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The sound of the loud music is what woke me up, I looked at the time and it was seven in the morning. I had taken some days off from work of course not willingly but because mum had insisted, in her own words I had to spend some time with my new wife and bond with the baby.


I slowly walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, Raquel had been evil enough to move all my things to the guest room which now was serving as my bedroom. Afterwards I put on my house slippers and walked to the living room to see what was happening. To my surprise my new wife, dressed in what I can only call skimpy clothes was in the presence of two other skimpily dressed ladies and one man. They were busy dancing and I could see bottles of alcohol on the floor.



I looked at the wall clock just to be sure that it was really seven in the morning and yes it was.


I walked to the stereo and switched it off then walked away with the remote control, I could see the maid looking at me who was busy cleaning the dining area but I didn’t care less because it was my house and I wasn’t going to allow anyone to make me feel like a visitor.


‘What was that about?’ Raquel asked immediately I walked into the bedroom. ‘By that you mean?’


‘Don’t mess with me Stephen, of course you know what I am talking about.’ ‘Mess with you?’ I asked before laughing ‘You heard me.’


I walked passed her and went to the pile of clothes that she had dumped in one corner and started looking for something I would wear.


‘Stephen I am talking to you.’ She said almost yelling


‘Raquel I am warning you to stay in your lane because I swear you won’t like the other side of me.’ I warned


‘I am scared.’ She said making a funny face


‘Now you listen to me Stephen, I did not put this baby in my belly and if it were up to me I wouldn’t have kept it. And for your own information you don’t scare me, so get over whatever you are going through and try to live with me in peace.’ With that said she walked away slamming the door behind her.


I kicked it real hard causing my foot to hit a little, I was upset and angry all at once. How could it be that my life had taken a twisted turn just like that? How could I live in peace with someone who seemed to want to destroy my life at the very chance she got?


So without bathing, I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt then drove out without telling anyone where I was going.


I had no idea where I wanted to be but I knew that it had be somewhere away from home so I took a route that led me straight to a bar.


I got out of the vehicle and walked inside, it was still quiet and I was guessing because it was morning.


After settling into one of the chairs, I got out my phone and started scrolling through my gallery. I still had photos of Camy and looking at them now hurt me more than I had ever imagined they would.


She looked genuinely happy in each of them, I always thought how cliché it was for people to say you only know what you had until you loss it; well that was me in this very state. I looked at another of photo, in it I was standing in front holding the



camera as we got a selfie and she was behind me. I had found it funny how she stood a distance away from me but she claimed to be shorter; which was true and that the only way she could be seen was being behind me. The photo looked perfect, it was actually my favorite of all our photos.


For once I questioned myself as a man, I questioned the role I had played in her life. Why did I do what I did? Was it her brains that scared me and then I chose to trample over the very thing that a woman holds dear? Her body?


‘Will you order or maybe you will just continue staring at your phone?’ I heard a familiar voice ask


I turned around and there she was, the rusty watch on her hand.


‘You.’ She said and I chuckled


‘You left before I could say thank you.’


‘I figured you might have refused to take it.’ I genuinely said ‘How did the birthday go by the way? I hope she loved the watch.’ ‘It was fine.’ I lied


There was silence between us.


‘You work here too?’ I asked trying to break the ice


‘Oh yes, my brother owns the place. I help out in the morning whilst his doing his white collar job and when I am doing mine, he runs the place.’ ‘Nice.’


‘What can I get you?’ she asked


‘Anything strong.’ I responded


She left my presence and came back with a mug cup.


‘Meaning?’ I asked realizing it was tea


‘It is too early for you to drink and whatever you are going through won’t be solved by drinking yourself to the pulp.’ She said placing it on the table


She walked away and I graciously took it realizing I had not eaten since the meal


back at dad’s house the previous day.


‘Here, they are freshly baked.’


I looked at the muffins and thanked her before I devoured on them. They tasted heavenly and I couldn’t be more grateful. ‘Thank you so much.’ I told her after I was done


‘You are welcome, now you can get drunk.’ She said with so much humor ‘Let me take you out for dinner at a very nice place tonight.’


She eyed me suspiciously




‘I don’t know, maybe because you were nice to me today.’



‘No.’ she said with so much truth in her words ‘Excuse me?’


‘I said no, I won’t do dinner with you.’




‘Why what?’ she asked


‘Why would you refuse to go for dinner? With me?’ ‘You are not used to people turning you down right?’ I scratched my head


‘The world doesn’t revolve around you and yes they are still very few people who want to genuinely help others without getting anything in return. So if you will excuse me, I have to work.’ She said pointing at the people that had just walked in.




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