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“we won!!!!


I smiled and hugged mhesha.


Richie looked at us,sending me a be careful look.I don’t think he can ever trust anybody…but seriously,if not for mhesha,I would have been dead.


I removed my half mask away totally, the camera lights almost blinded me, making


my hair to fly randomly.


The lights didn’t stop.


Six stars guards rush to cover me up and before I knew what was happening,Richie carried me up in a bridal style because I somehow felt dizzy.The shouts from the spectators almost made me faint.


mr president!!


your excellency!!!!


Miles heir,who is she???


is she your goddess????


the noises kept blowing my head off..


Finally,Richie made it out of the concert hall..and I swear,the exterior was filled with paparazees and reporters.


Maybe this is what it means to be so popular.


The presses were facing us directly while on both sides were real and true fans,alongside with classic girls eye flirting with Richie.


Richie didn’t even look at their place,he loosened his white hair band.A tiny diamond fell off it…..


Some girls were even fighting over it.



can you tell us what miles version 3 means??????? explain???? is he the one to be our next president???? a bold reporter




please move back!!!!


Richie can’t talk…..move back!!! Pedro signalled the guards to push stubborn


fans away.


“honey!!! Richie whispered and carried me again till we got to his car. The cat drove to a classic hospital first and I wonder why.


“Richie,who is sick??? I asked.


he smiled and tied a tiny bandana.


“Should I carry you or you can walk?? he asked back.


“I can walk!! I replied.He opened the car for me and intertwined our hands together till we entered the doctors office.


The doctor stood up immediately and bowed.I stood looking around in a confusion state.


“ma’am, go in” a female doctor said from from the back.


“injection!!!!! I’m not sick!!! I replied smartly before looking at Richie.


“honey,follow her” rich said.


“okay” I replied and followed the doctor.The smell of the place made me irritated.I choked and throw up while holding my tommy…I suddenly felt weak.


“sorry…” the doctor quickly held me and helped me into the washroom. I cleaned my mouth while she splashed water on my face.


She helped me out and helped me in lying on a smooth bed while the cleaners


cleaned the spot I vomitted at ….


“doctor,what are you doing??? I asked,not feeling comfortable with the way she was rubbing my tommy.


“am checking if your baby is doing fine” she replied while applying a gel on my tommy.


“am I pregnant??? I asked,really confused.


“a week gone, your Excellency” she replied.I widened my eyes.


“is it a boy or a girl???? I asked.


“we can’t really tell since it is just one week” the doctor replied.


“Nare’s pregnant for Richie Miles!! I smiled and stood up immediately the woman was done.Another nurse came in with drugs.


“will I take drugs too?? I asked



“yes,with a lot of multivitamins” she replied and accompany back to where Richie was.


“am pregnant for you!!! I smiled and rush him immediately. He smiled and intertwined our hands till we got to his car.


“I’m carrying your baby” I said again


“can I listen to it?? he asked and dropped his phone..he placed his ears on my tommy.


“what did she say??? I asked.


“he said he will be like me” Richie chuckled, changing the she to he.


“she is a girl” I said.


“boy” he replied.


“girl!!! Richie girl” I argued.


“boy and that’s final” he replied and kissed my forehead down to my lips



2months later….


“can I do the cookings today???


I asked the,maids in the,kitchen.


“no ma…we might get fired” they replied in unison.


“please.Richie won’t know. He will come late today” I pleaded till the finally gave in.It has been long I cooked.


I opened the cupboard and brought out the ingredients for the spicy food. I turned on the cooker and placed a pressure pot on it. I started cooking.


“hope he will like it??? I mumbled and dishes out the food on the dinning….


“since when did you start cooking???


Richie’s voice beemed from behind. I part my lips slightly,shocked that he caught me..but he usually comes home 11pm on Wednesdays.


“we are sorry, your excellency!! the maids knelt down.



“You’re sharing work with my pregnant wife.Do you want to kill her and my baby????? Richie yelled.




I starmmered.


“aah,this is trouble. He warned me not to do anything.


“Nare what did I tell you?? he asked.


“nothing!! I shakes my head, making my earrings to jingle.


He kept quiet.


“Richie,it is your best food” I replied and dish out little into a silver plate.


“it is delicious” I said with a voice he wouldn’t resist.


“you’re stressing yourself.Do you want our baby to die??? he asked.


“no,she won’t die! I replied and forced the spoon into his mouth.He held my have and ate from my hand.


“is it delicious??? I asked.


“More than delicious!! he replied and collected the plate from my hand.


