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Alex and Kendra were getting inseparable. They spent time together most times and she almost forgot that she was still married to Connor. And her husband was still persistent in coming and sending her flowers early in the morning, with romantic notes on them. He sent her messages of how he loves her and wants her back with him. He was beginning to do those things that he did before she married him. Those things that made her head turn and ring church bells in her head before she said yes to his proposal of marriage. But this time the situation was different. This time, she was no longer in love with him any more. This time she wanted a divorce and she was certain of it.


Just yesterday Connor came back with a bouquet of flowers and he had seen Alex there too. He looked at Alex like a mortal enemy but still stated his reason for coming. Same old story. But Kendra had told him clearly that she wasn’t interested in the marriage. She wanted a divorce. Connor looked like death itself when he looked at her and begged her to stay with him. But her mind was made up.




Alex sat in his office leaned behind his chair and was deep in thought. He was in love. No doubt that Kendra had stolen his heart completely. He hadn’t touched her since the time he had made love to her endlessly. That day had been the best day of his life.


He smiled at the memory of it and smiled at himself because he knew he was going mad with her. Kendra. A married woman. And he still couldn’t take his mind off her no matter how hard he tried. She compelled him most times…No…. She


compelled him right from the time he set eyes on her at the wedding. She was an embodiment of beauty and bravery. A strong virtuous woman. He was still in deep thought when a knock was heard on his door, tearing his mind from Kendra immediately. He looked up.


“Come in.”


He said and the door opened to reveal two men in suit.


“Mr. Alexander Macaulay?”


One of them said. He looked at them. Their faces would never ring a bell even if he were drunk and asleep.


“Yes, that’s me.”


“I am detective Jackson and this is my colleague Alfred. You are under arrest for the kidnap of Mrs. Kendra Coleman.”


He looked at them in shock.




“You have very right to remain silent else anything you do or say will be used against you in court.”


Jackson nodded to his colleague who went forward and seized Alex. “What the hell are you talking about?”


He asked….




Kendra looked at Alex as he sat opposite her in the interrogation room the next day. He lowered his head on the desk in front of him and raised it to look at her. He smiled.


” How are you, princess?”


Kendra sighed. She hasn’t been okay ever since yesterday when she learnt of His


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knew she was the cause of it. His mother hadn’t blinked a sleep at all last and


neither had Lisa, his sister.


No one had slept at all.



“You’re still trying to make a joke even in this state?” She said. He shrugged..


“My mission, babe. That’s my mission for you.”


Tears rolled down her eyes. He looked at her and held her hands even if his hands were handcuffed.


“Hey, don’t cry. What’s the matter? Where’s that fire ball I fell in love with?” “Stop it,Alex. We both know who is behind this.”


“Its okay,Kendra. My lawyer is on the case and I’ve refused to say anything until I see my lawyer.”


“Connor knows the truth,Alex. He knows and he’s doing this to spite the both of us. He wants me to come back. That’s what he wants.”


“No. I won’t allow you go back to that beast. He can do whatever he pleases but you won’t go back to him.”


He said and she saw how adamant he was. But she knew better who her husband






She kicked the door opened and stepped in, glaring angrily at him. He looked up at her and smiled.


“Hello,Kendra. Its a beautiful surprise to see you.” “What kind of a man are you,Connor?”


His smile faded. “I don’t know what you mean.”


“You know what I’m talking about. Alex did nothing to you. Why are you acting like a child?”


“He did nothing to me? He took what’s mine. He has what’s mine and until he decides to release it, then I’ll think of letting him go.” “What the hell are you talking about?”


“I know the truth,Kendra. And even if he has a million dollars I will still fight for


what’s rightfully mine. You think I don’t know of your affairs with him?”


“Don’t be ridiculous, Connor. Let him go. You know its a false accusation. He did


nothing to you. All he ever did was help me. You should be thankful,Connor, that


while you beat the life out if me, he was the one who saved my life!”


She said and he lowered his gaze.


“Better be careful what ever foolish and childish act you make.” “He dared me,Kendra.”


Kendra laughed. “Dared you. Oh, Connor you can’t do more than a dead rat to him even if he really dared you and you know it. Let him go before this all gets worse.” “He has to let you go first!”



He snapped. “You are my wife,Kendra. Regardless of the fact that you have been sleeping w with him even before you left me. You are still my wife. Till death, remember? Let him leave you alone first and I’ll let him go.”


Kendra stared at him for a while. She wanted Alex to be free. She wanted him away from there. No one would suffer her own mistakes. She sighed.


“I’ll let him out.”


He said. She looked up at him in surprise. “But only on one condition.” “What?”


“You’ll come back to me and we will start over again. Like a peaceful couple we should be. You won’t talk to him or see him ever again. That’s my condition, Kendra. Unless you still want him in jail.”


“You must be insane, Connor. Its official. You’re truly out of your mind. You know Alex can still get himself out if there in no time. They will find no evidence against him and if it gets to the court its his word against yours because I will testify against you. So all your conditions are useless.”


She turned to leave and he called her back. She paused.


“Don’t try me,Kendra. I can make this work out the way I want it and you know it. Be careful what you say to me because I’m the one with the gun here and I can pull the trigger when ever and wherever I d–n please.” She slowly turned to him. He smiled at her.


“So what is it going to be? Him or you?”


She blinked and swallowed hard. He was sitting behind his desk watching her. “Decide, Kendra. Alex’s connections can’t out weigh mine.”


She closed her eyes and inhaled and exhaled. “Fine. Let him go.” She said between her teeth. with her eyes still closed, she added.


“I’ll stay away from him.”


He smiled..










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