Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Caroline’s POV????

Due to some major injuries,the guy lost a lot of blood. After everything the bullets where out,and we bandaged him and put him on drips to regain blood,then I went to tell his dying parents about the successful surgery. “How is my son doc,how is he?” The woman who seemed to be the patient mum asked as soon as I stepped outa the operation room. “Calm down mam,the operation was a success,but the patient is uncouncious”. I said,just then,I dad nurses rushing inside the operation room..I followed..on getting there I found out the patient heartbeat was about to stop…so I used the big machine used for checking heartbeat and stamped it on his chest “raise to 350” I said and stamped it on his chest,making his chest to forcefully jerk up,yet no improvement,”roll to 500″I said again and stamped it on his chest making him to react the same way and yet no improvement,I looked at the door and saw the patients parents crying at the door,nurses looking at me and a life about to get lost…what do I do.God pls help,I just got employed,I dnt want to loose a life and look like a poor negotiator,pls help…”roll to 550″I said and stamped it again for the last time and thank God his heart started to beat again….everyone shouted in joy,thats when I saw sir Lucas starring at me..oh my! He was there all this time?,he gave me a thumbs up and left,I also left the place to attend to other patients with minor problems ….

Minutes later,I was in my office when sir Lucas came in,I was scared as to what I may have done. “Sir any problem?” I asked shaking. “Congrats,I never knew you where a good surgeon”he said smiling and making me feel relieved,he is so simple,I wish the CEO would be as kind as his assistant,I smiled back at sir Lucas,”I want us to be friends is that OK?”he asked me. “Yes sir”I replied.don’t call me sir,just say Lucas”he said and I smiled,he left and I attended to other patients till the day was over.and I went home with Alice.oh! What a day!!

????lucas POV????

I freshened up and came downstairs and found Michael still drinking,I think its time to tell him about carol. Hey man,you’ve drank a lot you know it could damage your liver,and its time u get over things u should rather forget and move on,an incident that happened years ago,maybe you should face another life beginning afresh”I ended,taking the wine away from him, “Lucas u don’t get it,we were best friends,she was starting to like me,but what did I do,I broke it,her trust in me and our friendship.????????. U know what hurts the most?I loved that girl so much,even till now its just so unfortunate”he said weeping????????????”hey calm down dude,guess what,I met this girl,she is a new employee,a surgeon,25 years,she saved a life today.I think av found u someone to make u happy”I said thinking he would cooperate but ???? no,he just glared at me and said “Lucas,I’ve got no time for some preposterous idea,here I am telling you about a story that touch and u are here giving me a folly idea,am off to bed,goodnight”he said and left, “u will show her to you tomorrow and when you see her tomorrow you won’t be talking off point again trust me”I said but he turned deaf ear…”goodnight Lucas”he said.

???? Micheals POV????

Lucas is always crazy,I wonder what he is talking about this time,am taking about a story that touch and he is here talking about some Bullshits,this is simply outreagous. *chuckles*

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