1month later


Nanara’s p.o.v


The wedding Party……


News had already traveled like wild fire,news about Scott being the crowd prince of amandor,news about me geetihg married to Scott today,News about Richie’s presidential announcement, news about my twins sisters pregnancy.


Some were even adding tags like…



how will mr president’s son look like??? will it be a boy or girl?????


more cute than Richie????


we need to get our miles version 3….


I smiled and rolled into Scot’s arm.


our wedding is today and we promise to do it today….

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wedding venue……….


Nare’s and I sat opposite each other wearing the same Saree wedding wear.Beads were jingling on our ankles,hairs,waists,wrists and ears since it is a joint wedding. The priest was sitting at our center with a chandelier, many flowers and red Indian coloring powders.


it was really an exotic wedding.


Nare’s kept her head down,making it very difficult for the reporters to take her picture while I smiled all the different types of smile….


The place became quiet all of a sudden as Scott and Richie step down the slivery stairs.


I flashed a smile at Scott.. Nare’s just too shy to do the same. She was even hiding her stomach, not giving the reporters a single chance to capture a thing.


waooww so cute!!!


Scott, I love you!!!


Richie Indian wear suites you!!


the invitee’s mummur as the two of them sat on the pure gold wedding mat. Scott was sitting close to me on our mat…I made a long eye contact and smiled at him,giving the paparazies more chance to capture us.


Richie sat close to Nare.


She didn’t still look up.She’s just so shy.


The priest read out little things from his holy book.


I rounded the chandelier seven times on Scott’s face.We exchanged our rings and said our vows. Richie and Nare did the same…


I applied the red dot on Scott’s forehead, he did the same.


Richie did for Nare,it was Nare’s turn and gosh,her fingers was shaking.


Richie unveiled her and held her shaking hands till she applied it.


Then,we wore our flowers while the invitee’s cheered.


Richie’s mom showed up and lock a necklace around Nare’s baby bump.


With that,the presses got their chances and took a picture of her bump.


6months later.


Riche miles……


I checked time,


it was 2am…I came late.Nare’s might be angry because I promised her I will be early today.


I went in,straightaway to her room and drop the shoppings I did for her on the white pub. I knelt down beside her bed with my hear on her already big tommy. That necklace my mom gave her was still there.


“my baby!!! I smiled immediately I felt him rolling in her stomach.I stole a kiss from her.I trailed the kiss to her br**sts from the royal robe down to her tommy.


“ouucccchhhh my baby girl,you’re hurting me!!! she cried from sleep and hold a particular spot in her tommy. I used my thumb to wipe,her tears.


She rolled back and held the duvet tightly….


“stop hurting me!!!!!!!!


“Richieeeeeeeee your baby is hurting meeee!!! she screamed her lungs out holding the duvet in a pinching manner.


“there is paining me!!!!!!!!!!


she shouted, tightening her hold on the duvet….


“honey,tell our babbbyy!!!!!


“she is biting and shooting me with nails!!!!! nanare started crying..


“am sorry!! I replied and carried her because it looks like she is in labour.


“she is pinching and biting me!!!!!!


nanare screamed out and held me in a very feel pinching manner.Her fingers cut into my skin…as she was shouting..


“honey,am sorry!!! I replied and started looking for my car key.


“it is paining me!!!!!!!!!


“tell her to stop biting me!!!! she shouted. I found my key and quickly lifted her up in my arms.


She kept screaming and shouting till I drove to the hospital.I didn’t even take


guards around….


i drove into our hospital,


the nurses rushed her. I kept looking at her in a confused manner. I felt sorry. I bite my lips and quickly cover my face with a mask. I waited for 2hours…I didn’t hear anything.


“hope she won’t die???


I asked myself and called her mom.


immediately I ended the call,I heard our baby crying…


“your excellency,they are fine!


the doctor announced.


“where is she??? my mom and Elsa asked together.


“over there…the VIP ward” one of the nurses replied.


“I will touch him first!! my mom said and rushed nare on the bed….




Elsa smiled and opened her bag. She brought out a king little white colored wear and wore it for the baby while my mom tied him a smaller version of a presidential head band…..


I sat beside Nare and look sweetly into her eyes.


“I will call him Richmond!!!!!!


“Richmond Miles the third!!!!!!


my mom said and pat the boy in her arms…..


I smiled at the newbie…


He looks like me….and his brows.. it showed superiority greater than mine…


I Kissed Nare on the forehead and said “Thank you!!!!



“I won’t go!!!


she replied in sleep.



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