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Chapter 18











I opened my eyes and it was burning hot and I was sweating all over.


I looked around and it was dark and people flying about.


What? Where am I?


The last thing I remember was coming out of the bathroom and met some men on my bed.


Before I could scream they touched me and that’s all I remember.


I looked down at myself and I was sitting on a chair but I couldn’t move,



not even my feets.


Where am I? How, how did I get here? I turned left and I almost screamed in fright.


It was a huge man with horns and mighty black wings sitting at the far end on a high chair.


Seven men by his left like him but smaller and a woman by his right.


Skeletons in clothings were sitting too and it was the most terrifying scene ever.


I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn’t.


What’s happening? Why can’t I speak?


* Father! *


Someone screamed.


I turned and it was a man bowing with his wings flapping of fire.


He raised his head and I had the shock of my life.




He looked at me and I was sure it was him with the way he looked at me. * My son! You’ve accomplished your mission on earth *


The huge man said.


Son? Father? Mission? Lucian is his son? What mission?


never a doubt Lucian will find the a beautiful woman to love him easily. Now you get what you seek *..



The woman said flaunting her long black nails in the air.


I was a mission?


I thought he loved me,


this is what I get for helping? For falling in love?


* Father please don’t do this, I plead *


Lucian said. What is this? What is he?


NO! She must die and her blood must serve my purpose!* The room echoed and he spat out fire.


Fear gripped me.


Lucian fell flat on his knees again


Take me instead Father, spare her *








his father yelled and the horns grew longer. WTF!


If so, I denounce my position and decline the rule to reign but I can’t bear to see her in pains. Please! *


He pleaded and got me more confused.


If he cares about me why did he do this then?



Why was I offered as a sacrifice to something I know nothing of? Everyone in the room mumbled


* you’re giving away your chance for a mundane? *


One of the other men (Lucian’s seven brothers ) said and laughed.


His father got up angrily and his Wings turned to a blazing fire.


He raised his fingers and I moved out of the chair slowly going towards him.


My eyes popped out, what’s happening?.


* Father Nooooo! Kill me instead *


Lucian screamed and fire came out of his hand.


His finger dropped and I was thrown to the wall.


I hit my head and fell to the ground.


* You disobey me for a woman? An earthly woman? *


I have served you all my life father, grant me this wish. If you so please banish me forever from your realm, I can take anything just let her go *


Lucian pleaded.


My eyes were closed and my head was hurting badly.


Suddenly I felt strangled, I was out of breathe.


I held my neck struggling and opened my eyes.


The father pointed his crossed finger at me and Lucian was running towards me,



he stayed in front of me and it stopped but he seemed like he was the one being strangled now.


He drew a sign with his finger, touched my head and tucked my hair. I just watched him


* I love you *


He said and started screaming and he was slowly turning to ash.


* I’m sorry, please forgive me *


Were the last words I heard


My eyes shut and my breathing seized.


I sneezed and open my eyes, I jumped up in shock and looked around. I was in my room, what happened?




Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s Human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel










When I say I’m fine, look in the mirror and tell myself I’m fine.


It’s just one of the biggest lie I’ve told myself cause I know otherwise.


It’s been a while, a month and still I can’t get Lucian out of my mind and heart.


Everything and Everywhere reminds me of him and every moment I think of him.


I don’t know if I’m still angry at me for risking my life or appreciate him for risking his for me.


But what I’m sure of his that I’m in love with him.


I want to see him again, I want to hug him,


I want his hands wrapped around me.


I want to wake up to the scent of breakfast and have someone take me home.


I miss piggy back ride cause the stairs have become so tiring and now I get scared walking home alone.


* Order for Mac and cheese *


One of the waiter asked.


I looked into the pan realized I was preparing that order.


* Chef Rose are you sure you’re okay? *


I nodded and handed over the pan to her then went ahead to sit down and calm myself.


The last thing I want is setting the place ablaze out of my absentminded state.


I sighed and asked for a glass of water.


