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#27 (Unedited)


Surprisingly Camy’s leaving didn’t hurt me as much as I thought it would, it had been over four months and even though we didn’t talk I didn’t miss her but felt better because I knew that we had talked about everything and gone our separate ways like adults. Raquel on the other hand was as calm as she had been the first day, each day I found a reason to like her and I couldn’t be more grateful that she had chosen to act civilized with me even at a point when I almost broke her apart. The baby was going to come any day and truth be told I never thought I would be that excited, mum was staying with us since she didn’t want Raquel going to her father’s house.


I was getting ready for work and even though I wanted to stay home in case she went into labour, mum advised that it was best I left because it would make me more nervous.


I settled for a royal blue slim fit suit and a crimson shirt with black leather shoes, I still had the looks but now that didn’t mean much because I had important things to worry about. I was working on a school which was supposed to be built in Chipata and it had been frustrating me because the land there was weak and it would cost us so much just to put up a strong structure.


‘Good morning mother.’ I greeted as she worked around her way in the kitchen Since her coming she had told the maid that she was to prepare all our meals. ‘Good morning.’ She responded as I kissed her cheek causing her to blush ‘Don’t you miss your husband?’ I asked biting on an apple


‘Well I do but I am more excited about this baby that staying in that house will drive me insane.’


I laughed, she had not been sad a day since Raquel became my wife. I think also because this would be her first grandchild hence the excitement.



Raquel walked in, her pregnancy had just made her even more beautiful. Each day she had this glow in her eyes but I could see that she was getting tired and even though she didn’t want to show it I could still see it.


‘Good morning.’ She said looking my way ‘Mother.’ She said pecking mum’s cheek ‘Hey baby.’ Mum responded


The two were very close, you could actually think she was the daughter and I the son in law.


She was dressed in a long loose peach dress with her house sleepers, she had cornrows done and had not bothered to wear any makeup.


I held out a seat for her and waited for her to seat. ‘What would you like for breakfast?’ mother asked


‘The usual, it is the only thing I can keep down.’ She responded


Mum smiled and grabbed a cereal bowl from the cupboard, she put cornflakes in it then got dried nuts from another packet and added them to the cereals before pouring in some hot milk.


‘Lord thank you.’ She said digging into the food


‘How long have you been eating this food again?’ I teased


‘Don’t start with me, you know I miss my favorite food.’ She said pointing at me with her spoon


I couldn’t help but laugh


Mum gave me a plate with egg waffles, bacon, two blocks of cheese, oyster mushrooms and a cup of cocoa.


‘This tastes like heaven.’ I said digging into my food


‘I hope you are taking lessons.’ I said looking in Raquel’s way and she laughed Mum wasn’t a breakfast person so she just joined in with a warm cup of lemon water, the only thing she took in the morning.


We made light conversation as we had our breakfast and left for work afterwards. *


Stephen had left for work and now it was just I, Raquel and the maid in the house.


I knew the baby was coming any day and they were things that I had observed that


I need to put in their place before that day.


I waited for Raquel to wake up from her mid-morning nap before I could talk to her.


‘You look thoughtful.’ She said when she joined me in my room I smiled and patted the empty side of the bed signaling her to seat ‘How are you feeling?’ I asked



‘Tired, I can’t wait for this baby to come.’ She said rolling her eyes I laughed lightly


‘Raquel you know I love you like you are my own right?’ I began


‘Yes mother I know that, and I love you a whole lot because you are the mother that I never had.’ She responded smiling


‘Raquel once this baby is born, what is the way forward?’ I asked her She didn’t flinch, obviously she had been expecting this conversation ‘Well, I am Stephen’s wife after all.’


I shook my head.


‘Raquel I am not a child, when I got married to my husband I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. When I got married to him I knew he had flaws that I was willing to look past because of the depth of our love.’ I said looking her in the eye but she dropped her gaze


‘You don’t love Stephen do you?’ I asked more of accusing her She didn’t look at me


I felt my heart shatter at how my son would be broken.


‘Raquel.’ I said in a whisper


‘I have never loved him.’ She said honestly and I felt hurt build up as my suspicions were confirmed


‘When I found out that I was pregnant for him, it was the best thing that happened to me. I was born an only child and my father abused my mother physically and mentally until her death. That was more reason that we never got along and marriage to me never crossed my mind, but when I found out that I was pregnant I vowed that this child would be the only thing I would have possession over. And even if I wanted to have a life with a man, it wouldn’t be Stephen; he is too detached and that is not the kind of person I am willing to spend the rest of my life with.’ She said







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