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It had been months since the confrontation with Marvin and I must say he had woken up some emotions in me, I had been treating Camy like trash and now I knew that I had to man up or I would lose her.



So here I was, standing in Jewels of Africa deciding on which watch to get her as it was her birthday.


‘Good morning Sir?’ a lady dressed in peach greeted ‘Good morning.’ I said without even looking at her


I was so engrossed in the watch that I was looking at that I had no time to look at anything or anyone else.


‘That one is a beautiful piece, made with the finest diamonds and a touch of love to it.’ She said


‘Wow, so much for marketing.’ I said now looking at her


I was star struck, she had the most beautiful dental formula that I had ever looked at. Her beautiful dark eyes were behind spectacles. She had a nose ring and her lips only had a little to nothing lip gloss.


‘Holy cow.’ I said much to my surprise


‘Is there a problem Sir?’ she asked


‘Not yet.’ I responded before slapping my forehead a bit


‘Please give me this one.’ I said trying to serve myself from more embarrassment ‘Won’t you at least look at the other options?’ she asked


‘You said it’s made out of the finest diamonds and a touch of love right?’ I asked ‘Yes Sir.’


‘Okay if it were up to you, which other one would you suggest?’


She moved to the end of the room and came back with a rusty watch.’ ‘This one?’ I asked with shock


‘Yes this one, it has a rusty touch to it and it is one of the most genuine pieces we have. It has a lot of history behind it hence it’s price.’ She said showing me the price tag.


‘So much for that?’


‘Yes for this.’


‘I will take both but wrap them separately.’ I said


I made the payments to the cashier as she wrapped them for me, once done I got a paper and wrote down something then gave the cashier the rusty watch to give to the girl with the nose ring.


I didn’t wait to see her reaction afraid that she might turn it down after spending almost five thousand kwacha on it.


I went to Woolworths where I picked out a dress and some shoes before heading out of the mall and now the only thing I needed to do was to make dinner reservations at Taj Pamodzi Hotel for dinner.



I drove straight to see Camy because I was sure that she was locked inside but that was before I got her a triple deck pizza and a bouquet of flowers. I was really trying to be the man that she deserved and I was willing to go out of my way for her.


‘Hey beautiful.’ I said when she opened the door


‘Hey baby.’ She responded pecking my cheeks as she stood on her toes


‘You really need to grow tall you know.’ I teased as I grabbed her by the waist ‘Let me go or you might as well drop the things you have.’


I shook my head and got in.


‘I am not staying, I brought you these.’ I said handing her the bouquet of flowers and pizza plus the gift bag which had the dress and shoes.


‘Thank you so much.’ She said with a huge smile ‘Will see you for dinner right?’ I asked ‘Yes babe, I will see you for dinner.’


I kissed her one more time then drove to the office to check on things.


The sound of my ringing phone disturbed my thoughts, it was 27th calling. I don’t know how she got my number but I had been cutting her calls since.


She said she had something important to tell me but I cared less because I was pretty sure it was to tell me that she missed me and all that nonsense.


I walked into my office leaving a trail of command behind me, I was the boss and my workers knew that. I immediately got into work because I had been contracted to build the latest Cancer hospital at Levy Mwanawasa general hospital and I knew it would bring in billions for the company.


My alarm had been set for 5pm and when it went on I stopped what I was doing because I didn’t want to let Camy down.


I drove straight home where I took a quick bath and changed into a navy blue suit with a ruby red shirt, I knew I looked perfect and would obviously make a head or two turn.


I called her to tell her I was on my way and then started off. Lucky for me the congestion was less and in less than an hour I was standing at her door step. ‘Hai.’ She greeted nervously when she opened the door ‘Hey.’ I said taking in her beauty


She looked splendid in her dress which was hugging all her curves, her hair was nicely done and even though she wasn’t a makeup person, tonight she over did herself.


‘I am ready.’ She said bringing me back from my dreams ‘You look beautiful.’ I complimented


‘Thank you.’


We walked to the vehicle with her hand in mine, for once it felt like home and like the only place where I ever wanted to be.


I opened the car door for her and she jumped in, then closed it behind her. The drive to the hotel was spent with us talking about random stuff, I kept stealing glances at her whenever I could and she must have noticed because she locked her fingers with mine.


When we got there, we walked in and were ushered to a table that I had reserved. It was decorated in gold and burgundy; her favorite colors. On the wall was a big note with the words ‘Happy Birthday Camy.’ She kissed the life out of me when she saw it and I was just glad that I could have done something like that for her. We were half way through the dinner when I noticed someone.


‘Babe are you okay?’ she asked when I shifted uneasily ‘I guess I am just paranoid.’ I responded


I checked around but the person was not there anymore but just when I thought I had forgotten, she showed up.


‘You are a hard man to find Steph.’ She said


I could see the look on Camy’s face, she wanted answers.


‘What do you want here?’


‘Since you haven’t been taking my calls, I thought I should follow you.’ She said putting five pregnancy testers on the table which were all positive.


‘What the hell is this?’ I asked


‘Congratulations daddy, our baby is on the way.’ She said


I looked at Camy who had disappointment written all over her face. ‘How could you?’ she whispered softly





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