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Michael’s POV????????????



I went to my room, after a while, I decided to go see carol in her room.




On my way, I saw grace..


???? Hey grace, is Carol asleep already??” I asked and she shook her head negatively…


???? No Sir, she isn’t home yet” grace said shocking me!!


????What??” I shouted in both anger and shock!! Where could she be under this heavy rain??


I was so angry at grace!!????????

???? You know what,?! Am sick and tired of you. I employed you to take care of carol, yet you do nothing!! Know when she goes out and when she will come back and yet you do nothing!! Go look for her now or else you’re fired!!” I fired and she ran to where ever!!


I was so scattered already!! I rushed to my room, grab my phone and called her but it wasn’t going through…


Just then, our gate bell rang!!

I went out and opened the gate and… Wow!! It was Carol,


She was uncouncious, and really cold, and Felix was with her!!???????? what the!!


???? carol… Carol….. What happened to you?? Grace… Grace… Over here” I shouted and graced rushed to the gate and took Carol to the couch.


???? Felix, wait right there” I said to Felix who was trying to escape… And he stood still and faced me.




I walked to him towards the gate as grace attended to carol.


???? Hey man” he said and I smirked. No fear again right??


???? Do you really want to loose your job?? You’re really trying my patience aren’t you? What part of stay away from carol don’t you understand huh!!” I thundered thinking he would shiver but he didn’t to my surprise


???? I didn’t find anything wrong with saving carol from the cold and bringing her home!! What you couldn’t do, and besides I don’t understand why you’re acting this way… As far as I know, you aren’t her boyfriend” he said and I hijacked him with his colar, how dare him talk to me that way….????????


???? How dare you!!” I thunderd really furious


???? That’s the fact man, you know what micheal, you’re handsome, kind, sweet, and caring, above all you have the capacity to love with all your heart. As I observed, carol loves you, but do you know what is drawing you guys apart??” He asked and I let go of his colar, he was starting to make sense


???? Is your inability to control anger and you always make wrong decisions!!.and because of that, you keep making mistakes… Keep apologising…” He continued and I covered my face with my palms



???? in case you don’t know, carol always get hurt when you flirt with Jane, when you take Jane’s side and scold her,because she loves you” he added and I felt like my head was scattering,


As it says, the truth is always bitter,

???? Argghh!!” I shouted scattering my hair,cos what he was saying was really touching…

It was entering my bones and marrows. As if that was not enough he still continued


????Take this my advice, care, defend and court Carol, make her feel loved by you for three weeks, then see if you guys will become close or enemies, see if she’ll be happy or angry at you micheal, that’s how to know if a lady loves you” he finally ended and I signed.


???? Thanks man, am sorry for my action earlier” I said tapping his shoulder in a friendly manner.


???? It’s ok, sometimes we just need some advice.I’ll take my leave now” he said and with that he left.


Seriously, I was touched and determined to take his advice. I went to Carol’s room, but she was already fast asleep…..


I sat besides her….???? Candy, I’m sorry, for everything, for flirting, and for snapping at you kk,I promise that from now on, I’ll change, I’m going to show you how much I love you carol, more than you think *smiling and cuddling her hair…. Remembering old times* you’ll be my shinning princess and I’ll be your gaurd” I said and carrased her cheeks, kissed her forehead and left.


At the entrance to her room, I saw grace…

???? Hey you, I don’t ever want to look for Carol again you understand?? I kept her under your care, so now if you don’t want to loose your job, don’t sleep until she’s has woken up, understood??!” I thundered and she nodded in affirmation, ????Y-e-ye-ye-yes sir am sorry” she said and I left to my room and slept off,


I miss Lucas, I wonder how he’s doing, at least, I don’t cry at the dinning anymore, Carol brought me joy!!


* next day????????????*


Carol’s POV????????????


I woke up in the morning around 8:00 am and freshened is our day off so, no work…


I brushed my teeths and went out to look for grace, only to see her sleeping in front of my door!!????????


???? Grace??! …grace??, wake up, why sleeping here??” I asked.


???? Sorry Carol but sir mich ask me not to sleep till you’ve woken up so you won’t…” She was saying when I cut her shut..


???? It’s ok, I’m awake now right?? Now go to sleep..” I said


???? But, I’m suppose to monitor…” She was saying…


???? now!!” I said and she rushed to her room.


I went back to my room and sat down. Yesterday was something else,

I heared a knock at my door…


???? Come in” I said and mich came in with a tray of hot tea with bread and scrambled eggs????☕????


Wow, perfect timing, and to be sincere, I was really hungry.


???? Morning angel,” he said surprising me, what has gotten into him??????????


????uhmmm,hi” I said.


???? time to eat” he said and put the tray on the table and sat besides me.


I took the tea with rush and drank a little… That’s when I knew it was really hot!! ???? ouch!!” I squealed in pain


???? easy easy, so sorry. I forgot to tell you it was really hot. Didn’t know you were that hungry” he said laughing and I couldn’t help but laugh too then suddenly punch him in the chest.


???? how dare you mich” I said laughing and taking a bite of the bread with the scrabbled eggs…


????ok why don’t you let me feed you…” He said shocking me


???? No way mich, I’m not a baby..” I fired back mouth full.the food was really tasty,


???? wow, did you prepare this!?” I asked and he nodded a yes.


???? can I ask a question?? Why the sudden change of character” I asked


???? Well carol, I noticed I’ve been hurtingYou so much and last night encounter was a wake up call for me, cos of what happened, I realised I couldn’t live without you, I just couldn’t loose you candy” he said and I wondered what happened….


By now, I’ve drank the last content of the tea,???? finished!!” I said raising my hands up signifying I’m done eating. We both laughed.


???? but you have to promise never to leave me again carol, I promise to make it up to you from now on” he said and I nodded.


???? I promise mich, never to leave” I said and he smiled.



????so,today is kinda boring, and my other friends invited me for a get together dinner tonight and I want you to come with me, pls don’t say no….” He said in a pleading manner and hands joined together????????


Of course I couldn’t reject…. I’m starting to like his new character,

???? ok mich, I’ll go with you” I said and he Hugged me and muttered a thank you….


Just then, our gate bell rang …..I and mich went to get it


We opened the gate just to see Jane there, dressed in a crazy jean, a very crazy one, and a crop top smiling.


???? hi micheal, came to visit” she said




???? Jane?? What the hell are you doing here” mich asked looking surprised like he didn’t know she was coming….


I knew it. They are both dating… I was a fool to think micheal has really changed…..

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