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EMILY: Episode 2


SETTING( Obed is driving on a not so busy road to pick Emily up for their first date. Emily is getting her makeup done already dressed in a slightly ripped blue jean trousers, a white cowl neck sleeveless top and black heels… Obed puts a call across to her…..)


OBED: Hi, beautiful, i am just about two minutes away from you…


EMILY: That fine. I will be ready by the time you are here.


OBED: When a woman says five minutes, she means one hour. Prove me wrong.


EMILY: What’s the reward?


OBED: A movie date at any cinema of your choice anywhere in the world


EMILY: Hehehe Deal!


SETTING ( ten minutes later Obed is parked outside Emily’s gate and is trying to reach her on her mobile)


OBED: Hey, beautiful, i’m waiting…


EMILY: I’ll be with you in ten minutes


OBED: Typical….. i’ll be waiting…


EMILY: What did you just say?



OBED: Nothing, ma’am


EMILY: I can see you from my window.


OBED: Yeah, but i am not here to be seen by you; I’am here to take you out


EMILY: Guess what just happened?


OBED: what?


EMILY: My bra strap just cut!


OBED: Do you really need a bra? I’m sure you can do without them


EMILY: Are you kidding?


OBED: I am not.


EMILY: What would you make of me if you saw me walking on the street without bras on?


OBED: The question should be, would i even notice. I mean why would i be looking at a lady who isn’t my girl in such detail when i can keep my mind occupied with some precious moments i spent with my girl. Hang on a minute! it’s now been twenty minutes since I’ve been waiting. Tell me you are using this cock and bull story to buy some more time in front of the mirror!


EMILY: no….I’m literally one minute to you…


SETTING (posh restaurant somewhere in the city of Lagos. Quiet with some cool music in the background)


EMILY: Is this your first time here?


OBED: Yes. Have you been here before?


EMILY: No. so how did you find it?


OBED: By recommendation


EMILY: I see. Nice place.


OBED: Please take a seat


EMILY: Thank you


OBED: So what would you like to have?


EMILY: I’ll have a glass of orange juice while i look through the menu. Thanks


OBED: Alright, I’ll go order it……


EMILY: Thanks


OBED: So how long have you been working for Taylor&Co?


EMILY: About three and a half years now


OBED: Wow! how has it been?


EMILY: Not bad at all. Where were you working prior to joining us?


OBED: I was in Abuja, then Scotland and now,Lagos!


EMILY: Oh right. Do you like it so far?


OBED: Well, yeah. Only because you are there. Otherwise i find the environment quite depressing. I mean who paints an office bright red. It looks like a Chinese New Year festival venue!


EMILY: Really! I actually like the colour


OBED: I don’t. Thank you. So! Tell me about him….do you mind?





OBED: Your late boyfriend, fiance….


EMILY: We met in my second year at the university but we stayed friends until


our final year when we started dating. Shortly after graduation, He got a very good


job and moved to PortHarcourt while i stayed back in lags searching for a


job……on the 17th of August 2016 a Wednesday, He got on his way to Lagos to


pay me a surprise visit on my birthday the next day 18th………..


OBED; Are you okay?


EMILY: Trying to be….


OBED: You are a strong lady. If you need to take a break, we can talk about something else okay?


EMILY: No, I’m okay…


OBED: You are clearly not…You are crying and i am sure those are not tears of joy.


EMILY: I can’t help it…


OBED: It’s okay. Now get up let’s go have a walk round the park and get some fresh air…


EMILY: Okay…


SETTING(Jane’s house, her baby is fast asleep and her husband had just stepped out for a meeting. It looks like a perfect time for some girly chit chat)


JANE: You look rather exhausted. What’s going on. What would you like?


EMILY: Can i have water, please. I messed up again



JANE: No way! please tell me you didn’t!


EMILY: I don’t think i’m ever going to be able to move on in life. I think i might as well give up trying


JANE: Time heals every wound, i heard…


EMILY: So i believed…..


JANE:What exactly happened? Here is your water


EMILY: I attempted to tell him about Chima but as ever….


JANE: Emily!! must you talk about Chima to every guy who shows the slightest interest in you! how are you supposed to move on like this!


EMILY: Jane, he asked….


JANE: Oh he asked….hmmmm! it’s hard isn’t it. You will be fine, trust me. Chima


was such a fantastic guy. God rest his soul


EMILY: Amen….I know he is in heaven but i wasn’t ready to be alone. He didn’t


teach me how to live without him…


JANE: It’s okay, babe. I know he wants you to be happy wherever he is. That is what he had always wanted for you anyway. Please move on. You have every reason to! it’s been three years now! three good years, Emily!


EMILY: It feels like three minutes….


JANE: So, what do you think of him from the little you saw before he brought up the issue of Chima?


EMILY; He’s nice. very blunt and straight. not so romantic, your typical African man. So sΒ£xist but from the look of things, he comes across as a one man one woman kind of person



JANE: How did you know?


EMILY: In the course of our discussion, he mentioned something about thinking of his woman instead of looking at another woman…something like that


JANE: Oh okay. So are you guys going to meet again or is that it?


EMILY: He asked me to come with him to a family party next week. I am not sure i want to get involved with family yet. But i just told him i would get back to him on that.


JANE: That’s good. I think you should go with him. Emily, i think you need to start going out a bit more. You are not getting any younger and i know you dream of being a mother some day. You have no social life! you just go from home to work and from work back home!


But the guys is cute though. Really cute!


EMILY: Yeah, he is. He is a fitness freak as well. Goes to the gym five days a week. Strange enough, he has exactly the smiles of Chima


JANE: You see a bit of Chima in everyone! It’s all in your head. That guy doesn’t look anything like Chima


EMILY: He was my friend, my lover and my world in one person….


JANE: Did you hear about the new fashion shop opening tomorrow? oh my world!


i think we should go!


EMILY: Where?




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