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She stepped into her bedroom and looked behind her to see if Alex had followed her. Bit to her dismay he didn’t. She wanted him to follow her. The crazy act in the kitchen earlier was something she had never experienced with anyone else before not even Connor.


Connor. She remembered their brief encounter. Nowadays the thought of him alone gave her the wrong vibes. She chided herself because she knew she shouldn’t be acting like a s£xually frustrated b—h but she was s£xually frustrated and Alex wasn’t helping. She knew of his feelings for her and she hadnt pushed him away. She didn’t know why she hasn’t pushed him away. She’s supposed to be married and faithful to her husband even if he was a beast. But whenever Alex was around her, she lost herself to his nearness, his touch and his kisses. Even his voice was beginning to affect her and she had only known him for a month!


This wasn’t right. She was still scared of rushing into anything that has to do with her feelings.


The door opened and she saw him walk in, but he was on the phone.


He looked up at her, walked up to her and took her hands in his as he was seriously in the conversation.


“Alright, I’m listening.”


He paused and played with her fingers absent mindedly.


“Is he calm now? What did you give him?”


He paused. “Alright, keep him under watch. I’ll be there in….say, thirty minutes.”


He played with her wrists still on the phone, he slid his hands to her waist. “They want to see me? Why? Is there anything else apart from the pain?” He paused. “Okay. I’ll be there soon.”


He hung up and pulled her to himself, kissing her forehead. He looked into her eyes and smiled.


“Well, I’ll be damned. I seem to be touching you too much these days. A married woman.”


She smiled at him.


“Well, you haven’t said you don’t like it so I haven’t stopped.”


He watched her, expecting her to say something. Kendra didn’t know what to say.


So she said the first thing that came to her mind.


“I don’t want you to stop.”.


She told him and he grinned.


” Then I won’t stop.”


He said.


“How was work today?”


She asked and he shrugged.


“The usual. I have a patient waiting to see me now. I font know why they want to see me. There are so many other doctors there. And the best ones at that.”.


She smirked. ” Maybe its a young lady. And she wants to see you?”


“Ah, so I’m that good looking.” He smiled back. He studied her for a minute, brushing off strands of massive weaving from her face. Kendra wanted him to kiss her so badly that she stared at his lips. He smiled.


“What?” he said.


“Nothing.”. She said and turned away from him.


” You know when you look at me like that it only makes me want you more.” He said and chuckled. “I must be the worst sinner to be this in love with you.” He said to her and she turned again to look at him. “What did you say?” She said. Her heart was soaring right now that she wanted him to repeat what he just said to her. He only grinned.



“You seem like you have something to tell me. What is it?” She chuckled. “Am I that transparent?”


“Of course you are. So transparent that I can see even your lovely n—–s right




He stepped closer to her and whispered. “And your lovely light skin… how smooth they are and how they can respond fast to my touch.”


She could feel her heart rate increasing. Dear God, she thought. No wonder they said the road to hell was broad. She would gladly take that road even this once. She sighed and looked up at him but he looked impressed at what he just did to her. “So, what’s the problem?”


He said immediately, changing the subject. She cleared her throat as if the effect of


his words had blocked her speech. “I saw Connor today,Alex.” He didn’t seem to


move an inch or make any sound so she didn’t know if he was calm or shocked at


her words. He looked like he wasn’t surprised and wanted her to continue. “At the


super market.”


“Are you afraid?”


He asked. She turned away from him and walked to the window.


“I don’t know, Alex. I feel that he is following me. What if he finds this place? What if he comes here?”


Alex walked up to her.


“Do you want to go back with him?”


She turned sharply at him. “No. Of course not. I’d rather die,Alex.”


“Then you shouldn’t be scared. Do what you should have done a long time ago.” She looked up at him. He stared back at her. **********


“You should be fit and strong in…six more months or so.”


He said to his patient who had surgery the day Kendra was admitted. An old man in his late sixties who had a kidney transplant. His young daughter stood behind her father and smiled. She was the same lady he had exchanged numbers with at Aliyah’s wedding but hadn’t been calling much even though the lady called him from time to time. The old man smiled at Alex.


“Thank you, son.” The old man said to Alex who smiled.


“Its nothing at all, sir.”


“I hope you find a good wife for yourself.”.


The old man said and smiled up at his daughter then at Alex who was looking at both father and daughter, confused. All these matchmaking Papas, he thought. ” She’s a good one you know. And I won’t object.”



Alex laughed and nodded. “Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” “Dad,that’s enough.”


Janice said, not that she wasn’t enjoying the discussion. They both left his office with him smiling. He was just twenty eight for crying out loud. Janice had never hidden her ideas of having a relationship with him, in fact Alex was sure she had discussed this with her father, for him to make such remarks. And the man seemed like the kind who was very fond of his daughters especially Janice. His land phone rang and he picked it. His secretary’s voice came in. “Hello, doctor.”


“Yes? Is there any other patient?”


“No sir. But there is someone here to see you. A man.” “Is he a patient?”


“No, doctor. He doesnt have a card here. But he said he has an appointment with you.”.


Alex frowned. ” He’s not a patient and he has an appointment with me?”


“Yes,doctor.” The lady said.


“What’s his name?”


The lady paused.


“His name is Connor, sir.”


Alex paused. “Connor.”


He repeated. That name… He only knew one Connor.


“Alright. Let him in.”


And he hung up, waiting for his visitor. Some minuted later the door opened and he stepped in.


The Beast,Connor.


“Alexander Macaulay?”


Alex nodded.


“That’s me.”


He said….

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