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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”


I played with my engagement ring over and over again, I felt like I was going insane but the only thing that was keeping me together was that I had the naïve Camilla on my side.


Things had not exactly been perfect between I and Marvin, and honestly I didn’t really love him but what he was made of was what made me fight to be with him. When I met Stephen, I knew he was just what I needed to make my princess dreams come true. He was a good looking and hardworking man, something that was hard amongst most of the African men I ever came across. It was either he was too good looking with nothing to his name, or rich but looking like; well I won’t finish that.


The other thing that drew me to him was the fact that he loved Camilla genuinely, despite him being a huge flirt he knew where home was. I was willing to settle for that, I could actually do that.


Marvin yes was a good man but I know he was only with me because of his guilt conscious. He felt like he owed me for the baby that I had lost, that was good for a while till it started to irritate me and I snapped saying I faked both the pregnancy and the miscarriage; wrong move because he didn’t hesitate to dump me.


I stayed low key for a while till I saw the news of how Stephen had knocked up another girl and had actually married her, I googled her up and it so happened that she was the daughter to one of the Minister’s I had had a thing with. Old man had dumped me for the newest meat on the block, guess I was getting old and I wanted to make him pay through his daughter. Imagine the headline, ‘Minister’s daughter assaults husband’s ex-girlfriend and he sorts divorce.’ That was the only thing in mind not until another thought crossed my mind; I could actually kill two birds with one stone.



So I told myself that I was going to use this opportunity to talk to Camilla, finding her wasn’t so hard. I met her at her room in campus and went and offered my sentiments. She told me that she was hurt yes but she felt it was best that she moved on because she wouldn’t want to be the reason an innocent child suffered. So after that we continued to talk until I started telling her about how evil Stephen was for making her go through what she did. At first she said she had forgiven him but I persisted, each time reminding her that she had invested way too much for him to just leave her like that. He treated her a worthless piece of antic and when I was satisfied that I had added enough acid to the healing wound, I brought up the plan.


It was simple, we would make a few bruises and cuts on her body, ask Raquel to come to a secluded area. Use some gas and have her faint, she wouldn’t remember anything after that and the fact that she had once threatened Camilla would be a plus on our side.


Now I know most of you might be wondering what’s in it for me, Camilla believes that I am actually helping her to get back with Stephen but what she doesn’t know is that I am actually killing every good thing that was there between her and Stephen. In broad daylight it would look like I am doing her a favor but once everything came crumbling down I would be the one whose arms Stephen would run into.


So I took a sip from my sun kissed wine as the pedicure lady did my nails, I had nothing to worry about as I was just watching from the sidelines.


The sound of my phone had me rolling my eyes, it was Camilla. She was such a baby.


‘My patient.’ I said with a little humor


‘Hey genius.’ She responded


‘So how are you healing?’


‘Well I am getting there, except the guilt is still there.’


‘Don’t be, Stephen was yours in the first place. Raquel was just a pest that was only supposed to be a one night stand, but no.’


‘Nthombi but he hurt me, he wasn’t supposed to cheat.’ She said almost crying ‘More reason why you have to fight for him, honey men will always be men. He will cheat on you a number of times but he won’t leave you because he knows just how much you mean to him.’


‘So you are saying it was okay for him to cheat?’


I removed the phone from my ears as I was getting irritated



‘Baby girl listen, you worked so hard to build a relationship with Stephen. He hurt you but never left and good men are hard to find so just stick to the plan okay?’ ‘Okay, let me go now. Boo boo is here.’ She said dropping the line


I inwardly cursed with a smile on my face.


‘Enjoy it while it lasts Camilla, Stephen will come running into my arms soon.’ I


said to myself.




I walked into the bedroom and found her seated there looking scared, I felt bad that she had to go through that because of me.


‘You are here?’ she questioned


‘Hey baby.’ I said getting close to her


I kissed her forehead lightly.


We talked a little and I told myself I would not ask her anything until the next day, so after eating some food that her sister had prepared; we decided to go to bed.’ ‘What are you doing here?’ I asked when Raquel walked in


She didn’t respond but instead opened the door widely as my mother, Stella and Marvin walked in.


‘Care to tell me what the meaning of this is?’ Mum asked


‘Mother you have no right getting involved in my marial business.’


‘And she has nor right interfering in your marriage.’ Mum said looking at Camilla ‘Mother this is Camilla, the same woman you welcomed.’ ‘And this is your wife, the same woman you married.’


‘Now if you want you can leave with her but Raquel and her unborn baby stay in this home!’ she said putting her foot down


I sighed in frustration as she and Stella walked Raquel to her room.


‘And what are you doing here?’ I asked Marvin who was looking at Camilla ‘Oh my bad, I am actually your wife’s lawyer.’ ‘Excuse me?’ Camilla asked with shock


‘Yes Raquel is my cousin and I am representing her. Our late mothers were sisters, dad was white and I took all of his genes with no trace of African genes in me.’


I and Camilla looked at her in shock.


‘You had a good woman with you, had you only gotten to know her maybe all this wouldn’t have happened but no; you allowed other parts of you to make the decision. Honestly how do you welcome your ex lover into your matrimonial home?’


‘But Marvin.’ Camilla cut in



‘No buts, when I prove that she is innocent I will make sure to sue you for marriage interference before she dumps his sorry self.’



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