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Ben went to sit on the sofa, pulling his wife with him. She complied. Connor looked at them, then looked around as if he was looking for someone.


Search for her all you want, fool. Aliyah said within her. Ben smiled up at him and he smiled back.


“Connor, how have you been? Its been a while since the wedding.” Connor smiled. “Yes. It has. I’ve been good and you?”


Ben shrugged. Aliyah forced a smile. Connor shifted in his seat.


“Um…I came to see Kendra.”


The both of them blinked at him.


“Kendra?” Aliyah spoke. “She’s supposed to be with you isn’t she?” “Yes, but I haven’t seen her in three weeks now.”


He looked up at them. His facial expression looked to Aliyah like one of those cartoons she used to watch as a kid.


“Why? What happened?”


That’s why she loved her husband. The man knew how to make one look like an idiot.


Connor looked down at his hands. “We had a little argument. And she got upset and left the house. I’ve been calling her persistently but she’s not picking any of my calls or replying any of my messages.”


He concluded. Aliyah stated at her husband in shock. This man was a bloody liar!


Kendra had been living with a beast!!




Ben said either that he was surprised at the news or at the way Connor told his heart touching story.


Aliyah snapped her fingers as if she just remembered something. She looked up at her husband.


“Babe, that’s the reason why I’ve been calling her and she hadn’t been picking up. Oh my God. Are you sure she’s okay?”


She looked at Connor.


“Why don’t you try her parents place?”


“She’s not there either. They don’t even know where she is.”



Hm! Aliyah thought. Kendra’s parents were aware that she wasn’t with her husband but she didn’t tell them where she is.


“Oh my God.” Ben said. “We don’t know where she is,Connor. My wife has been


worried sick about her too. She was about coming to your house to look for her.”


Connor nodded and bowed his head. He said his thanks and left the house with


Aliyah sniffing with rage at him.




“Why did you have to go out?”.


Alex asked her from the other line of the phone. She smiled as she tried to put the groceries she bought into the car. She had borrowed his mother’s car to go shopping for her.


” Relax,Alex. She wanted to sent the maid and I just had to take it up instead. I haven’t been out in weeks and I’m becoming bored staying inside.”


“Well, you can always have me keeping you company.”. He teased her and she laughed. ” You are crazy.”


“I know, right?”


He said.


“Are you at work?”


She asked, opening her driver’s side to get in. “Yea. I am.” “Okay.”


She was about getting in when she saw Connor standing in front of her. She froze.


She didn’t even hear what Alex had said. With the phone still to her ear, she said, “Let me call you back.”


“Is everything okay?”


He must have sensed the tension in her voice even if she tried to be calm.


“Yes. Everything is fine. I’ll call you as soon as I get home.”


She said.


“Okay, bye.”


Alex said and she hung up without replying. She stared back at Connor who stood in front of her bit he was neither smiling nor angry. He looked like someone who had been given a death wish.


Kendra was beginning to think she was the one who had just been given a death wish….





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