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She looked startled at Connor as she tried to stand up. Her still looked down at her and he looked like one of those pictures in children bible stories she used to read as a child about Goliath. He was the Goliath she saw now. If she were a scientist she would have had a microscope to see that he was breathing fire through his nose. He didn’t even look remorseful. She stood up on her feet. It had been three years now and she knew she should be used to his beatings but it seemed to her that every new day he invented a new version of hitting her. And he always made sure she was badly affected.


“I knew I should have picked that call right there in the hall!”. his voice as hard as the judgemental trumpet she had been thought about in bible school as a child, was loud enough to wake the dead.


” I leave you for a few minutes and you think you can flirt around with the next man you see?!”


He snapped. She looked at him like she had seen a thief holding a gun.


She began to shook her head and his hands came on her fave again but this time it was the other cheek. In the case of her marriage, turning the other cheek when you were being slapped was not necessary. Because Connor will surely turn it for her with his hands. She staggered backwards and was thankful that she didn’t hit her head on the glass table behind her. The fact that she hadn’t lost her life during his beating sessions in their marriage was still beyond her. She stood up again.


“Connor, i wasn’t flirting. He just asked for a seat.”


Connor let out a wicked laugh.


“Do you think I’m a fool? I saw how he was smiling at you when he asked you


why you didn’t go to Aliyah’s party. You think I don’t know what’s going on?


Bloody pretender!”


“No, you’re wrong, I…”


“I’m wrong?! Did you just say that I’m wrong?”


She swallowed hard and felt like slapping herself instead of the next slap that landed on her again. This one tore her bottom lip and she tasted blood. “Connor,please. Hear me out. I swear I don’t know who that man is. I only met him at the wedding and he was asking if the seat is empty.”


She was already crying but her tears has never moved him one bit. She wasn’t surprised when he laughed at her again and started moving towards her.

She reared backwards.


He grabbed her and threw her to the bed pounced on her and started using her as a punching lesson. She shouted and cried for him to stopped but he kept hitting her. “You flirt! What are you hungry for that I haven’t given to you?! Is it s£x?! You want s£x, right?!”


He tore the red glittering designers evening gown he had bought her and yanked her legs open, struggling with his zipper he pulled out his big s—t and dug into her dry opening. She shouted for him to stop but he kept digging in and shouting back at her to shut up.


“Your husband isn’t good enough for you right? You want another man! I’ll show you how other men would treat you when you try to sleep with them.”


He said still pushing hard into her and hitting to be calm.




She hadn’t slept at all the entire night. Her body ached and her eyes were swollen from crying too long. Connor was sleeping peacefully on the bed and she turned to look at him. He looked like a saint even in his sleep. It was morning and her head pounded so much from lack of sleep. As she made her way to the bathroom she looked at her reflection in the mirror and tears rolled down her eyes. Her face was swollen and she had developed a black eye. All this for a stranger, she thought. She should have been used to him raping her unnecessarily but maybe the thought of her pain in this marriage kept making her feel weary. She had never been pregnant because the doctor had said she was having womb issues. She didn’t even know if it was his frequent beatings that had caused it because she knew that she had never indulged in any messy act while I’m sch and she had never had any abortions whatsoever. She started the shower and stepped into it to bath. Her husband had



opened up two big salons for her and she was managing them successfully. As she was bathing, her cell phone rang and she looked to see her mother was the one calling. No one even knew of her marital problems not even her parents who had warned her to calm down before jumping into marriage. She inhaled and exhaled and picked the receiver.


“Hello, mum.”


She said trying to sound jovial and happy.


“Kendra. How are you doing?”


“I’m good. How are you and dad?”


“Oh we’re doing well.”


Her mother was silent for a while.


“Are you feeling alright,dear?”


“Yes, mum. I feel great.”


“Well, you don’t sound great.”


“I just woke up, mum. How do think will sound?” “Okay. Well, how is your husband doing?” “Oh, he’s going well. He’s still asleep.”


“We’ve really missed you, you know. You don’t even come to visit anymore as you used to.”


She felt sorry for herself. She was supposed to visit her parents who lived in the city too but she hadn’t. Her husband didn’t even let her.


“Mum, I’m sorry. I know I should but I’ll fond time to come, I promise.”


“Well, I was trying to call Connor but his phone is switched off. I wanted to thank him for the things he sent to us just now. He’s a really great son in law.” Kendra paused. “What things?”


