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Chapter 7












He held his neck like he was struggling for breathe.


I watched him confused at what was going on really.


He stopped panting heavily and ran out with his car keys


* What’s wrong with him? *


I asked nobody in particular.


I turned and my eyes met with Lucian’s sitting at the corner he usually sits.



He was looking so dressed that one would mistake him for a famous celebrity. I walked to him standing akimbo


* What are you doing here? And dressed like that * I questioned.


He smiled and sat up properly bringing the his right leg down from the left. * Sit, I want to do something with you *


He said and pulled my hand to fall beside him on the sofa at this section of the restaurant.


I shifted a bit from him and sat properly


* What is it? *


I asked.


He brought something from his pocket and it was a smartphone,


it looked completely brand new.


* Where did you get that? *




I bought it *


He replied and tried to take a picture with me.


* Wait, where did you get that amount of money? *


I questioned cause the phone he was holding was the latest edition brand.



I did some little work today so I got the money to buy this, let’s just forget that and take this *


He explained and raised the phone to take a selfie.


I smiled lightly and he took the picture.


I got up ready to leave


* I’m hungry *


He said but I didn’t turn back to answer him.


I went into the kitchen and told Jane to serve him some snacks.




I tied my apron and started chopping some vegetables for a new recipe I wanted to try.


* He’s handsome *


Jane sneaked up on me, whispering into my ear.


I chuckled


* You can finally accept this one from all your numerous admirers * She said again


* I’m working Jane you better get back to work or your done for * I said and she left in a hurry.


I was happy I wasn’t serving today but in the kitchen.


Atleast today I’ll get home earlier hopefully.


It was past 8pm already and I was about leaving for home.


I looked around and I couldn’t find Lucian anywhere.


He didn’t tell me he was leaving, where could he have done to this late?.


I halted a taxi home and trekked the remaining street.


I climbed the stairs to my apartment and opened the door.


I went in and met him sitting on the couch, I closed the door and went in. * You didn’t tell me you were leaving *




I’m sorry, I was tired and I didn’t see you anymore * He replied and I pulled my shoes


I work as a chef, I only help in serving once in a while *


told him.


Too bad, I will not see you more often *


He replied and smiled. I looked at him and sat on the couch opposite him. * Don’t you find this strange? *


I asked and chuckled weirdly at how I’m staying with a total stranger in my apartment alone.


* You mean us living together? *


He cracked and looked at his intwined hand



I know you must be feeling uncomfortable considering being a single lady but don’t worry I mean no harm *


And who said I’m single? *


I questioned trying to get along


* I’m sorry I didn’t think you’ll let me stay if you have a boyfriend *


I laughed out loud and he smiled.


Well I am. I haven’t really had time for a relationship. Since I left my sister in Texas to come here all I want is to have my own restaurant someday *


I replied and he nodded. We both stayed quiet


* Did you have dinner? *


I said after a while


* Not really *


* OK, I will change and come out to prepare something *


I told him and went into my room.


I showered quickly and changed into something free.


I went to the kitchen and met him on the counter having a glass of water.


* You found a job early enough *


I brought up a discussion bringing out the ingredients


* Just a little work, no biggie *


He replied and I remembered my sister Wendy



* My sister always said that ‘no biggie ‘ *


I smiled missing her a lot, I should call her * I guess you must miss Wendy a lot * He replied and I was shocked.


How did he know my sister’s name?


* How did you know her name? *


I questioned.








Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s Human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel


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