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Romance , Drama












(I loved him but he deceived me )


Chapter 1





“Mother I am off!” I yelled dashing out of the house. I had my stake board in my hand.


I dropped it on the floor as soon as I was out of the compound. I was wearing a snickers and my new school pants.


I stood on it as I rode on it to school.


“Bobby!” Some children on my street yelled happily.


“Hey guys, see you later!” I yelled without stopping.



I am Bobby White, that is what everyone knows me as. The truth is, I am Katharina Morris. I am the only child of Mr and Mrs Morris. I changed my name and everything about me 5 years ago when my father was killed.


He was killed by a drug lord because he refused to pay him back the loan he lent.


He threatened to kill everyone of us.


So Mother and I fled to a very far city. And here I am at Yellow hills.


We changed everything about us, including our appearances. I trimmed my hair and always tied my medium b**bs before going out of my house.


Mother also made a disguise like that of a man so we will never be recognized by the drug lord or his apprentices.


Only mother knew about this changes and we both promised not to let it out to anyone.


I was enrolled into an only boys school because it was the closer to Yellow hills. It has been so hard pretending to be someone you are not, but life sometimes leaves you with no choice.


I had to act like a guy among thousands of real guys, both gays, psychopath, and crazy ones.


You know what that means, no one touches or plays rough with me.


“Bobby!” The students in the school compound called.


I waved back at them smiling widely. Since I joined the Kings College all the boys have loved me so dearly except some freaks.


I was fond of almost everyone except some weird seniors. I was so fond of my best friend Tommy.



Tommy is a very handsome guy, I have a very big crush on him but you know, I can’t act stupid.


I stopped right in front of my locker, Tommy’s locker was directly next to mine.


I opened my locker and placed my skate board in it. I took my history textbook before shutting it.


“Hey!” I heard Tommy say beside me. He tossed his skate board up catching it in his hands. He is very good.


“Hey Tom!” I said giving him a high five.


“Finally you changed your pants hun?” He said smiling as he stared at my trousers.


“Yes, I told you I will.” I replied giggling.


He placed his hands across my neck as we both walled to out class.


“The twins are here!” My classmates chorused giggling. We made a bow in front of the class before walking to our seat.


I had my seat very close to that of tommy. I was so happy sitting next to my crush.


“Have you done the History assignment?” Tommy asked.


“Of cos, don’t tell me you didn’t do it.” I said furrowing my brows.


“You know how much I hate History.” He said searching my bag for my notebook.


I stared at him as he wrote down the assignment in his note. He is so cute, he has blue eye balls and a very pink lips.


I wish I could kiss him, tell him I am a lady but I can’t. It will surely endanger my stay at Yellow Hills.



Most times he even kissed my cheeks and I melted under his touch, but he never saw me more than a guy.


Tho he and other people says I look so much like a lady. He never took me as one.


He was so handsome that the gays in out school wanted him badly, tho they were also after me.


The door flung up and the most feared gay leader Simeon stormed in with his notorious friends.


Fear grip everybody and everywhere went dead silent. I could see fear on Tom’s face. And I couldn’t stop shivering where I was.


If he tries what he does with other students, he is going to surely find out I am not a boy.


He and his two friends Samuel and Max walked up to us grinning stupidly.


Simeon stopped right in front of me and I felt my heart was going to pop out soon.


“Hey Bob.” He said trailing his fingers across my lips. I shivered in fear as he did.


“Don’t touch him.” Tom said angrily. But he ignored Tom and continued his filthy chat with me.


“I want you.” He said and I felt my heart leap.


“What?” I asked shivering. I could feel sweat roaming on my forehead.


“I want to f**k your a**.” He said grinning. Oh no, this is very bad. Tom please save me.


“You won’t dare Simeon!” Tom smacked. Wow, he is really brave to confront Senior Simeon.



“Then after you, I will face your twin here.” He said smiling at Tom. He wasn’t even touched my Tom’s threats.


“Sorry to disappoint you, but we ain’t interested Senior Simeon.” Tom said confidently.


Samuel and Max moved closer to him but Simeon stopped them.


“Don’t worry guys, they are the easiest to get. Let’s not make a scene here.” He said standing up.


I was still in fear when he bent his face to mine and to my surprise his lips met mine.


Shit!!! My eyed widened as he did. I withdrew from him in shock and he laughed out loud.


I saw Tom clench his fist in anger, but I calmed him down by holding his hand.


They walked out of the classroom like gods and every boys gaze in the class was fixed on us.


Tom kept boiling under my touch and I could see his face turn red.


“Tom please calm down.” I said calmly.


“Calm down!! That jerk just f**king kissed you and I couldn’t do anything!” He yelled angrily.


“Tom it is okay. Please don’t try anything stupid, you know how dangerous Simeon can be.” I said.


“I don’t care how dangerous he is! You are my best friend! And he won’t go unpunished for what he just did!” He smacked.



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