“Oh, he didn’t tell you? He sent someone to the house just this morning and he brought a lot provisions and he even sent in a huge amount of money to your father’s account.”


Kendra closed her eyes in pain. Why was he like this? What kind of a man had she married that would beat her every time and sent gifts to her parents and money just to take their attention away from her. She sighed.


“God bless him a hundred folds.” Her mother was still saying.


“Okay. I’ll tell him you said thank you.”


She said. “Alright dear. Please do that and don’t forget to come visit.”


“Yes, mum. Bye.”. She hung up and broke down in tears. Connor was a beast!





She was on her way to the salon when her phone rang again and she stopped her car by the side of the road to pick the call. It was her friend, Aliyah. she smiled and picked up the receiver.


” Hey, young Mrs. ”


She teased.


Aliyah laughed from the other side of the line.


“Thank you. Old Mrs.”


Aliyah teased back.


“How’s it going? The honeymoon.”


“Going okay.”


Aliyah laughed. She seemed happy from the way she spoke.


“I didn’t see you yesterday after the party.”


“Yeah…I uh…wasn’t feeling too well. So Connor took me home.”


She said, looking at herself on the rear view mirror to check her makeup which she used to hide the black eye her husband had given her.


“Awwwn, so sweet. You know I’m happy that at least I’m married now. That way I can talk when others are talking about how sweet their husbands are. Connor really tried in taking you home. Are you feeling better now?”


She asked.


Worst,Kendra thought.


“Never better.”


“I was really upset that you had gone without telling me, you know. But its okay. So what’s up? Do we meet today?”


“No.” She said hastily reminding herself that Aliyah mustn’t see her in this sorry a-s state.


“I will be having a big day today at the salon. You know its a Saturday. And you should stay at home with your husband. It’s your honeymoon anyway. Unless you are tired of the exercise.”


She teased. Aliyah laughed. “Who says?”


Aliyah said and they both laughed. She said her goodbye and hung up then sighed. A lot of people had always carried their noses up at her whenever she passed by especially women who thought she was too proud that she married a very rich man and didn’t want to mix up with people who weren’t her caliber. And she had even heard one of them at the mall gossiping to her mate that she knew who Kendra was and she was one lucky woman who married the right husband.


“Just look at her attire. It smells money.”



The lady had said before and Kendra had only laughed within her. Of only they knew. And so she would have said she wished she was in Aliyah’s shoes now but experience thought her better. She dropped her phone and started her car to move backwards and continue her journey only for her car to halt as it bounced back after hitting something or someone….she quickly looked at the rear view mirror


she had forgotten to look at earlier and discovered that she had hit someone’s car. “Holy S–t.”


She said and put on her dark sunshades to step out of the car….




Alex was driving when he pulled by the side of the road to pick a call. One of the bridals at the wedding yesterday had managed to indulge him in a funny discussion and as weddings always ends with exchange of numbers he had taken her number. The call had pushed his memory back to the weird behaviour the other lady had given him. He didn’t even know why he had taken that seat in the first place. But when he approached her asking if the seat was taken she had turned around to her right as if she was searching for the person that spoken. Like he was invisible. He knew he was tall and couldn’t be missed out anywhere because he was attractive. Not that it had entered into his head. Then she turned to him and said, no its empty. When she had looked at him he was dumbfounded. He had never seen such beauty before in his life. The best part were her eyes. He loved those eyes. He was as nervous as a little boy, just because of a lady that was completely human! And instead of showing off his nervousness he busied himself with his cell phone not that there was anything of importance that distracted him other than the lady beside him. He was well aware of her picking up her glass of wine and sipping it. Then he fleet awkward and thought he should start up a conversation but at that point he was at a loss of what to say. He had been with a lot of women but none of them had gotten to him the way this one did and he didn’t even know her! It wasn’t until she had given him the first blow that he realised that she was only beautiful but she was downright rude. He had swallowed the insult taking it as a joke but the way she had spoken to him again, he had to withdraw. He didn’t even know what had happened and the next thing he knew she stood up and followed the man beside her. Or was he her husband? He hadn’t been able to forget that rude behavior ever since. He wasn’t sure if it was the way she acted or her beauty itself. And he didn’t even know her name! He was still on the phone when the car parked in front of him reared and hit his car. He paused and cut the call immediately in a serious anger to unleashed it on whoever that fool was. He stepped out of the car.


“What the f–k!”



He saw that his break light were broken. The lady stepped out of the car. The rude lady….D–n….










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