who did this!!


Who could be so low, after being really sweet to everyone this is what I get, I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t but I found tears dropping from my eyes, some of the paint got into my eyes and it was really burning them so tears had to drop and I used that opportunity to cry,


I muffled a low sound of cry in my hand as tears rushed down my eyes. How can anyone do this to someone as beautiful and perfect as me, what have I done to deserve this.




“Samantha!!??” I heard James voice and I turned swiftly.


“James!” I sniffed and cried even louder.


“what in the heckerooni happened to you?” he asked coming close to me.


“I..i.. don’t.. I was…” I hiccuped and cried even more.


“it’s okay you can explain when you’re okay” he said and held my hand. I wanted to hug him but I’ll ruin his uniform with the red paint.


He let’s go of my hand to get the tissue paper, and he yanked some out of


the roll and start to clean my face.


“so you can see clearly” he smiled.


“thank you” I said.


“C’mon we have to get you cleaned up” he said and held my hand again pulling me out of the bathroom.


We both walked quietly and simultaneously to class and entering the class, everyone gasped seeing me. Which made me rolled my eyes, some people giggled and I turned away.


“gracious lord!” Mrs Tina exclaimed seeing me.


“miss kress what happened to you, I thought you wanted to use the bathroom” she asked and remembering the stupid incident I huffed angrily, whoever did this to me is gonna pay!


“someone did this to me and I coul— I stopped talking and I sighed .. “can I please go change” I tell her and she nods.


“please do so” she said and James walked out with me.


“this is unfair, I mean what did I do to deserve this” I complained and he laughed.


“sometimes in life we get what we don’t deserve, and sometimes we get what we deserve” he shrugged and I sighed.


“but I don’t deserve this! I mean someone just came out of the darkness


and spilled paint on me after Creepily switching off the lights and locking


the bathroom door”.


“what?” James half yelled.


“are you sure you didn’t offend anyone” he asked.





“okay is there any one you hate and who you think hates you too?” he asked. “I like only a few people and I don’t think I have any enemy, or.. I paused.


“Catherine”. I whispered.


“excuse me?” James said.


“Catherine,” I said loudly for him to hear, “you mean Tiana’s friend?”


“yeah, she’s a nuisance and I know she probably doesn’t like me cause I always put her in her place” I said and he laughed.


“you know what, just get changed first and we’ll reason all this together” he said as we walked into the gym, good thing we have sport-wears or should I say gym-wears ..


We got into the girls changing room and James handed me a towel and after cleaning some part of my body and uniform I brought out my jersey from my locker.


“can you turn, I want to change” I tell James and his mouth parted open.


“it doesn’t ma—you know what I’ll just do that” he said and turned.


I removed my uniform and cleaned the rest of the red paint on my body


before putting on my jersey.


“done!” I said and James turned.


“you’ve still got some paint on your hair” He smiled and grabbed the towel and started to clean my forehead. I looked at his adorable face from my eyelashes and I pulled his hand from my hair and grabbed his head, I stood on my toe and kissed him. He reciprocated and the kissing got so intense that I forgot I was supposed to breathe.


I suddenly pulled away and gasped for air while James laughed.


“C’mon let’s get back to class” he said and pulled me.




During lunch time, I sat down with Molly Tracey and Victoria. As always,


They asked me about the red paint incident and I started explaining the whole story while they listened attentively, and we all talked about Cathrine



who I said I suspected, after that I intentionally brought up the topic of movies and I then we got to the part where we talked of high school movies and Tracey claimed she’s finally watched the movie teen spirit and I claimed it too and we all talked about it and it makes sense we’re all talking about the same thing.


James walked in the cafeteria with Kaden and others I smiled at Tracey, “let’s go seat with James” I smiled. Standing up “yeah” Tracey agreed.


“we all know you’re going there because of Kaden, but don’t worry molly and I will be here you guys go ahead” Victoria said and Tracey rolled her eyes before standing up and grabbing her tray of food


“actually I was going with them” molly said and grabbed her tray .. “looks like you’re on your own” Tracey smile at Tori who wore a sad frown but sighed immediately.


“you know what, I change my mind I’m coming with you guys” Tori said and we all laughed.


Tori, molly and Tracey sat down opposite the boys while I sat down beside James.


“what do you guys want” Kaden asked


“nothing that concerns you” I tell him linking my arms with James. “Kaden You’re wrong, they’re a perfect match, I don’t think it’s weird looking at them this way” Jerold said. “who?” Tori asked.



“Sam and James. Kaden said its weird for him looking at two of them together” Jerold explained.


“yeah Kaden’s right” Tori said looking at us.


“see.. At least Tori’s reasonable” Kaden said dryly.


“there’s nothing weird about us being a couple if you’re all jealous go to hell” I smiled and Victoria laughed rolled her eyes. “they’re a little bit weird to me” Lucas added.


“can you guys just shut the hell up” James barked at them and they all kept quiet, that’s more like it.


“uhm.. Samantha can I talk to you?” Tracey said calmly.


“yeah sure go on” I tell her and everyone turned to her to listen when she just wants to talk to me.


“privately” she said and I sighed and stood up. “why not” I rolled my eyes and she stood up and dragged me out of the cafeteria .


We both stood in the hallway opposite each other and I placed my hand on my hips.


“okay what is this talk, you wanted t—


“there’s something you need to know about James” she said interrupting me. And I raised my eyebrows at her.


“you’re my friend and I’ve been keeping that from you cause of some reasons and I don’t want to keep that from you anymore cause you totally deserve to know” she said and I sighed. “can you let the cat out of the bag already”.


“okay, fine!.. James. . James is actually a girl” she breathed out and I gaze at her for some time before saying,


“Tracey, making up stupid lies won’t make me break up with James cause I know you hate the two of us together, and your lie is so messed up that no one’s going to buy the including me” I said and she scoffed. “but I’m telling you the truth, and yes that’s why I hate the two you


together cause she’s a girl and you’re a girl and that is lesbia–


“Tracy, you’re a good friend but I can’t believe you’re this mean to tell me


something shitty, believe it or not this is the worst lie you’ll ever tell” I


stated angrily but she shook her head negatively.


“but I’m telling the—


“save it” . I said and walked away.









(being perfect)








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