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Chapter 6













I got up in a jiffy and ran into the bathroom banging the door hard behind me.


I leaned on the door and closed my eyes so tight panting heavily.


What was that about?


Oh goodness it seems I’m gonna get an heart attack.


I washed my face in the sink and walked out.


I went into the sitting room after I felt he was done.


He was sitting on the couch wearing just his trousers while his chest was exposed.


I walked past him into the kitchen to microwave some leftovers for dinner,


I’m too tired to cook.


* Your apartment is nice *


he walked out into the kitchen


Do you always do that? I asked


Do what ?*


He questioned back


* needlessly startle people *


I replied and he smiled


* I’m sorry *


He said and we just stared at each other.


The microwave signaled that the food was ready and I brought it out. * Let’s have dinner *


I said and served the food.


We sat opposite each other on the dinning table and started eating quietly. * What happened to you? *


I asked breaking the inching silence


* Nothing, I just don’t have anything at all * He replied


* No family or friends at least? *


I asked further and he nodded his head


* I was raised in an orphanage, I grew up on my own * He replied sadly dropping his fork and table knife.


* Eat up so we go to bed it’s late *


I said plainly and continued my food.


I went to bed after and made sure to lock my door properly before sleeping. Lucian



I sat on the couch in the living room watching her sleeping in her bedroom.


I closed my eyes and opened them then I was sitting on the edge of her bed.


She looks peaceful and innocent just like father wants.


I touched her hair and moved my hand on her face.


* Too bad Rose Caliente *


I said and watched her sleep the rest of the night.


I went back to the sitting room when I felt she was about to wake up.


The door cracked open and she walked out still in her pyjamas.


* Good morning *


I said smiling sweetly.


She replied and walked to the electronics.


She pressed some buttons and music filled the room.


She went into the kitchen and I trailed behind her.


I sat on the counter and watched her go about the kitchen singing along and dancing while preparing breakfast.


* Thanks Rose *


I said during breakfast and she nodded


* Do you have a name? *


She asked and I laughed



Lucian, I don’t have any last names* I replied.


We finished eating and she did the dishes then prepared to go to work. She came out all dressed up and took a good look at me * So?, What are you going to do now? *


She asked


* Can I please stay till I find a job, save up and get my own apartment? * I asked looking like a cute puppy.


My innocence they say is really a deceit to my mission.


She nodded her head slightly


* I’ll be going now *


She said and walked out.


I smiled to myself,


first mission accomplished now I have to make her fall in love with me then I’ll take away her innocence and bring it to my father so I can begin my reign. I need to go out and get some new clothes this clothes stinks. I got up and put just the blue shirt on leaving the jacket behind.


I wore the shoes and walked out to the busy streets.


The air here is cool and relaxing unlike the one in our realm, it’s always hot.


I walked into a shop where nice male clothes were showcased in a transparent glass.


* good day sir how can I help you? *


A young girl smiling walked to me


* Give me all your latest designs *


I said and waved my fingers on her face.


She walked away immediately.


I looked around and saw a chair, I went to sit and waited for her.


She came back with the clothes, I picked out a jogger pant and top


* Where’s the dressing room? *


I asked her


* over there sir *


She pointed.


I went in and changed.


I walked out and on my way I picked a few sunshades and wristwatch for my wrist ,


I saw a lot of people wearing this.




I changed my shoes into a white sneaker matching with the grey coloured joggers .



I took the bags from her and walked out. I went to drop the clothes in the apartment and headed for the restaurant she works.


I saw a guy taking pictures with a lady in his shoulder with some device.


It looked flat and reflected like a mirror.


I walked to him


* Where did you get that? *


I asked


* Is yours missing? Screw off dude *


He said and continued What he was doing.


I snapped my fingers Walking away and the phone fell and broke. Silly! I closed my eyes and scanned the environment.


I opened them and I was in a shop where whatever that guy was holding was being sold.




I walked to the counter with a lady


* Give me one of this *


I said


* Which phone do you want sir? *


She asked.



It’s a phone! It’s bigger and better, I guess this is the smart phone.


* Give me the latest *


I replied and she started packing up in small box into the white bag.


I took it and started walking


* Sir your money *


I snapped my fingers and she shut up.


I opened the phone and threw the pack away.


I went to the restaurant and sat down on my usual corner.


Ladies pass waving, giggling and smiling at me.


I looked around and didn’t see Rose anywhere, she must be in the kitchen today.


I ordered a drink and some snacks.


She stepped out after a long while serving a particular table with a young man. * my beautiful Rose *


I heard the man say even though it was really far from me.


Rose smiled but it wasn’t sincere.


He touched her arm and immediately I got angry.


* She’s mine imbecile *


My teeth gritted and he held his neck struggling for breath.





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a Demon



She’s Human



Fantasy Romance



Written by Shantel



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