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Kendra was beginning to smile again. Alex had counted how many times she had smiled before him and hr had made a calculation of twenty in just three weeks. That was a good start for someone who hardly smiled at all. And her beauty was returning to normal again. The beast was still calling her and he knew that Kendra hadn’t picked any of his calls. That Sunday he came over to visit and met them about to have dinner again. He had joined the family to sit beside her at the dinning as he watched her laughs at something his mother said. She was becoming free with him and with his family like they were hers. After that dinner he had followed her to her bedroom with his mothers eyes giving him


the warning look.


“I went to Church today with your mother and Lisa.”.


She said to him when she stood at the balcony of her bedroom with him leaning against it, his arms folded on his chest. She smiled up at him.


” It was wonderful. Did toy know that I haven’t been to the church in three years?” He heard her chuckle. “Funny because,


Connor never allowed me to go. In fact he forbade me to go to the church. But I had a wonderful time today.”


Her eyes were out in the dark if the night and she stared out in space, smiling. He studied her for a while.


“I’m glad you had a great time.” He said.


She smiled up at him again. Number twenty one.


“Thank you,Alex. Thank you so much for helping me.”


“Its nothing.”


“And I didn’t know that you are the owner of that big hospital. See why I said that you ate so full of surprises?”


He laughed out loud.


“Well, I’m not really the owner. It belongs to my stepfather. He’s dead so I’m the owner now.”


“I’m sorry.”


She said. He nodded, he was still studying her. Then she looked up at him. “Something tells me that you knew all along that u was going through hell with Connor.


Why didn’t you say anything? How did you know.”


He grinned. “Because I’m not stupid.”



He turned and leaned his hands against the railing, facing the dark night. “I knew,Kendra. I always knew something was wrong with you. Odd, but I don’t know how but I just knew. And I was sure if it because I’ve been where you are. My mother suffered the same thing with her first husband. That’s why she took a liking to you easily. Because you remind her of how she was able to leave the b—–d called my


father and meet my stepfather.”


Kendra looked down at her hands resting


on the railing. “Oh. It must have been hell for her.”


“It was. She almost lost her life. my stepsister. She was born after my mother married my stepfather.”


Kendra smiled. “I’m glad that she was able to pull through, Alex. Your mother is a nice woman.”


He smiled. Her phone rang again and she


looked up at him. Connor.


He gave a wicked grin and snatched the phone from her,She gasped and raised her hands to get it back but he was much taller than she is.


“Alex. Stop. You can’t pick the call.”


“I can give him something to dream about.” He said grinning.


She laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous, Alex. Give me the phone.”


She towered for it again and he held it away from her reach as she raised herself trying to match his height. The act for to him and he bent and caught her lips with his. She nearly fell backwards because she was caught off guard just that his hands held



her waist pulling her body to his and kissing her like never before. When he was sure that she had calmed and he heard her moan, he brought down the hand that held the phone which had stopped and started again, using that hand to wrap around her completely. And they stood at the balcony like two secret lovers, kissing while her phone rand and rang and kept ringing…




Aliyah stared at the unwanted visitor at her door. Connor stood there like a drenched puppy looking at her. Then she smiled at him. Let him play the fool, she thought. “Connor! Hello. How have you been?”. He gave her that innocent smile that could make a priest ask God for mercy.


“I’m good, how are you?”


“Never better.”


She stood looking at him and he looked back at her not that she didn’t know what to do next but she just wanted to make him look like the fool for coming here.


“Oh, sorry. Come.on in.”


She said when she was satisfied that she had made a fool of him. He nodded like an idiot and stepped in with Aliyah staring at his back as if she had seen a vision about how he would die in her hands.


Her husband stood at the end of the living


room but he was the one who could hide


his feelings. Aliyah was trying so hard to but


she just couldn’t.Connor sat himself down


and both couple stared at him as if they


were expecting to see the mad man instead


of the saint….

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