Lucian what happened to you? I’m all worked up.






I finished for the day pretty early and slowly I walked home.


I wanted to stop by to buy dinner cause I was too tired to cook.


I’m going to sleep without dinner today again?


If this continues I’m surely going to get sick.


I took a turn into the street and every step I took reminded me of Lucian.


I tilted my head up close to my apartment and I saw a guy standing by the stairs.


What’s my business?


People also live here.


I got closer to him and it was Lucian.


My heart jumped and started beating fast.


He looked even better and he had a neutral face.


I stood there for minutes just staring at him.


I looked away and wanted to walk pass him even though I was more than eager to hug him tightly and tell him I love him.


I climbed the first stair, second, third and still he didn’t stop me.


I turned back and saw him walking away, what?!


* Lucian!! *


I called loudly and he stopped and turned back.


I dropped my bag and ran down and into his arms, crying I held him so tight. He let go of me and fell down on his knees


I thought you would never say a word to me again. Rose please forgive me, I’m so sorry *


He pleaded.


I smiled and helped him up,


I touched his face and brushed my hand into his hair.


* I Love you *


I said and his lips curved in a smile.


He was grinning widely and soon he squealed.


* I love you Rose, I love you so much *


He replied and kissed me. I smiled in his lips.








It’s been two years already and when I think of the circumstances I had to live again I consider myself more lucky.



After that night two years ago I would have died but there was something more powerful than his Powers and it’s Love.


I was stripped of my powers, post and everything I worked so hard for all my life.


I was banished like I never existed in the first place and I was happy.


Coming back to Rose is my greatest achievement.


Falling in love with her seems like life itself,


I couldn’t have been able to feel this much happiness.


* Chef Rose please check this out *


I said.


She walked to me and kissed my lips


* Perfect *


She said and kissed me again before leaving.


When I came back it was so difficult to get a job considering I had no qualifications but I later landed on one with a good pay.


Rose and I saved up to achieve her dreams and today we have our own restaurant and it’s on higher grounds.


I later quit my job to work with her and it’s awesome. She named the restaurant LUROSE Cuisine, perfect right?.


I finished what I was doing and garnished it on a plate before ringing the bell.


I went to Rose who was looking outside through the kitchen door.


* I think we need more chairs and tables *


I said holding her waist. She smiled.


We closed for the day and worked out leaving the staff to round up.


I opened the car for her and she got in,


I went round and drove off.


It’s not too long I decided to get a car even though Rose thought it was better we saved the money to build up another branch at the city’s border.


I drove into the garage of our newly acquired house and we stepped out.


She held my hand and we walked in together.


* Lucian why are the lights turned off? *


She asked when we got in.


She left me and reached for the Switch.


The light’s turned on




the room echoed and petals fell on Rose.


She looked around surprised.


I had her Sister Wendy and family here as well as her old friends from school with the help of Wendy.



Even the people she walked with before, our new staff now, Jane and some of the few friends I’ve made.


She turned to look at me and I was on my knees with a bouquet of Rose Flowers and a beautiful ring on it.


Her jaws fell wide open and she covered her mouth with her palms.


An unpleasing manner brought us together like we think but no Rose it was Fate doing it’s job and i would say he did well.


You’re my happiness, my life, my everyday smile is only because of you and every breathe I take its to be with you.


Even with all my sins I was still blessed to have you beside me every step of the way.


Rose please marry me and make me whole, please *


I said almost tearing up.


She wiped the drop of tears on her eyes and looked down at me.


She nodded slowly


* YES!! yes Lucian I will marry you *


She replied.


I slipped the ring in her fingers, kissed it and stood up.


I crashed my lips on hers carrying her ignoring the chants from the room.


* That’s enough *


They said after long minutes of kissing. We unlocked and everyone laughed.


* I love you *


I said and she hugged me


* I love you too Lucian *


I held her tightly and earned claps from everyone.


This is it, not even a demonic throne could ever give me this happiness.


Feeling blessed is an understatement, I’m overwhelmed.




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